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    Hey everyone, I have been summoned. First of all, apologies for the downtime the past day or so. Either way, our hosting provider decided it was a good idea to change our server's public IP address without giving us any heads up. This means our US server became unreachable, even by us. Now that I have access to it again, I managed to fix things. This means lunia is back online now. You may still experience some issues, with connecting (see below) or with the in-game shop, but working on those. Also some issues with the PvP server. The fact that we have a new IP address means spirit-gaming.net currently does not work, and thus you cannot reach the site or the game. To change spirit-gaming.net to a new IP is a change within the DNS settings of the domain-name. The thing with that is, it is not instant. Once I change the IP, it takes up to a day or so for this change to propogate around the world. However, there's a temporary fix you can apply within your system to make Windows "think" that spirit-gaming.net is actually on the new IP already. For that fix, follow the steps below. Open Notepad as administrator Go to File > Open... and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Open the file named hosts. If you can't see this file, look at bottom right and change Textdocuments (*.txt) to All files(*.*) In that file, at the bottom, on a new line, add the following (all these are required to make the site, patcher and game work): www.spirit-gaming.net spirit-gaming.net us-lunia.spirit-gaming.net us2-lunia.spirit-gaming.net Now save the file, and Lunia should be working again! The above steps are not required, the DNS changes will reach you eventually, but if you don't wish to wait, fix is right there. Make sure to spread the word! Not everyone visits these forums, and the site is down until the DNS changes.
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    Selene has contacted the provider, seems to be a random downtime of the server.
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    Unfortunately I am from Europe and can't really test tw servers, but I will let selene know.
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    Good... I'm doing the post I did a while back and not answered so far, I made a video this time to make understanding easier. @Crash @Wendy @Selene the Queen @Element @Searwen You should fix the buff of the set ddm, it will cut every other buffs of all char, my example with my class can not use my speed buff, I have to use only the damage and the M1 buff of 60 and even so I have to be lucky not to win that last buff there that leaves me immune, if I win him I do not even know how he wins but he always cuts my M1 buff off the 60 and fury explosion, really this is discouraging for the whole community, if we play with other set we do not have this problem, only with DDM. Fix the buff of ddm clothes, they only serve to take our damage and they do not help at all... pls... Every life I've played with my character ralph for more than 7 years already, I could always use the speed, rage explosion and myth 1 buff, so I can not use any of them together ... This takes full capacity of the gameplay, not only mine but all other chares as this happens in all classes. Again this only works with the ddm set! Video link I did to demonstrate the problem:
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    We already found a solution to the annoying buff cap, which will allow us to prevent them from overwritting each other. It will be part of the next patch. As for life leech I think I already mentioned it, but the % value is simply too broken to balance around it, therefore future sets will no longer have such effects. This also means that we will revamp the life leech on the cash set sooner or later. If you think about life leech you will realize that in a game like lunia where characters grow stronger as time goes by is a bad decision (Other games removed it therefor entirely) and in some way disable all mechanics revolving around enemy damage and character defense (You either have 100% hp all the time or 0).
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    i play long time with gaon ... he need inmune y/o frame in Rb skills ...
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    Did I make double post? Check all my posts.
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    haha. long time no see. my personal troll. it ok, this discussion almost over. butrRemember----this is @AlexandrexCix 3rd post regarding moon buff/hp issue. But still being ignored by GMs. So i joined this coversation. Then @Crash fially gave an answer-----they gonna to fix buff cap. Then he further told the current develpment situation like lift leetch/ sever crash. Without Alex's posts, we would never know that. Ok? Without Alex's posts, we would never know that. Ok? Without Alex's posts, we would never know that. Ok? This is a place call "lunia forums", a place to talk/communicate/suggest/guide/post video/complait/etc. not your home. hahah. If you like the coversation, join us. if not. stay away. Ok? No one care Selene read it or not. freedom of speech as long as you repect with each other. This is a place call "lunia forums", This is a place call "lunia forums", This is a place call "lunia forums", -----got it?
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    All these transformations are basically bugged. For magic damage there is a random multiplier of 8x dmg which is why they are so strong for them. It looks like allm fixed it on later versions, alltough I don't really see why they bothered to rebalance them. Our main issue is basically that almost 90% of server crashes are related to transformations. Once we update the core of the game and fix the crashes related to transformations we will eventually look into those potions, but for now the easiest fix would be to just disable them and limit the use of transformations. Unfortunately, allm did many things without announcing it. In the patchnotes you would usually just see a small note like -several bug fixes, which in many cases ended up being major changes. They probably didn't want to show the players where to look for exploits :D.
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    Thanks for the Info, i guess ill get that new gear ^^
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    But other solution has to be arranged for this, if the original buff of my character is not worth anything, I would prefer to stay hp 0 without regenerating than being the way it is, because I can not even choose this, my char is already the com (Ralph) and even my buffs who help the damage are canceled, some different solution must be put into effect and if there is no solution to this possible "problem" can be removed at once, as our chest cash already does a good job recovering hp, and I do not want my speed and damage buff to be cut, otherwise there is no sense of playing with what I like in the character, so much that I prefer the set stage because I can use all my buffs, and he does not have these things to regenerate hp, both set cash stage and m3c, so my opinion is this, if it's something that breaks the game, remove it instead, and do not put on top other buffs that cut our original buffs ... @Crash
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    Happen the same with dark's buff (contract)
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    The server will be back up once the provider fixed the machine. Selene already contacted the host and we are currently waiting for them to fix it, sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Character Name(s) : Yakibous Date : April 8, 2019 Approximate Server Time**: 03:18 ~ 03:19 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Cold Shining Forgotten Snow Girl's Head (DEX) +15 x1, but most importantly it had double max DEX grade. Additional Comments : I clicked outside of the backpack by mistake and missclicked the F1 instead of F2.
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    Your item has been added to the Refund List. please keep in mind that it may take a while for GMs to mail it back to you Be careful not to make mistakes in the future.
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    Your email is not your account name. Your account name is madahadcuo, please keep your email private (it's in your interest). Forced a disconnect on madahadcuo.
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    Please transfer 1 DGB from brimestone -----> 6thAnniversary Thank you
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    Tem que postar em inglês mano. If he doesn't speaks english i'm going to try to help Login:rapha.schembash96@gmail.com Nick: IceSoldier (Yuki) Additional Info: Changed the e-mail to my casual one while i was logged in BR1 Square next to susan, i didn't knew this would give this trouble, i honestly ask for opologies.
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    GMs and ADM, how much longer are we going to wait for the buf to be corrected for the new att? lime dying with 0 hp, wing chaos can not be seen, new set Chaos lunia invisible, please the server is running out, there is no more trading, there is no more game between player "PT", the server lives falling and takes almost 2 days to return, and there adms some news to cheer people who play more than years on this server?
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    The reason for that skill to require lvl 1 to do the glitch is simple. Allm made many skills work differently on skill level 1 to support pvp which makes many combos easier. Some skills such as dainns fire heart even have an additional hitbox. Dainn's non rb red fire dragon also does an extra hit on level 1 which makes it possible to be used in air combos.
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    Dear, its like raid! Some chars can do solo, others dont. But this isnt reason to keep complaining. All chars INT need use ultimate in C2 (heart), because they dont have physical attacks when they are doing solo. So, make your PT or wait for one
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    But thats the fun too. Raids not all players can do solo, and now in DDM really need healer <3 e some chars with immune.
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    Acutally all ultimates deal the same amount of dmg vs middle sized mobs directly in front (the sum of the base dmg x hits is the same). Which leads to ultimate dmg being only affected by mob size (large mobs = more hits on some ultimates and thus more dmg), stats (so vit/int ults are stronger obviously) and on some cases the range. Basically this means that arien has the best dex ultimate because tons of +%. Sieg has quite a lot of +% indeed but the ult range sucks tbh. Don`t really wanna talk about sieg anyway he is fine. Of course aoe chars are dealing more damage at raids since there are a ton of mobs. If you ask me simply buff the chars which aren`t played that much. Usually people simply don`t play them because they are too weak.
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    Sieg? LOL. I think the weakest are Ralph, Kali, Asuka.
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    Character Name: beadsmaniaDay Started: 21/11/2017Day Completed: 23/11/2017Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/cKCC2
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    Well, yeah.. That does explain alot, nyahaha. Once again, congratulations!
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    Excuse me but I am not gona read all that. If there was anything I should know make a proper post. Gona close this here.
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    Character Name(s) : Zengu Date :2019/04/04 Approximate Server Time***: 00.19am Item Name(s)* & (Quantity):One cold cs +15 Chaos head Additional Comments I extraced it instead of regrading it.
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    Account name: rapha.schembash96@gmail.com Character name: IceSoldin Date and Time: Around 04:36 PM Additional information: I changed email online and I didn’t know about stuck for doing that, sorry
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    Ralph, Asuka and Kali are the best!
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    Character Name: MelyCloverDay Started: 06/23/2018Day Completed: 06/24/2018Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/2Wt82OF Thank you Item Didn't arrive by mail. Please Check Again.(34) MelyClover)
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    Winged raids has disappeared?
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    Let's do this beaches!!! Chama chama chamilion!!
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    Character Name : HnnoniDay Started : 21/11/2017Day Completed : 23/11/2017Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/DmBgG