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    New video of our ElmaChips Guild Guys in a pt drop Leave your like to encourage more videos and attract more people to the game
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    Great video. I'am glad to be there o/ I loved this party, it was so fast that we even recorded, lol. Sadly we don't get one single ddm box at those runs
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    Challenge what hahaha? It was just a normal PT video in our guild to invite more people to play the game.
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    Do u wanna attention?
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    was bored so decided to do this.. nothing big, just having fun ! no box in the end ..lol
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    Geez dude, before you go back to play the two guilds get along really well and play together without any problem, if you look like a very nonconformist guy, all we do is outraged by some kind of envy, stop it, we're All players, let's play together and bring more player and friendship to the game, enough of these children, you seem to hate us. All this why only post a video of our party ddm seriously?
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    Thanks for this dear. That’s it! We don’t need this rivalry guys. Let’s play and forget about this. Cya 😊
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    I'am sorry Fatt, i'am your friend but i have to tell you this. This is a video we made and thats only it. I don't really know why you came here saying this was "a challenge" or anything like that. Also, i'am not seeing any kind of gibberish here. Domination is trying to recruit ElmaChips members at all cost and you know it. This intesified specially after august guild ranking result, because you guys expected to have first place but got second, while Elma was at first. (I still can't see the point of this guild ranking, but anyway). This month Harlock and Eats/Kaio was so pissed because guild ranked was not updated after TWO DAYS (even if it happens every month) and was acting like stupid and rude people at discord. All because they couldn't see ElmaChips at first place anymore. And now, you are the one who came here provoke. That being said, i would not say that Moki, Alexander, Green, Mizore or even me are the ones who are actling like aids in Lunia Community right now. And also, if people are mad at you guys, mocking you or giving a gross answer, i can only say that nothing happens without a reason. You get respect from the ones you respect, but can't expect to get respect from the ones you disrespect. Thats is how society works. Sorry for the hard words, hope you understand what i'am trying to say. Both guilds never had this rivality. Actually, none of them ever cared about guild rank. What changed then? Seems like someone is trying to make both enemies. And is doing a very good job. Reflects a bit about it. (And lets play ddm tonight because i need to farm gold to pay you xD).
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    The true, i'm in excess, but i can sell for u my dear
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    Besides inviting players from our guild to yours now you want to come to our videos if you think it's good hahaha? Play your game in good, is for fun and not stressed, I do not know why your concern, who seems to have come to attention here was you in our post.
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    Hi guys, i have a idea for ToEs thats i was thinking. Well, why dont put in RB Book Quest in ToES? U can use once a month, but dont reset your level. U can get RB Book in normal Toes, but i was thinking to put in 70’s Floor, the quest. As time passes, its obvilious to increase HP of Monsters when the new sets coming. Is it interesting to note that DEX class, about their Ultimate, because they can spam your Ult and this make easier for them. One idea is to create a buffs for their Ultimate time, to make them like VIT and INT classes. With this RB, make a possible to get level 95, therefore we can leave our 75 full points, in wich the is so rarely. This application will let chars with level 99, remain in level 99 and bring back to the game the compete for ranks and rb. @Crash @Element @Wendy @Selene the Queen
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    Your item has been added to the Refund List. please keep in mind that it may take a while for GMs to mail it back to you
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    Good idea. I only thought of recovering the quest, If you look at the video you completed the quest. I can refund you the title.
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    yes its fun ! .. and yeah most of raid bosses is easier to deal with when you are soloing !
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    Niceeeeee dear! I loved, my friend Arch’s made too. Pls keep us and show for our Forum your videos guys. cya!
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    Ahhhh thank you so much !
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    Hi dear, welcome First: thanks @ArchmageDainn for making this text. Sorry my friend, I’m using your text to help him ❤️ First of all you should finish 7RB (using Blessed or Holy - lvl up 1 to 70 each time too). It cost about 150g each at website store or market square stores. You can make gold to buy them by selling the items you got lvling and the encarnate lunia items from quest each RB at NPC (you get about 130g each time). After that: - Ask someone to take you tower of Ordeals to open all the myth stages (with the key from tower quest). - Join a guild to go with party and ask the questions you have. - Try join party doing Daily Quest and do they (at NPC Selene in myth square - kill Lunia 5x, Foriel 5x and etc) - you can sell each Soul Fragment (quest reward) for 40g each or use at your cash items later. (you can easily farm 10 soul frag each day - myth 1 to 5. 400g everyday :D). - Sell the gods Souls you get (moon, wind, fire, darkness and others - not the soul fragment) at NPC. - Sell cold shining stones at market square (one pack with 250 cost about 400-500g right now). - Make friend with new player too, to play together at same myth stages. This makes game more fun and motivate you to keep playing. - Get Incarnate items at NPC's in myth square (now they come fort +15 and cold shining). - Buy sardes II items (they are good enough for the beginning and very very cheap right now). - Go at DDX party with strong players and get some crystals - you can sell them at market store, exchange they with item boxes at easter square or save them to get your title (explain about title later). - Keep farming gold solo or with party at M3 or M4 when you don't have a party. - Go at periodical events (lime invasion, troll elfic invasion) and try geting cash items at Golden Star Quest. - Use some Soul Fragments (from daily quest i mentioned) at those items to get some stats, making farming easier. - Look with your guild friends if they have old items to sell or give you. After being strong enough to farm gold faster, you have to buy/make those items: 1. Valkyrie Pet (looks like you are sieg. You need the pet to get 100% critical chance). (you can buy it at market square or buy it at square F7 with Lcoins. To get Lcoins you can dotade or buy at website market with gold you farm). 2. Title of Conqueror of District (you can get it with DDX stones at Easter Square - first quests of a fairy NPC in the fountain). Cost 7kg + ddx stones. (you can make it slowly) 3. Hand Chaos Lunia/DDM - Devildoom Moon (strongest set right now.) fort +15 cold shining add max (its a cheap item that gives you a good amount of stats). 4. Weapon Sardes II (and fort +15 cold shining + add max). 5. Chest sardes II fort +15 cold shining add max (this is good enough until you get a better one). 6. After this all, start buying set cash with the set bonus (only a few sets have those stats). This bonus is added with a blue card you can buy at store F7. Foot gives 20% speed, chest gives lifesteal, hand gives physical damage, head gives magical damage, weapon gives 12% damage... Hand is cheap and gives 8% physical damage (good for sieg). Cya dear.
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    ill see you in game !
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    Hello! Nice to meet you and welcome back. Join discord server too https://discord.gg/m76n7S3
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    Your item has been added to the Refund List. please keep in mind that it may take a while for GMs to mail it back to you Be careful not to make mistakes in the future.
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    Hi dear. I will leave a link for u, because i dont have a video, who show for u All ultimate skills and 75 skill from Lunia Spirit. In Lunia Spirit: Some Ultimate Skill are change (Skill 85): Kali, Dacy, / Dark, Ralph, Ryan ( They are the old Ultimate skill). Arien gets a Buffs when she used 85 (increase her damage). DEX 75's: they are consume 33% MP because they are 0delay. But i'm telling, this is K-TEST video, not Lunia Spirit. Lime Skill 75 and 85: Some Old's Ultimate Skill: If anyone wanna show him, just post here. Thanks all.
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    @Fatt Thank you very much for your reply
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    Hello, this happens because you purchased all 250 at once. In order for them to stack the correct way you must purchase them 1 by 1, or by holding down F3. GL
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    Account name: bruno_schwab@hotmail.co Character name: Sabio Date and Time: Login ( 22hrs +/-) 15/09 --> after ( 16:00) Additional information: I'm not sure, but I think it may have been because I'm a gambler. I play Lunia because I love SLIMES RACE. but on this monday 09/16/2019 after I left work I went to my account by the afternoon and I was banned. My account is disabled and the Slimes race too ... more if I'm just a gambler. and I didn't break one of the laws ... why should I be punished? .. could you please help me. I want to play again. Latest Photos I took from my account https://prnt.sc/p72jgh https://prnt.sc/p72jnb https://prnt.sc/p72jwh PLEASE HELP-ME! I could promise never to bet, but .. you already took the Slimes race. more thank you in advance, I think you would not lose a player for such a pathetic reason
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    Didn't know you were recording kkkkkk Quality content! Please, help us as soon as possible
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    You're looking at this section of the forums for a reason. You have either, accidentally switched squares too fast after mailing items/gold, had an incident with quests, or some other sketchy thing.. Please make use of the following format, if you wish to report/appeal your blocked account: Account name: Character name: Date and Time: Additional information: If you do not properly use the format, we shall promptly ignore, or deny your appeal, so please keep that in mind.
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    Please bring the event back, it was so fun to run from Selene the Spider hahaha
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    Character Name(s) : xXAlexandrexCix and Warlock Date : 09/16/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 11:30 pm Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Quest rolled back to 13 defeats Additional Comments : We completed "Cobolt's Secret Base" raid thirty times to finish the "Title of Vanquiser of Adamant Golem" title. However, after killing the very last Golem, we both got disconnected from the game and, for our unhappy surprise, the mission went back to thirteen Adamants defeated. Luckily, was recording as usual. Link for the video:
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    I've seen months of farming records to justify banning macro users here. Can't you or other gm do the same this time? Check our logs, confirm that we have indeed completed all the 30 runs and refund us the title? We did all the stages consecutively and, in my case, it was the only stage I played yesterday. Therefore it shouldn't be hard to find the logs (if the video isn't enough proof already).