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    I am still alive ^^;
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    Não sei qual é a explicação ou eventual razão para isto, mas sei que precisar estar lvl 1 rs. Assim como o Soquinho + A da Dacy buga o dano, outras skills também fazem isso.
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    Pelo visto, você é BR. Então, responderei em português. Sim, essa habilidade ainda funciona. Info 1: O Coração precisa estar, somente, no level 1. Info 2: Ao usar em mobs grandes, como Lunia, Foriel ou Yeti, por exemplo, basta ficar colado no boss e usar. Se for pra usar em mobs pequenos, é necessário que se tenha um pouco de distância por causa do espaço entre você e o coração ao ser invocado. Tal distância, com mobs pequenos e normais, leva tempo até perceber qual seria o "ideal": acredito que seja sempre um passinho para trás do mob, mas isso tu pega com tempo.
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    Just wondering if anyone wants to PvP sometimes. IGN DejaVu
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    It still appears to have two heads. Check it again. Weapons have been added to the refund list.
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    Not sure about your first question so ain't gonna give an answer. About your second question; There is gonna be a high chance that you need selenic AND chaos lunia gear for m2, so you need to get both. And yeah max buff limit is 3 and the buffs themselves don't work with some other buffs ingame, it replaces them or something which sucks. You should get both sets, but you can equip 3 selenic and 4 chaos lunia pieces for just the damage passives.
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    Thank you, it helped a lot.
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    Your email is not your account name. The reason for the ban is simply because I am tired of watching you drag your afk mules through raids and other stages. Been seeing it for a while now and there were several reports + evidence now. 2 weeks.
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    The Brazilian server fell again yesterday for the 3 time, he did not return?
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    Try login again
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    I want this too but it isn't gonna happen, cuz Selene said this 1 and a half year ago: Donate in BR reaisUnfortunately, this is impossible.If we have different LCoin rate for different countries, everyone would simply convert their currency to the cheapest rate. We cannot be unfair to the rest of the players from other countries, so everyone must donate with the same currency.Also, it is impossible for us to accept reais as the server administrator is not a Brazilian citizen. This is due to Brazilian laws, and is not something we can change or control.Note that this also applies to alternate forms of donation other than Paypal, including, but not limited to: Bank Transfer Boleto PagSeguro You can, however, convert your currency into USD if you wish to make a donation.
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    Meu char não serve pra isso nao kkk, por isso to tentando montar a lime. Ai da pra fazer tranquilo
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    Dão desconto sim kkkkk, queria eu ter um healer bom nessa hr....
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    Greedy Fox era meu nick no GC kkkkk Até vale a pena investir em stage já, mas se preocupando primeiro com div fica mais facil ganhar G.
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    Matsuri aqui . Vou começar por ordem e por onde eu sei. DDZ - Pra liberar só precisa matar Soldin 1x. Precisa de set stage, dá pra passar com uma lime 1kf ou qq char 2kf (para ser facil). Lá dropa, como ja foi dito, pag da 75, scroll pra set stage e acessorios sd1, sd2 e dkd. DDX- são 7 bosses eu acho e neles vc consegue progressivamente: os shards para titulo de 800 ou para criar box na fada da easter square. Tbm dropa box que é possivel conseguir gear, mesmo que dificil. Chaos Forest of The Moon- é praticamente d1 só que muito mais dificil, a diferença é que fazendo la vc nao precisa passar pelo trabalho de forjar os gear halonic nem selenic. Raids- não faço ideia
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    Ow... such exorbitants prices, much money hahahaha I think I will try to get 6th in lucky when I get a decent gear. Thank very much folks for your help ^^
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    Lvl 75 skill pages: 1st page at legend 2-10. (100g~) 2nd page from ddz box. (100g~) 3rd page from ddx box. (50kg+) 4th and 5th pages from raid gamble box. (4th page 1kg~ and 5th 5kg~)
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    About the 5th skill: the pages are acquired playing Ancient God Island 1 and the invite are given in the DGBs. Pages 1 to 4 are generally around 50g, while the 5th page is worth 12-13kg. The 6th skill pages (i only know how to acquire some, not all of them) are droped by the Gamble box from one of the quests Selene has and from DDZ boxes as well. I dont know what is the number of these pages but i guess u can get 3 of them this way at least.
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    @kingkalyph Just tested fog and thousand split. (im a noob ...you should spam 2X faster than me) Last time I pt with a God-tier Tia in ddx. Her dps is close to my yuki's by spamming this skill like that. Stick to boss's ass all the time...
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    Olá pessoal, estou aqui para deixar um link para meu cliente, onde eu possa ver o novo conjunto de Lunia caos, quem quiser baixá-lo, siga o link abaixo: FOTO DE CLIENTE EM USO: FOTO
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    one of my best friends video. 1. Stats 50k str/ 18k dex (68k total) weaker than Basic 44k str/ 29k int (73k in total) 2. 3:30 mins. If he could have extra Manly set 15% buff, 3 mins enough. (Manly set from rare box 9, very hard to get) 3.Iris's highest/main dps skill is ----crimson fire.
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    Yup, tia is weak. but 40k str should be enough for certak. Can you make a video to show us ___how do you deal with certak? as far as I know, fog is super weak for boss....try use throwing kinfe, thousand leaf split, and shock trap. ___ thousand leaf split is physical skill, one of the highest dps for boss with hide.___when certak starts to show up in the sky, use thousand leaf split f**k his ass as fast as you can. hum, you only has valkyrie pet, right? I never saw your Succubus pet...lol.
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    well security its the main reason to change e-mail and password. since i've been robed in one of my accounts i like to change password and emails.
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    I am against super heavy rng as well. I rather have some average rate quest item drop that you need several times. The accessory rate actually isn't that bad. You just can't spam it that much.
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    Forced a disconnect.
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    Glad you noticed the irony.
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    1. No1 cares about transformation potions, its about using your own character skills. 2. Arta is nowhere near lime's level with DKD and neither is Yuki even though I agree Yuki is OP. 3. Iris IS WEAKER than Yuki/Lime/etc. with DKD in ddx/raids, its only after getting halonic/selenic she starts to scale really good. (like some other classes as well) 4. What's the point of freezing/air combo when you wreck stuff in a second anyways? (teamwork haha nice one)
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    Posted on: November 01, 2015, 09:26:49 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone,I'm happy to announce that the web market is FINALLY online!First of all, you can view the market by clicking the link at the top of the website below our logo. Most of its features are unlocked by logging in. Once you log in, you'll be able to view your Market history or Web bank on the right.Do keep in mind that this is a beta. That does not mean that you lose your items, but it does mean that the market may seem a bit "unfinished" still. We're still working on it, but its core functionalities are up and running and have been tested.If you have any input, bugs or any other comment on the update, please respond to this thread.What you need to know is that the major part of this market works by in-game mail. In order to get your items or gold in your web bank, you must mail them to "GM_Market" and click the link in your web bank.Once you've bought an item, or wish to send an item / gold back to your character(s), this must be done through the Web bank as well.On a side note, the new market has a fee. Both for listing items and for selling items. It may seem a little extreme, but it MUST be done as a gold sink. During beta we can test if the rates are okay enough and adjust them if necessary.Other than that, enjoy and feel free to ask question.Preview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND7KFObJAlw
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    MY ACCOUNTS WERE BLOCKED Nick: xMATADORdeCHEFE conta: contaupx15@hotmail.com Nick: xxLIMEELterror conta: contaupx04@hotmail.com Nick: SHAKIRAVETOS conta: xtoinx99@gmail.com Nick: LETHICIA1 conta: xtoin98@hotmail.com Nick: XDNoobIce conta: duoduoxtyuki01@hotmail.com Nick: xMATADORdeDRAGAO ou Kikoku conta: duoduoxtiris01@hotmail.com Nick: Kimary conta: duoduoxtkrieg@outlook.coom.br Nick: Moonlightxd conta: kriegfullxd@hotmail.com Nick: Maisha00 conta: contaupxx00@hotmail.com Nick: KIRAVETOS conta: kriegfullxd@hotmail.com I do not know the time. Yesterday I sent many letters, is this the reason? Or was it because I traded many items at once and quickly changing squares? I'm using google translator, sorry for any errors. please help me as soon as possible, because I will lose part of my daily boxes if you are slow to help me.
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    Hi, one ADM / GM help me !? I sent 9KG to the web market after confirming sending the * GOLD * to the web market I was disconnected from the game ... I checked that the gold was no longer in my inventory after I went to the web market and also did not find it over there . Name (s) of the Character: Solinho Date: 11/13/2018 Approximate Server Time **: 1:40 Item Name (s) * & (Quantity): GOLD / 9000g * (9KG) * PLEASE HELP ME
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    Thanks for it. And I agree with BestIris, old way better because forces players to play and not only spend cash and buying.