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    Hi friends, I came here to bring you today, my video clearing the tower DD ToES of Ralph, that char that nobody of the ball and does not like to play because it has no damage and that is complicated of playing rsrs, I am Ralph more than 8 years already and I do not abandon my class for anything we are here to break the barriers and paradigms with it! Leave your like and comment to give that morale, thank you <3
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    I was able to record the exact moment of what happened when I lost my Raid Slayer title, accidentally clicked twice too quickly to open the family box, so he ended up opening the box and equipping the title so I ended up excluding my original title, but it was all very fast, I did not even realize anything, the luck was that I was recording, how could I return my RaidSlayer title? See below in the video how this happened. My character: xAlexandrexCix @Wendy @Crash @Selene the Queen @Element
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    check your id? all money go to Warlock/dark8 etc! Last time you got banned. all money go to warlock/dark8/Floriann too. Your other id: Yakibous. got banned macro m4 in 2017 too. Millions of gold. GMs did nonthing to you for years! I almost rage to quit!
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    kkkkkkkkk teso , o meu tá lá faz tempo em
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    Olá, uma forma simples de resolver é não matar o chefe de primeira '' HK '' que não vai ter mais esse tipo de erro.
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    Yea well that fatal error is related to a memory leak which is not fixable without a source code for the client which we don't have. That bug has been around for almost as long as the game runs and sadly we cannot do anything about it. There might be a possible fix in the very far future, but for now it is unavoidable.
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    Please don't double post. I actually have to read the entire focus to do my job here.
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    It worked. Thank you so much
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    Your account name is the name you use to log into the website. Did you try the character stuck option on the website and see if that works?
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    Who are you to say that it is not unfair when you said your brother used in many raids and was banned. stop injecting and take care of your game, for those who already had something like that, you're talking more than your own gm.
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    What you can do is remove the items, zMizore itself said, that you can do delete the aunt, as well as do this, being that @Batida himself said that being honest, that are inferior items, and being honest dkd items and ceremonial weapon are worth nothing today in the lunia. does not have to be done permanently, which is more or less so, it can not be something that concerns, given that it was he who used the macro. As you have done this by other players @Elemento in question items to withdraw punishment, and even more items more valuable than those quoted by @Batida zMizore deserves to have an account back.
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    Thanks a lot for the answer @Crash, could then just delete the items mentioned (4 parts dkd dex and a dex ceremonial weapon) for zMizore and remove the punishment from my friend please ? He does not deserve this.He is a good person and it is very honest to have permanent punishment. @Element help my friend please!
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    You are taking a quote out of context here. No there was no temporary punishment planned. All the accounts related to THAT banwave got their items wiped, because element decided to be generous and do that. If it wasn't for that they all would be banned permanently. I don't care if there are brothers and it doesn't matter, simply because all these bans were due to having gold/items from a macro m4 tia which always was and will result in a permanent ban unless you can convince element to remove the illegal items. 2019-01-23 20:48:17 1440 SquareBR trademone y iLoveMozao 0 0 0 0 zMizore 28220000 0 The numbers in between the names are for items while the numbers after the second name are for money. The items that were traded to mizore were 4 dkd dex parts, a dummy cs and a ceremonial cs weapon dex. To be honest it is not much gold and items. Your chance of convincing element to remove them is not that bad.
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    good night, normal 2 brother have the msm ip the final is not worth paying two different internets, we know that you can check up to the amount of computers (as you have already said before) so why not vetefica soon and unplug the account once??
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    Over all lime of the mizore that had nothing to do with the story was ban too, can you answer if this ban will be removed? It is an unfair ban on this character, even more he is the leader of our guild, and your character is blocked, we can not make any kind of administration in it ... Currently the most active guild of the game, this ban remains the mizore no he will not be able to play with us anymore because he has no more char due to an unfair ban on the character zMizore, his brother iBackStab may have a punishment, but Mizore does not has nothing in history. We do not want to abandon the game that no longer has players, but you are destroying with a guild and preventing friends from playing together. @Crash @Searwen @Selene the Queen @Element
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    Hi @Crash, good evening, they are friends of my guild, I would like to make it clear that they really are brothers and this has to be better analyzed by you, if possible to be able to read all the complete records if this is possible, I believe this should be the right thing to do about my friend's slime, no matter how much it happened to me on the same ip, his slime should not be permanent, maybe it would be possible to say something temporary? The game goes from bad to worse every day losing more players, and again saying here, you have the possibility of looking at all the previous records and seeing that his slime was not mounted with gold from farm D4, consider these observations for a ultimatum fair, I would also like to cite here the old happened where you intertwined with the problem of two brothers who also played in the same ip, and they managed to prove that they really were brothers, what can be done for my friend to prove about him and his brother ? I would like to quote here the time of the accounts, because you made it clear that the first ban of an account is not permanent, but only a suspension as a temporary punishment, I await answers. @Crash @Searwen @Selene the Queen @Element
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    They really are brothers, I've known them both for quite some time!
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    From 2017 to 2019, millions of millions of gold you produced. Make this game truly dead by golds!
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    There's a suggest about cash support. Can we buy the dummy support in future? The module is like the tundra item(support) can become transparent.
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    Why this guy still here!
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    Hello new forum account. There is no doubt about this macro mule and I feel offended by the method you used to trade the money. You opened up a personal store on your main characters and sold strong protective catalysts/secret catalysts/regrading scrolls for around 50k a stack to this mule. A rb coin for 30k what a deal.
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