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  1. Today
  2. Lunia Spirit Lime 3-10L Solo by AlexandrexCix

    If you like, leave your like so the video will be more popular and new players know the game
  3. Acc blocked

    i got unblocked,thanks GM's
  4. Yesterday
  5. Lost itens

    Character Name(s) : DraGrey Date : 10/14/2019 Approximate Server Time: 07:30 Item Name(s) & (Quantity): Mysterious Box from the District x12 Additional Comments : I had also used one 5th skill core
  6. Stage Gear Questions

    What is craft book of world of ice
  7. Acc blocked

    Hi im transfering my apples to my Tia and i got blocked...... Date and Time:10:02:36 pm Acc name:toinbaptista Character Name:lTsubaki I hope i got unblocked soon,i need to take my dgbs
  8. Last week
  9. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hii, Transfer : 5 dgb from PsychoGirl to HueChan 1 dgb from KillakeeCat to HueChan 6 dgb from Mizuno to HueChan 5 dgb from Sakimi to HueChan https://ibb.co/Mc8bC6k https://ibb.co/Lx96QQt https://ibb.co/SNMQcG8 https://ibb.co/fFLZQg4 https://ibb.co/wNtV7z8 thak you *----*
  10. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hello! Please transfer 1 DGB from MiMoon -----> MEEE And transfer 1 DGB from Pheebe -----> Hongsi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://imgur.com/n7mR0MZ - MiMoon https://imgur.com/WvywsEv - MEEE https://imgur.com/RGqPQmH -Pheebe https://imgur.com/hCKeUjt - Hongsi Thank you all the time <3

    Hiii GM's!!! Nome da conta: Toltec Nome do personagem: xFooX Data e hora: 13/11/2019 às 9:40 Hora brasileira Informações adicionais: altero meu e-mail e estava online com minha conta, depois tento fazer login com o novo e-mail, minha conta foi bloqueada
  12. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    sdfvgbery5gtsdrt 1DGB > Qrypto Plz ! Thank ! https://imgur.com/zOz9KAt
  13. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Add a screenshot of your incoming and outgoing characters. Without a screenshot, it will not be transferred. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ All DGBs were transferred. Those who have not been transferred are for the following reasons. 1. Not same Account 2.The character is login. ps. Write the character name exactly. Please make only one post until you are transferred. ※※Next DGB transfer is dawn on Sunday or Monday※※ DGB Transfer is only available once every two weeks. However, you want to transfer weekly. I ask you to move weekly for your convenience and follow the correct guidelines. Without screenshots, they can not be transferred.
  14. Account blocked

    Account name:Rayranvk Character name:iRay Date and Time:11/10/2019 about 23:00 Brazilian time Additional information:i change my e-mail and i was online with my account then i try login with the new e-mail, my account was blocked
  15. account blocked

    用戶名:xuan 角色名字:xuan1825 日期和時間:13/10/2019 00:23台灣時間 附加信息:進行破關同時 遊戲自動跳出 要在登陸顯示以連接大廳 無法進入遊戲
  16. account stuck

    Same here Character Name(s) : iRay Date:12/10/2019
  17. Account blocked

    the message that I'm already logged in appears, but I cant log off entirely my account, not even in the ``character stuck?``option Account name: nise Character name: Perrie Date and Time: 12/10/2019 18:31 Brasilian time
  18. account stuck

    Me too, i couldn`t get her out Character Name(s) : PerrieDate : 12/10/2019 Approximate Time[?] : 18:50 Brasilian time utc-3
  19. account blocked

  20. account blocked

    This account has been unlocked. only the other account remains locked
  21. account blocked

    Account name: DougScarlett Character name: KaliScarlett Date and Time: 11/10/2019 13:31 Brasilian time Additional information: I was playing ddx the game ended up giving error and closing alone, when I went to log was saying that all my accounts had been blocked why?
  22. account blocked

    Account name: ThCain Character name: Hanikans XHanikansX Date and Time:11/10/2019 10:40 Brasilian time Additional information: I was in Br myth 1 square passing items from one character to another, when I went to log off to change characters I could no longer log into the account says it is locked
  23. account stuck

    Character Name(s) : KaliScarlett ID: DougScarlettDate : 11/10/2019Approximate Time[?] : 21:50 Brasilian time utc-3Additional Comments : I was in Br 1 square talking to some friends, but I had to log in to my other account to sell an item. when I left, I couldn't get back in, I said she was in the lobby and on the website, I couldn't get her out
  24. Launcher isn't opening

    So I needed to format my computer and I installed the last version of W10 but now my launcher isn't even responding. It stays in that screen and closes. Is that an issue with my w10 version or the game? I've tried to open it in compatibility mode, adm mode, but still the same problem https://prnt.sc/phnu53
  25. Solo ddm for fun...

    Nooo, i don't wan't to expose myself, hahaha. I already sent the link for you at whatsapp, Moki . Its on youtube anyway, haha.
  26. Solo ddm for fun...

    Thank you ! ill try !
  27. Solo ddm for fun...

    yes its fun ! .. and yeah most of raid bosses is easier to deal with when you are soloing !
  28. Jogador Novo

    Oii amigo, me adiciona no discord Moki#3361para quaisquer dúvidas suas deste servidor, eu lhe te ajudo com todo prazer. E se junte ao discord do jogo, onde possui vários canais e a maioria das vezes é mais rápido uma resposta lá do que aqui. https://discord.gg/m76n7S3 Cya dear 💗
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