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    I've been planning to create this video for a long time, but couldn't find the time to do so. Even if it happened a while ago, it's good to have this moment eternalized. Hope you like it
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    Characters Name: AlexandrexCix and Warlock Day Started: 11/21/2019 Day Completed: 11/22/2019 Screenshots: https://imgur.com/gallery/2YPEYHl
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    Hey guys, bringing here a new video for you edited in a way never seen before in "Lunia" I hope you take time to see and enjoy it because it took a lot of work to make the part of the boss edited this way for you. Don't forget to like and share the video to promote the game guys! Small GIF Previwer: Video FULL:
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    It's the amount of level you have gained since you created the character. For example, when you rebirth for the first time and level up again, you will have something around 140 cumulative level. Open character information (C) and put your mouse cursor on top of your level.
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    BUY: NS9 Earring & Ring Selenic Leg & Support VIT Chaos Lunia Hand VIT Ancient Fire Dragon Leg INT Ancient Fire Dragon Chest DEX SELL: NS9 Earring - max VIT + sub VIT (1) -> https://imgur.com/a/qxNCuCc Ancient Fire Foot DEX - max STR + sub STR (3) -> https://imgur.com/a/43vxaST Ancient Fire Hand DEX - max STR + sub DEX (3) -> https://imgur.com/a/gef4CT2 CS+15 Service