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    Hi everyone, See below for the fixes during this quick maintenance. Myth quests are now accessible through the myth square Fixed ralph's 75 skill not hitting as many times as intended Adjusted some myth quests, you now get 2 incarnation boxes with +15 cold shining for 10 souls up to myth 4. Fixed the ghost bug at bigtalk. Fixed some UI issues. Endless potions can no longer be used in 3L Make sure you restart your client to pull in the new patch. I will not look into any issues caused by an unpatched client. I'm aware of the bug with stage invites not working. Still working on it.
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    Stability Maintenance The server is currently going down for a stability maintenance. We have decided to do these sort of maintenances every other week in order to resolve lags and other issues that might occur. There is no ETA, so please be patient. These maintenances are necessary to keep the server stable. Bug Fixes : -Stage invites have been fixed
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    Hey, we just opened our discord server, come by and say hello! It's still in the early phases, but we'll add on to it when we figure out what direction to take. https://discord.gg/m76n7S3
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    I decided to record a video playing DDM ralph solo without 5th to have some content to post, and when I come across such a shit, at the end of the stage I caught a box DDM still kkkkkkk, lucky enough! Please guys, leave your like for more video and so we can spread our game more for other players to come play.
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    Not only Tia,all other Dex characters (Bar Arien and Iris) needs a huge buff to be more viable.......... Why not put slave enigma like DDZ to breakup all macro?????(3 slaves are fine)better for who farm honestly and better for GMs dont waste time checking for logs......
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    The question of myth 4 is easy to solve, as I saw on another server, put 3 slaves with numbers from 1 to 3 and a random draw equal in ddz before the sub boss, this would break the macro, but for those who are honest would not change nothing, it would only take a few seconds to hit the right slave.
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    Hello GMs. I've been thinking for a while that IF it’s possible to change the bosses for Chaos Myth, make it a bit less regurgitated. For example: Myth 1 boss could have been either Lir, Floor 66 from TOES, Soldin, Rigel, M6 secret boss, last boss from DDX 5(ancient white dragon). Myth 2 boss could be: Certak, Sai, Drake, Yeti king, giant eye boss, DDX 5 man run boss, Foriel(boring but quite op). Myth 3 boss could be: Bonus 3-3 boss(ancient red dragon), Cobolt captain, Black Sand Scorpion King. Golem brothers, Nagsaron, daru from 3-10L(with the xform) Myth 4 boss could be: Balmote, Ogre lord from sai raid, Giant Eye boss from Legend 2, flying daru from TOES, Greater dark elf assassin. Myth 5 boss could be: ice queen, knight of artic frost, Sharks from siren raid, turtle boss from siren raid, kraken from CoC5, Giant Pirana. Myth 6: Stuff from my m1 suggestion since what has been done can’t be undone. Right now, the game is kind of boring and easy. Turn it up a notch, where it’s impossible for 1 character to solo it even with frames. Make the withering effect from Legend 3 also happen in myth to the point where your pet could randomly die and unless you notice and revive it. It would just be dead in your bag. With the withering effect from Legend 3 even if you spam frames like Iris, you can still die and you will require heals. Not to bash on the one and only tank of the game. Iris is perfect. She does a role no one else can do and its necessary for her to stay the way she is. We have dpsers, we have a tank(iris), and we have healers. And make end game non-trade, this would be wise because rather than farming all your gear on 1 op character we would be forced to try different characters, play different roles, keep it nice and interesting. I would love to a bit more of a challenge when i play this game. Edit 1: Little addon about the not tradable endgame. Right now DDM is tradable so we can just make our op favorite character and build all others just using that 1 characters. Then once we get all geared up we quit the game till next patch. But if we dont have that option we would all have to grind longers, player longer, and make the patch last longer till we want or can get the next one. I think making it not tradable is a all win win for all parties. We would all have a longer lunia time to enjoy rather then just play 1 and then quit. Even if we suck at healing, dps, or even tanking, we would need to learn and get better to advance. Edit 2: A concern of many and a valid one is the fact that many ppl dont have tons of dgb to cs+15 max grade their non-trade endgame gear. This is not a huge issue. I think this can easily be fixed by simply adding restoration stones into blue apples. Many wealthy, rich ppl have many many dgbs. And these restoration stones can got for sale. This would also make secret catalyst go for sale that right now are useless in blue apples, and all the noobies that are getting started can start cs+15 their end game stuff without any issues. Edit 3: Another thing is the abuse with iris, ppl complain she too good and perfect and yadayada. Other dex can be easily fixed to as similar to iris so they can also tank. For example ryans impartial shoots can both be made to be immune from the start of the cast like iris skills and give them a bit more damage, they can make the mobs flinch too should be added. For asuka if can be made so her blade seal doesnt knock the mobs down i think she would be perfect if it didnt, moon seal might need a bit of dmg boost but aside form that it could do some good flinching and luring. And last but not least tia, maybe make rb fog flinch and remove the knock down effect, like regular fog just hit many tmies and no knock downs. Now we would have 3 alternatives to iris and to the new tank class. Edit 4: The main point i want to get across from this post is to make endgame HARD AS HELL. I used to play this game called Tera(sorry for mentioning another game). In this game with each new patch the endgame got more and more difficult. The endgame stages requires heals/tank/skills/dodge. Lunia can totally do something like this. Thats why i say add the debuff from legend cause it will require more skills even for a character that just spams frames. What do you guys think? @Everyone @Wendy @Crash @Element @Selene the Queen Don't be shy guys please discuss any concerns or any ideas here. Maybe we can get something done about the game if we voice our opinions!
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    The newer characters do not have those sets at all simply because allm never invested time into creating those sets for them. There are a couple of sets which 3.1 had that we could eventually add at some point but for many old sets newer characters they do not exist at all.
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    Does the team think about bringing back the citadel? It was a good and fun time, as a reward for future chaos accessories there. @Crash @Element @Wendy
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    Hi GM's, now that we are in update 2.7 and more possibilities open up, why not change the 85 and 75 of DEX chares? I really think they are a lot of badass and bad for them at the same time. Ex: in the global lunia the 5th and 75th skill of the DEX characters were not 0 delay, so why not take the 0delay off the 5th and 75th and increase their damage to leave the same VIT / INT chars, so they would have a skill 85 that could kill one boss just like the others and that would end that problem of DEX chars that gather 63 5th skill and easily zero the ToES tower just because its 85 is 0 delay, so my idea would be to increase the damage to 85 and 75 their, but because the normal delay of the other characters, after all are skills ultimate, do not need to be 0 delay or have such low damage. This is a video I've posted here a long time ago about a boy with an asuka that is char DEX with minimal damage, with only 30kf zeroing out TOES, just because she is 0delay in his 85th and he has racked up several core. @Crash @Wendy @Element @Selene the Queen Remembering that this suggestion I'm giving here is nothing new, it's something that already happened in global lunia the delay of the ultimate.
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    Even on global ultimates never had a hardcapped cooldown. You see the issue is all ultimates on our server have the same base damage meaning if you have the equal stats and +% from sets/buffs etc. you will deal the same damage. Issue with that is dex scales a lot worse damage wise, therefore dex has 0cd on ultimate. So if I go by your suggestion you would ask for hardcapping the dex ultimate cd at idk 70seconds and buff it's damage to int/vit in MYTH/STAGE? Because if we balance it to stage it would be the same as it is and if we buff it by 5times like it would be matching in myth we would end up with ridiculously overpowered dex ultimates in stage and any myth below high end gear. Either way: Stat scaling. That's where the real issue is at. The issue is not the ultimate/75 damage. It is not as terrible on 75 skills thought, they usually do not just 1shot bosses and if they are a bit stronger in stage/lower stat myth it shouldn't be that bad. Then again which stats would you set as break even point. Funny side note dex ulitmates were insanely overpowered on global, alltough they had less damage than here on spirit (yup that's true) and 0 cooldown simply because due to a oversight of allm it was possible to get unlimited amounts of ultimate cores... Regardless of my opinion up there. 75 will become a bit stronger and get hard capped cool down, just to make them the utility skill they were on global. For ultimates I am not sure. We generally had the idea to nerf them overall as it seems a bit ridiculous that in almost every party everyone just 1shots bosses (idk how the rest of the staff currently thinks about it). About tower I actually am for a tower where ultimates aren't usable at all.
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    I agree with you. All the DEX chars players that i know hates their own ults because of the low damage and no one wan't to get the 75th skill because its damage is very low and not worth it.
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    Hello in todays maintenance not many things have changed, it was just to restart the servers to reduce server lag and fix some small stuff such as - AEH buff no longer stacks with the manly set effect buff. - Selene ( chaos raid quests ) are now in the myth square. - Soul fragments have been added back to the weekly quests at henry in the myth square.
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    I don't think Dainn is weak, neither OP. He is the 2nd best INT character at the moment and maybe the 4th or 5th overall (talking about DPS alone, which is the only thing people seem to care about zZz). However, I do agree those Blessing Skills could receive some attention and your ideas seem pretty good to me. I'm sure the staff has way more important stuff to worry about now, but it'll be a good point to discuss in the future.
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    I'd love to see this boss again too.
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    Ty Warlock, King of dainns, the best!!!
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    Hi Beginners need myth 4 to grow in the game. Please, remove debuff. Fix Gaon S cancel!
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    M4 has that debuff simply because it is broken and most of all exploitable by botters. There is never going to be any point where we just remove that mechanic as we cannot allow bots to farm gold. Unfair but necessary. I think you do not understand that it hurts the players even more if there was no debuff simply because of inflation. I mean how much worth is a players 1 hour farm of gold if a the same time some random guy sets up a bot and does the same thing but 20x more efficient? As you can imagine this greatly devalues gold for the honest player. Tbt without limitation was broken and exploitable. It will never return to that state. However with 2.7 we can now just make it have a set cooldown of maybe 60seconds without mana costs. I think I announced that somewhere already (probably in the chat box). Isn't tia still permanently invisible even versus raid bosses right now? I mean if she still is then there is no reason to complain. Being basically immortal means that you would have to pay with lower damage. In this regard we must compare her to other "immortal" characters like asuka and I am pretty sure tia is still faster. Not saying that Asuka is balanced nor iris. It's necessary and was removed due to a mistake on our side when patching. But hey it again proved that it does not work without an anti macro system. To sum it up: I don't understand what you are suggesting or want as you just repeated what everybody knows. I explained why it is that way. If you wanna suggest some improvements I would think of an alternative to the dex debuff. For character balance I think every character will be updated to 3.1 functionality and get a damage rebalance by us.
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    * - * Thank You for 75 Ralph <3
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    Satire? In fact only macro users lost their source of gold. We have a global gold tracker and no the gold still increases. Of course people have issues affording stuff now as the macro bot gold inflation is still there. It will take time to adjust. Chaos coins got cheaper and cheaper as nobody needs selenic. Same for DDM. It is not the issue that people can't afford it. There are just less and less people who need it and more and more people who farm and try to sell it. It's common sense the longer a stage has been around the cheaper the items you can get there become. I didn't get 4.2 at all. How should an untradeable item for a gold quest prevent abuse or be balanced at all? You can just trade the gold. 4.2, 4.3 just buff the gold income that myth gives to you already? I mean you get souls which are basically gold why would you add more? DDX stones have gold values and the lower ones boxes are free now I think? You could just npc the item you get from that (would end up in 50S per low stone I think) 4.4 So you suggest the endgame stage to benefit the best gear AND gold income.... Gear has it's value because you can use/trade/(recycle in the future). It is not a gold dummy and never will be. Like I can tell you that at some point prices will drop far below such values. Aside from all that the game has gold values on items. Farming 7-3h on hard mode with the quest still benefits decent gold by selling the gear to npc. The values are 1-10G? You ask for 1-10k! 4.5 Fishing is op already... Not a fan of family/guild boxes (personally). Coc is an option (we actually talked about that but didn't get to do anything there yet), but it won't be as crazy as the numbers you suggested here. 4.6 Again numbers 400g is insane, like you said it sells for 500g to players? I assume you can almost instantly sell it to another player for 400g, so I don't see any difference between a npc price and trading except for insane inflation. Coins aren't unsellable at all currently, it will take a long long time for them to be considered getting a npc price (also I don't really know if that would help newer players at all, guess not). Exactly, it changed how the market worked and we need to wait until it is stable before making decisions. If there is no crazy inflation like we had then such gold costs on quests wouldn't even exist and if you ask me that is the best system possible, but as it is right now I wouldn't rush changing it.
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    Lifesteal is a quite broken mechanic that cannot be really balanced in a game like lunia. Exactly, iris is broken and anyone who thinks that it is a great thing is probably playing idle games. 10% is probably too much. Not saying that it is good the way it currently is. Gettng better gear is a core feature of the game especially in myth and adds a lot of motivation for many people to keep playing. Imagine how many people would have quit without that possibility. Yea rb breaks stage quite a bunch. Either way I had an idea to put more stats to a good use. Not sure when it will be added (no spoilers for things that might not even happen).
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    Maybe add a new way to get level 75 skill besides dkd boxes? I have to lowkey prostitute myself to have a chance to get that skill.... >_<
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    @Chok3 I believe it wasnt intended to be like that, it's gonna be fixed next maintenance. Also about the drop rate of gloves you will have to ask selene about details. @AlexandrexCix Thanks for reporting that, selene will fix it.
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    1. First place is Eir, for sure. She has a lot of healing skills, better range, good imunes and is faster. Also, she got good buffs and a ressurection skill! The problem is that she need A LOT of skill points. 2. Dark eir is not bad too - and has more damage, but don't have the ress skill, is harder to heal party members and lack on buffs. Also, dark eir is faster running. 3. Krieg has one good AOE healing skill, but his others healing skills have to be used to deal damage. This way, he is in the middle. Has good damage and imunes too. 4. Kali is a bad healer, but have a speed + stats buff. 5. Iris has a good healing buff that can heal even with 0 HP, but its cost is high (30 reagents) 6. Lime... has only one potion skill! not good, but can be useful sometimes (specially for dex chars at ddm). 7. The others with healing buffs are just bad. I think that is it.
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    I agree with almost everything Etherblood has said. "Chaos m1 already does a good job of making parties add healers without this mechanic. I think if you wanted to make heals more important it would be better to nerf lifesteal (and the devs are working on this already, compare lifesteal of chaos m1 gear with selenic)." In my opinion, Chaos M1 "Lifesteal" is very bad. It would be so much better if it was a nerfed Lifesteal instead of that Buff.
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    Yes, no vit can tank as good as iris, simply because it should not be possible to solotank all enemies indefinitely. What the vit chars do is good enough already, iris is just overkill.
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    "Right now, the game is kind of boring and easy. Turn it up a notch, where it’s impossible for 1 character to solo it even with frames. Make the withering effect from Legend 3 also happen in myth" "Not to bash on the one and only tank of the game. Iris is perfect. She does a role no one else can do and its necessary for her to stay the way she is." I will just comment on this for now, might write more later when i get home. The current Iris is by design 'boring and easy' to play (it does not matter what the enemies do at all, just repeat the same buttons indefinitely, some ppl even set up a macro...) I don't think she should be left as is. Adding the debuff from Legend does not make the game more fun, it just forces the party to have a healer. Chaos m1 already does a good job of making parties add healers without this mechanic. I think if you wanted to make heals more important it would be better to nerf lifesteal (and the devs are working on this already, compare lifesteal of chaos m1 gear with selenic). And I disagree that iris is required for tanking (and that dex classes should be able to tank over long durations at all), parties can do just fine without iris, she just makes it more 'boring and easy'. Having the pet die randomly will be annoying at best (see sai raid), I don't like 'press button x every y seconds' mechanics. What I think is the most fun is interacting with whats happening around you (dodging, timing frames, saving allies, etc...). PS. deir could also be used if u really just needed someone to 'tank' without huge free dps.
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    I know very well who you are, I know which char you bought with 25 rebirths + want more details? And I say more, you use multi-clients at certain stages to increase sales profit, I saved the impression of your stages, do you want it
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    We actually extracted those set skins from the 3.1 files and added them manually. And with we I mean someone else did it back then. I don't think that any character was skipped on purpose but I will make sure we check that.
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    Sorry the translator doesn't help me much, but I say so, this aquarium set has in gaon which is a "new" character but not in ralph which is an "older" character but in globla there was the aquarium for ralph a long time ago time. He was part of 3.1 and didn't have to be put here in spirit yet? Sorry for any misunderstood words. It's been a long time, I don't remember what version the aquarium set had on ralph, but he had that set for a long time, just don't remember if it was on 2.7 or others we don't have on our server yet.
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    Hi Dear, u need to post in this link with a screenshot! Cyaa
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    I know my dear kkk. Im just kidding with Ajax. Calm down beyonce
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    Need a healer or, talk to warlock, he already did it solo. kkk. Thanks dear
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    Not only iris and dark eir, an asuka that has no damage can be full immune and will have the advantage, a krieg also with its dark eir-like buff, but now it's a lime where any slap on the trans chip that does ? Of course, if you have a lot of status you can do it more easily, but as ajax has shown, not everyone has a chance and should be resetting the phase over and over.
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    Hello, GMs Please, is it possible to bring to the DDX the boss Molech as 9th boss? As a novelty and drop as for example: 2 bags Divine for better drope of box dkd, or I know something new to the map See a low video of Lunia Free 2019, edited with boss 9th Molech
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    Why is this happening GM? Already happened but very rarely, after the last update is happening this straight, from 9 matches 6 no boss and only 3 comes lunia, we set up a party, the first we went already gave it again, general discouraged and left, just reporting again the bug through video for a better understanding of how it could happen ... We are cheering for you team that are trying to solve the case, thanks. Link to video:
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    Well here is my guess. Due to us patching more frequently the playerbase increased again, causing stage servers to lag as more people play. That bug is just like having a room without any monsters on which you can just pass due to server lag.
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    Olha o tiro ç.ç
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    Ok i see now. Thanks for reply. Is there any chance that the drop rate in 7-9h would be some kind higher at some point? I'm quite new to this server so 3-10L is out of my reach probably forever since it's a miracle to get into any kind of party nowadays. Not complaining or anything, i really like this server but at this point as from my point of view ( completely new player) it's super hard to get any stronger and i'm hitting a hard wall both in myth and stage.
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    Your item has been added to the Refund List. please keep in mind that it may take a while for GMs to mail it back to you Be careful not to make mistakes in the future.
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    This could be implemented in all myth stages there are potencialy botable (M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6), because at my mind if they are macroing in m4 they also can do it in the other myth stages (especially in the easiers). I'm really happy with the patches and I hope they help the server to evolve!
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    Sure, i'am picking the char i play and i know the strong and negative points. I don't have more than one full char like you, so i'am not here talking about them without knowing it. It does have 40 second CD with my full set (17.5k dex atm), its really not that high, but it is close range, can be canceled at start if get attacked, has a long cast and has a normal damage for a 60 skill. Arta and Dark Eir 60 are so much stronger than Dainn's, for example. I like Dainn too, thats why i gave a lot of non damage suggestions, like freeze, taunt, some kind of ignite, faster caster rate. However, he is not OP, not even close to that. Damage and AOE skills are his strong points as a wizard, but those skills have a long cooldown AND cast. I can't even count how many times i got my dragons or rain's canceled by mobs. Or how many times i died because they are not full eframes. Also, he is hard to combo air, much harder than Dark Eir, for example. Without those RB AOE skills he has no damage and you can see this just by looking at all his other skills that are not RB, 60th or heart/orb. They are weak, very weak. Damn, wish Dainn's ult had a long cooldown with all the damage 60th dark has, specially for big bosses and normal mobs that can be pushed. Also, wish i had a buff with full imune for 1 minute, a lot of easy air combo skills, much better imunes, very low cooldowns with high DPS skills and, oh, healings. I made this post because i think its fair that Dainn get some kind of buff, because all chars have it.
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    Actually it didn't till last patch. Before it was fine and worked as intended. AEH doesnt say its after the buff has finished that it will buff again. Your accusing me of abusing an exploit, as if i am doing something wrong. I thought i was doing something right by reporting it to you. But if this is how you're gonna respond you can forget about me reporting anything in the future. Why do you treat everyone like this when they try to be helpful. You're so rude, learn some manners.
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    Now I get it the ress system was reverted. Yea will be fixed as well. Even the new system had a small delay thought you meant that.
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    Hello everyone,after having played well after the patch and experiences with other characters,people and a lot of playing I'd like to give some suggestions: 1: After so much chatting with friends and seeing opinions for the next DDM set being untradable, I came to the conclusion that it would be better to do something like this: Put a intermediate set dropable and negotiable for those who want to buy with gold or who exchange a lot of characters. And the strongest endgear set that requires to be crafted using: the selenic set more chaos coins (or the chaos eye and please GMS don't make the raids insignificant) and that craftable set are untradable, who wants that have to conquer it not just buy it, who wants a set a little weaker and negotiable will also be free to farm or buy, that would balance the game greatly. (Example:new ddm drop Chaos Foriel 1(tradable but lweak in comparsion to crafted one),to craft the stromgest ddm 2 set u gonna need to use the chaos foriel1 and selenic gear and some other items to craft that powerfull set but that set is untradable) 2: Why not put some missions that give at least 1k gold a day??of course not a very easy one but not a hard one (more or less kill all bosses from M1 to M6 10 times maybe?)This would help new players who already have a high disadvantage compared to those who have been playing for a while and have full ddm or selenic, it would help people to play more as a team and would be a great option after m4 farm is dead. 3:Encourage more people to play parties because it doesn't make any sense for a raid boss to have a lot more hp than a Chaos Lunia with 5 people......it's frustrating that you going solo is much faster than a partie T-T. 4:We could have back the spider queen eggs items? it would be fun to have that stage back or another way to farm that items. 5:Please buff Asuka and other who need. Anyway, that's it for today
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    Hello! With the last patch, the debuff is back at M3/M4 and this is great, because the Bot's will not make tons and tons of gold anymore and GM's don't have to spend a lot of time trying to ban them (M2 is still an option, but it gives less money). However, right now the game has a great problem, and i would like to discuss this with the players and GM's @Selene the Queen, @Wendy @Crash @Element @Searwen: 1. First of all, we have to consider that the NPC's are the only true source of gold in the game, because they buy anything you wan't to sell, injeting gold at players wallet (i can't remember one quest that gives gold and i can only remember the silvers at M4, some 1g/10g coins at Cave and some coins at Bigtalk raid, nothing more). 1.1 Soul selling at NPC was game main source of gold for players, bots or not. No other items are worth selling at NPC like souls. M4 gives 9g and M6 gives 15g each. 1.2 DDX stones gives 2, 3, 5 gold and are way slower to farm. Emeralds and other jewels give something like 1G. 2. In other way, there are quests who get gold from players, like Chaos Moon box quest and Dark Devil box quest (5kg each); Combat Master Wing (250g each), DKD weapon craft (10kg) and others. A lot of people complete DDM box quest all day and get the box, trying to get expensive items like weapon, chest or support, and lose 5kg each time for the NPC. 3. This being said, the problem here is that, right now, the game lost its source of gold! Without the M4 farming, the new players don't have a place to farm gold well and they can't grow. The old players, who are full of items, normally have gold stack, but don't spend it, because they just don't need anything. And people who used to farm with Tia/Ninja at those stages just don't do it anymore. Everyone is playing at DDM and DDX instead of farming gold right now. M6 is still an option, but its way harder than M4, the new players can't do this fast nor solo (and the strong players will not do that, they are busy with DDM and raids stages). Because of that, the global gold at game (the gold amount all players have together) decreases everyday, making the price of items decrease too, changing the way market works completely. As i said, 5kg each quest for box make things harder. If the sources of gold in-game keep reducing, the players will be broken and soon the market too, because items will not sell. I'am sure a lot of people would stop playing. Right now we can see items price decrease a lot: For example, one week before the Chaos Coins was sold by 800g each. Now its about 500g. Support DDM int price was 26kg clean, now its 17kg full, with service. Foot ddm was about 20kg, now its 14-15kg and no one buy, even if you leave the store open for hours and hours. The problem here is that players get more and more items and just can't sell, because no one have gold to buy. 4. Well, what solutions we could try for that? 4.1 As @ElShaddoll Winda suggested at his post: A gold daily quest would be great. But it has to be hard and good enough. Something like 10x all myth stages; or 20x DDX; or 1x each chaos raids; or complete tower of ordeals 1x, something like that. However, it has to be daily, maybe only one time per account, preventing multi-char players. I think that 500, 300, 600g would be enough as a reward and would fix the gold issue. 4.2 Other solution could be add an untradable item at game that can be farmed at myth stages and a quest with gold reward, also daily (souls can be used, but make them untradable and with 5C gold value). For example, 10x item for 500G quest, daily. 4.3 DDX stones can be used too. 40 7* stones for 400G daily quest. 40 6* stones for 300G daily quest... Things like that (don't put the first ones to prevent bot farming at DDX). 4.4 Or put gold value to items at NPC. For example: Hand ddm 1000G, head DDM 2000G, Foot or Pants 5000G, Support 6000G, Chest 8000G, weapon 10000G. Increase DDX stones gold price. Increase jewels gold price. Increase sardes I/II, DKD items price at NPC. Things like that. 4.5 Put more gold reward boxes at family, or guild rewards, or gold quest at Cave of Chaos/Citadel (limited time events) or gold fishing quests (250 brown for 50G? 250 green carps for 80g? I don't know) 4.6 Add a gold value to Chaos Coins (i think it is impossible to Bot farm this item), something like 400G at NPC, for those who wan't fast gold (idk, maybe this is a bad idea, but it is an idea still). Also, the quests being daily would make players play more and the gold rewards would help the new players grow, if they play hard the game! Any of those ideas could be used to make gold farming possible and prevent bots. Those are my suggestions. Do you have other ideas? You don't like those? You think this way the game is fine? Go ahead and post your commentary. Gms, please read and think about what i said. Thank you very much
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    Excuse me but that is just retarded. Do you really think that you would become any richer? Inflation would just make items unaffordable as the gold cap is 400k, also the worst thing would be that such a mechanic is even easier to exploit than a macro bot to farm money devaluing gold even more. To sum it up this would only make it way way harder for new people. M4 farm is only dead for people who macro. Anybody else can still do so without having to compete against cheated gold. Of course it takes time for the market to react. If you wanna help new players in any way give them some temporary myth gear like challenger weapons and not let older players benefit from such a mechanic, else the older playerbase will be even further ahead. Event Items are not meant to be farmed and I personally think that most event rewards should be temporary (dgb, catalysts, resto stones/stuff that benefits mostly not high end players). Exceptions are of course rbs etc.
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    How about 10% HP regen each second instead of 2%? (Like 5% on fashion and 5% on chaos Lunia set)
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    Hi, I know you are already working on updating ralph and other characters as mentioned several times before, but I am only here for 2 remarks. In an old post of mine Crash said it already had some commands written in the files but that didn't work due to the patch, like the 3 missing hits from 75. So some questions came up for me on 2 more ralph things which is different and I would like to know if they are already written and don't work due to the patch. Ralph's skill 60 (Hurricane Massacre Kick) is in the old model she had in 2010 in the old lunia, after the update that ralph had at the time on the other lunia she stopped to give only 1 hit and give 3, this is something that already is written in the files but does not work? Or is it something that will be done? I looked at a video of one of the old GM Lilium, I know he is no longer on the team but he remade it in the lunia spirit but was still being tested by him at the time, but he created it as an RB skill, it would be possible to do this only in normal skill without adding a new RB? Lilium video for illustration: Skill 85 was the same case, just like ryan's skill 85, ralph's skill 85 always had 1 tornado in the end, while getting an update on the old lunia got two new tornadoes, this is something that is written in Spirit and not working due to the patch or is it something that will be put in the future update for you too? Video for illustration: Taking advantage of the post to not have to do another, I know again that it was the work of an old GM, but is it possible to insert this wing into the game in some future way? I thought she was very pretty compared to the ones we have today, especially Raid Chaos's, which has only color and no details in it. '-' Video for illustration: Note: these are just questions, I know they work hard to make the game better and better and I enjoy your work! @Crash @Wendy @Selene the Queen @Element