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    Cave of chaos is planned for chaos myth. We did not think about revamping cod to that level yet. We could rerelease the old cod but it was prone to crashes and lags, aside from that there is nothing to get there atm. Sure the chaos raids for halo ain't perfect either. Eventually we could adjust it to address several issues at once, like adding ddx drops and eventually chaos coins as a possible drop to help out people who got dkd and are stuck on raids. Just a thought. As for the playerbase I agree with Ether. I do not think it was due to the removal of cod. The change in the server staff regarding developement was the cause. And as it is now we probably won't even patch until 2.7 is fully functional.
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    I think that the removal of CoD and the drop in population are mostly unrelated. I assume people are mostly leaving because there is not enough content. This is not a trivial problem to solve, since developing new content usually takes longer than playing it. There is also the problem that adding content to the end devalues most content before it. (Its easier to grind and the gear is outdated which makes it most efficient for new players to farm gold instead of the actual gear. Grinding myth is not fun for very long...) The direction that was taken with chaos m1 seems promising to me (and Crash communicated some good ideas), so I don't see any reason to change course atm, it is just very slow.
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    Hi everyone, Well im playing this Lunia since 03/07/2016 and i never seen this game so empty how it is before... its not a opinion, its a fact. Another fact is ALWAYS was hard to start from 0 and get good status to solo all these differents maps. Im just saying that bacause i saw many comments like "Lunia is P2W" or "Its impossible to start from lvl 0 and get stuff". Its not impossible but this a private server where you need money to keep it up and working. My point is: People started left this game since Cod dissapeared. So what about to BRING COD BACK? it force you to make a party bcs the rate drop get high on full party. You dont need to be farming as fuck. We would bring CoD back and put there DM set or the new one wich will come in the new patch. About DX... this is not the first time that i talk about how useless is DX atm, theres no reason to go there, it could get new drops or move something worthfull there like halonic, or Chaos coin. They told me about do some changes there would affect to the rate drop, but im sure that is not impossible to fix. Sd2, Sd1, Soldin, or even AS box should be remove. Well that is my suggestion, i really think bringing CoD back it will get better. Im complaning about nothing, but its sad log on and see almost no one playing. Even MKT1 is not full lol. About you guys(Players) if you got a better idea(not complain) post it. Lets make then read us and see if we can change anything to be able to have a fun on Lunia. Sorry Selene and Crash because you guys are problably done about my suggestions lol. <3 Link: CoD run!
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    @Crash sorry for bad english character rebalance Im Ralph lover but I am very sad about my DPS Every one told me not to play Ralph and go lime Now I’m 39K STR and my friend is 32K sieg he DPS more than me 50% up So plz do a character rebalance with Ralph and other not enough character like Kali and Asuka. Well, at least my 85 skill have buff. 39K with +0. Powerful than 32K +2 sieg but…….I don’t know when can I have a 85skill +1 or +2 dyes. Is look like the hole world only me is using Ralph. I know I know AlexandrexCix is one of Ralph player. That is. Here is his post about Ralph why need buff. just give me 20~50% skill damage buff is ok......thats enough About ddm damage The ddm air combo damage was nerf right? IDK is it game setting or bug, but let me say my flame witch deal 2million in each hit on ground ,but when it on air combo is nerf to 60k or 600k ,I forgot. i know air combo in this game deal mostly damage, but you don’t need to nerf that much right? Like 120% damage in ddm air combo. equipment unbind I wonder it have a item or service can add unbind time for my equipment Like chaos equipment. I can use 5chaos coin or some item I don’t know. To get a new one equipment with no cs+15 ,or add some limit IDK. Well I really want a character rebalance,did you guys know how hard to buy or Open a blue apple to get my Ralph 85skill, because no one is playing Ralph . 4.a community work translate with Chinese and other languages
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    Good afternoon Selenna installed the lunia aq everything right at the time of updating the Patch it gives an error and closes alone I would like to know if it has to solve this problem is generally taking this same error !!!
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    Gruund, sou o arch da sua guild. Tenta fazer em inglês para que eles leiam, senão vão ignorar... Muda o título e o primeiro post e não fica postando comentários. - Rollback DDM int weapon - Careless extraction. (Título) Character Name(s) : GruundIsBack Date : 06/11/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 08:00AM (tenta lembrar a hora do server. Que horas foi no seu relógio? Então, aumenta 5 horas do fuso horário que vc chega na hora do server) Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): 1x Chaos Lunia Weapon (INT) Additional Comments : I was going to put max add, however, i extract it by accident. Please give me back the item. S2
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    I said yesterday, your Got L coin?
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    I am pretty sure it was designed to disable L3 and higher stages debuff (basically forcing you to use this set and disable diminishing stat scaling) as well. But not many people actually had the set when L3 came out which then of course reduced the amount of players in L2. Consequently lily made it optional. The 8 set does air combos btw. Unfortunately it does not scale with stats and I am not sure if the game even supports such a feature. Grades depend on the level of the gear only in stage. Tundra set is level 1. Oh and it really is ridiculously strong with high rb. To sum it up tundra and the entire Legend series need major changes. Unfortunately it is very low on the priority list right now. So low that nobody put any brain into what and how to do things about it. I have some ideas on how to design stage series without heavy stat scaling and sets for it (even on this version). But I am pretty sure 2.7 supports hard capped stats for stages which we could use when we get there.
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    GMs os servidores brasileiros estão desconectados, você pode resolver esse problema para nós. Obrigado obrigado.
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    Sorry. I have seen this now. Unblock You can try login
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    Impossible to start from 0????dude i started few months ago and im close to 60kf and dont spent 1 penny......All with hard work and pain.
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    Wb Harlock, long time no see! A few of the old Fairy Tails members moved to the guild Original, we are an english speaking guild, but mostly eu with a few us and br ppl. You are welcome to join if you want. You happy now? (:
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    +% stat buffs are multiplicative. Also you could potentially cheat on rankings (no impact on the game itself).
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    Ign: Narcissistix Date and Time: 10:53 AM server time on May 12th, 2019 Cause: Crafted Ancient Fire Dragon Head without being aware that there wasn't enough space in my inventory. I received the message of "insufficient inventory space, please free up inventory". The newly crafted AFD head ended up stacked into an existing AFD head making the AFD head icon showing x2 (see image https://imgur.com/2ZqylAp). I knew sh*t was gonna happen so I screenshot it just in case... wala i was right... I got DC'd and the character Narcissistix is now prohibited. Please help me out... Thanks!
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    I was loading into a channel and crashed, It's giving me the message "You are already connected to a lobby". If you could force disconnect my character or something that would be nice. Thank you for your time. Ign: Ruutini Date and Time: 1:15 AM PST on May 7th, 2019 Email: iapplejelly@gmail.com
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    Hey everyone, I have been summoned. First of all, apologies for the downtime the past day or so. Either way, our hosting provider decided it was a good idea to change our server's public IP address without giving us any heads up. This means our US server became unreachable, even by us. Now that I have access to it again, I managed to fix things. This means lunia is back online now. You may still experience some issues, with connecting (see below) or with the in-game shop, but working on those. Also some issues with the PvP server. The fact that we have a new IP address means spirit-gaming.net currently does not work, and thus you cannot reach the site or the game. To change spirit-gaming.net to a new IP is a change within the DNS settings of the domain-name. The thing with that is, it is not instant. Once I change the IP, it takes up to a day or so for this change to propogate around the world. However, there's a temporary fix you can apply within your system to make Windows "think" that spirit-gaming.net is actually on the new IP already. For that fix, follow the steps below. Open Notepad as administrator Go to File > Open... and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Open the file named hosts. If you can't see this file, look at bottom right and change Textdocuments (*.txt) to All files(*.*) In that file, at the bottom, on a new line, add the following (all these are required to make the site, patcher and game work): www.spirit-gaming.net spirit-gaming.net us-lunia.spirit-gaming.net us2-lunia.spirit-gaming.net Now save the file, and Lunia should be working again! The above steps are not required, the DNS changes will reach you eventually, but if you don't wish to wait, fix is right there. Make sure to spread the word! Not everyone visits these forums, and the site is down until the DNS changes.
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    Listen fuark156, I don't care who you are, I only care what you did. According to the log by @Crash, you have 4 tia macro: MestreArlindo: "your tia reached lvl 93 with 3 rbs in 2months by playing m4 only without any xp books." @Crash please also check his skills piont, since 3rb can bug massive skills points. xUnforgiven: no log here, but even worse than MestreArlindo. I have been watching 4 crazy 7/24 tia over 1 month. dude. These tia are (1. xVaynor 2. xUnforgiven 3. MestreArlindo 4. Lidojase77) . @Crashplease also check his skills piont too, zKiwer157: similar to your id Fuark156 Kiotara: macro d4 six months from 04.2018 to 09. 2018. Check the post and log below. Aside from these log, your other tia also got banned in the 2017 macro banwave. I don't have log, but @Crash @Elementknow you. You never stop macro divine 4, for years!
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    Transfer 1 DGB from dajie413 ---> jibada
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    that really makes sense. thanks for letting us know. Btw, can you make TBT a personal buff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This. Though Lv.75 will be quite out of reach for people not so highly-geared. It's ok anyways, it gives the player base goals to achieve and objectives to spend time on.
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    great news. thanks for all the efforts you have done. 1 more reason: very few people/party play chaos raid now, because most of us are sick and bored. if you make selenic/chaos coin tradable, things may get even worse. One expected outcome is that farming Gold is the only sole purpose for this server. We all p2w. No more party, just money!!!!
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    Macro`s on other characters do not work because it is too inconsistent (strongly depending on enemy movement etc.). And yes it is probably impossible to prevent any exploiters/botters from doing their thing entirely but this debuff lowers the amount of "hacked" gold and thus makes real farming by normal players being worth more (even if they got slowed down) in comparison.
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    Selene, In the update / maintenance of September 16, gold began to disappear from my accounts. I already sent a message in private explaining what happens, whenever I accumulate more than 214748g 36s 47c disappears (1st disappeared the value that I had more and now disappears when it exceeds this value). I would like very much, and would be very grateful, with an answer on this problem what would be the solution. I'm waiting for an answer. Thank you.
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    Thank you greatly for your attention and speed in response! I will remain with the account unlocked in the next 30 minutes, as every day they are already in the bank! Thanks again. @Searwen
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    Hi everyone, Now that the server drama has ended we can get back to patching. Later today at 9 PM server time we will release patch 30.4. This patch will require a maintenance, however, it will only be a quick reboot. Patch notes v30.4: Chaos Raids rebalanced; Charlotte's HP in Chaos Raids no longer bugs in parties of 3 or more people; New CS items are extractable, including Ceremonial; Coins from quest changed to 3. Make sure you're patching the game with our new patcher. The old one will not patch it. Have you somehow not yet received the new patcher yet or are you having trouble with it? Then please refer to this post to fix it.
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    Posted on: July 31, 2015, 06:45:19 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys, NEXT PATCH, there will be a myth boss stage added.We would like to know which bosses you believe are the most difficult to kill.In the stage there will be 7 waves, which is similar to 7 floors of the tower of ordeal.In each wave, there will be one boss to fight. The 1st wave will have one of the bosses from Episode 1, at random.The 2nd wave will have one of the bosses from Episode 2, at random.The 3rd wave will have one of the bosses from Episode 3, at random.The 4th wave will have one of the bosses from Episode 4, at random.The 5th wave will have one of the bosses from Episode 5, at random.The 6th wave will have one of the bosses from Episode 6, at random, or a random raid boss. It will also be comprised of the second hardest bosses in the game.The 7th wave will have only the hardest of bosses in the whole game, as well as two new bosses!We would love to hear which bosses you think should go in the 6th and 7th waves, and why!Note that this stage will be where mythers can look forward to challenge themselves after reaching the end of Myth 6!
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    Its multiple posts spread around the forum and its been a while, I can't find them anymore, sry.
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    pls Transferir 2 DGB's IDyxe >>>> PassMeTheFire Ty
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    There will be a short maintenance today at 8 PM server time. Indeed, that is 26 minutes after this was posted. Patch notes will be posted afterwards. Patch Notes : - Chaos Forest of Moon ( Beta ) added to the game, it will appear in the District of Deities window! - Chaos Lunia Spirit Set added - 2 New quests to Selene NPC in the square have been added to unlock Chaos Myth 1 and Exchange Chaos Souls for an Item Box. Keep in mind that this is quite an experimental feature. The stats of mobs, the way the stage works, etc. may be changed depending on how things go.
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    Hello, transfer 35 dgb from Capa to Fracasso
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    Hello, I think your intentions are totally pure and understandable but the way it was done was wrong. I understand your power is omnipotent but you have a community under you that loves this game and spends a great time of the day on it. In part lunia is our life. Although you might not feel the same these changes aren’t for the absolute best. Before I would be able to give a new player some gear and have them set for the m4 grind but now you’ve taken that away. This will effect the already dying economy of the game. I think this change could possibly stay but a compensation is due. I think If possible m5 can be the new grind spot for started but mobs need their health lowered slightly, sowas need to give slightly more gold for the longer time spent in the stage and if possible make it so Tia is one of the characters that summons the secret boss. I know some things are impossible but please consider. I’m personally a p2w so I don’t farm m4 but many many of the players I’ve meet do farm m4 and none with macro. Sorry if I’m challenging you or insulting you. But this is the way you’ve shown you need to be spoken to. If needed I can elaborate more on my thoughts which I highly doubt you’ll consider. -Thanks for the active sever.
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    Hello Please Transfer 80 DGB From Esme > > > Aureola
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    Most DGB's have been transferred! If you cannot find your post within this topic anymore, then your DGB's ave been transferred. For those who didn't get their DGB's transferred, make sure to bank your DGB's and to be logged out, we are unable to transfer your DGB's when you're logged in, or don't have your DGB's banked. DGB's cannot be transferred between accounts, just between characters on the same account, please keep that in mind! Next transfer date will be Friday the 15th of December, at 9 pm servertime.
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    I am almost home from work. I was called that we had an emergency. DGB's should be transferred within the next 30 minutes. And yes, you have to be offline and have your DGB banked, in order for me to be able to transfer them. My apologies for the inconvenience. I should be home within the next 10 minutes.
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    Hi, Due to the issues we've had with the patcher the past few days, we've decided to use the original Lunia patcher. Main advantage of this is that patches are literally about 20 times smaller due to different compression methods. Yay for much faster patching! However, it could be you're having issues. In that case, please download this file. Place the files inside the zipfile in your Lunia folder, overwrite existing files and then run LuniaClient.exe. Once done, you should be able to start the game using Lunia.exe, like usual. EDIT: In case it's not working, try restarting your PC first.
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    Remember, you can also buy LCoins on the WEB MARKET! Using this method, you remove the need to involve a GM, and chances of being scammed are greatly reduced! To convert the LCoins bought via Web Market into a usable format, remember to convert them in your web bank!
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    Congratulations! These people have completed the Title of Legendary Hero Quest! 1) DonPanetone 2) Scope168 3) Enkoa 4) Edge 5) FruitsBasket 6) MiniS2 7) Macaron 8) ANStyle 9) RozenMaiden 10) xMikuChan 11) PainKiller17 12) S2Roseberry 13) koreazic 14) Sulgata 15) TomnToms 16) SeeYa 17) Believe 18) Mandr00va 19) Parani 20) ChocoHiem 21) Kyuzo 22) Ukiss 23) uzicq 24) Beadsmania 25) Hnnoni 26) spritspecial 27) ontalk 28) EUNYOZInn 29) FIYO 30) chastiefol 31) Gaim 32) Bathory 33) Basic 34) MelyClover 35) Nodam 36) Minel 37)Kikyo