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  1. Posted on: March 23, 2017, 05:54:18 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ Hey there!I'm sure you've already noticed that big pop-up message when you start your game.Unfortunately I have to announce that Lilium stepped down as admin and developer of Spirit Lunia. He has his reasons and we respect those.He will be missed in our staff team. Not only as a person, but also as the main developer of Spirit Lunia. He has been around as long as Spirit Lunia has existed, and is one of the reasons why Spirit Lunia even happened. He is THE main reason why Spirit Lunia is the way it is today.You may not have liked every change he made, you may have loved them, but in the end, he sacrificed his free, spare time (lots and lots of it) to make your experience better. Stuff went well, stuff went bad, but in the end, we ended up where we are today.So, thank you Lilium for all the time and effort you've spent on Spirit Lunia.For those who are wondering... yes, we did lose one of our main irreplaceable admins. However, this does not mean Spirit Lunia ceases to exist. We will pick up where Lilium left off and continue to improve the server. At the start, updates will go a tad bit slower, we have to learn all of this stuff. I'm sure we'll manage.
  2. Welcome to our new GMs!

    Posted on: January 30, 2017, 06:51:07 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ Hi there!Since we felt like more help is necessary on the GM team, and to replace old inactive GMs as well, we decided it is time to assign new GMs.For now, please welcome GM_Wendy and GM_Searwen!GM_Wendy is our korean GM who will mostly cover the asian (JP) squares. GM_Searwen is a new english-speaking GM in the EU region. However, don't hesitate to ask any of our GMs for help both in-game and on the forums.We'll hopefully have a new US GM as well soon, and perhaps, if things go as planned, potentially a BR GM.For now, as a full list, here's our entire staff:AdminsFantasyOracleSelene the QueenGMsGM_KnowledgeGM_MinziGM_SearwenGM_WendyIn case you have an issue, you should always try to contact one of our GMs first. If they cannot solve your issue, they will contact one of the admins (Selene, Fantasy or Oracle). It is best not to contact admins directly, they tend to be busy people.
  3. Posted on: March 20, 2017, 03:53:26 am ------------------------------------------------------------ Just some frequently asked questions and concerns about the update to account sharing rule. Feel free to clarify any doubts (after reading the topic, of course)Q: Why was this new clause implemented?A: We have always been discouraging account sharing, but it has nonetheless been rampant. Worse still, many players report "bugs", "scams", and "hacking", when in fact their problem was caused by account sharing or trading.This has wasted many hours of our staff's time; time that could have been used on genuine cases.As such, henceforth we will be banning players who violate this rule. Q: Can I play on multiple IPs (e.g. my house and my parent's house), as long as I am the only user of the account? A: Yes.Q: What if I want to lend / give my account to a friend, get them to help me take DGB items, or am already sharing an account? A: We will not be actively investigating every single account and banning everyone on suspicion of account sharing.However, if we receive reports of any issues, and we find that it was caused by account sharing, we will ban all players and accounts involved.Q: What exactly will be banned?A:Examples of bannable offenses:- Reporting that you were bugged/hacked/scammed, when you have in fact shared your account. For instance, if one user changes the email or password while the other is logged on, and the account gets bugged, that's your own problem for account sharing.- Any other bannable offense committed by a user on the account will result in the account being banned, regardless of whether it was a shared or bought account.Examples of non-bannable acts:- Playing at two different places, so long as you are the only user of the account (you can't be at two places at the same time)
  4. [Fix] M6 Shader Issue

    Posted on: August 03, 2015, 05:48:03 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, if you are experiencing shader issues with M6, where your computer freezes, you can download the hotfix here!It took me very long to be able to get this working, and a lot of hard work.So please say thanks!Note : Do not change your settings, or you may break the fix.Simply make sure your lunia is closed, then extract this to your lunia folder, and M6 shader issue will be fixed!
  5. [Dev Diary] What's new in Lunia?

    Patch Version 30 Revision 0 NotesWork in progress, will edit this post as updates are worked on. Maintenance scheduled for 01 April, 2017, from 23:69 to 00:00 (server time)What's new? New skills: Log Out- Usable by INT typesA skill usable only by the most intelligent people. Uses a profound secret technique to sever your connection to the server, closing the game.Rage Quit- Usable by VIT typesReagent required: Keyboard (1), Monitor (1)A skill usable only by the strongest people. Hurls your keyboard into your monitor and destroy everything on the screen, including the screen itself. Requires a high amount of VIT to be able to survive the shock of finding out the repair cost of your computer.ALT+F4- Usable by DEX types A skill only usable by the fastest people, whose dexterity has reached such a high level that they can press not one, but TWO buttons at once! New game mode: Spirit Lunia Maintenance SimulatorThis game mode may be accessed by disconnecting your computer from the internet.How long can you survive without Lunia?Others- Ultimate cores will be purchasable for 0 gold in the reagents store (limited to 0 times per day)Bugfixes- Fixed a gold dupe bug
  6. Posted on: February 24, 2017, 01:17:45 am ------------------------------------------------------------ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
  7. Posted on: February 06, 2017, 05:14:04 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ Click SHOW read the full version; SPOILER: HIDE Hello everyone. It seems with the latest patch, many users have been concerned with myth raids becoming end game content. This means that users who previously were able to enjoy myth raids can no longer enjoy these raids, unless they are equipped with end game gear. The primary concern appears to be that users simply cannot enjoy content which they were once able to do; And this has been an error in lack of foresight in development. Seeing this issue arise, I will be personally working on a solution; The solution is as follows; Quests will be reverted to their old states. This will mean that non-end game users will be able to still be able to do myth raids, and participate in the OLD versions of the daily quests. This however brings along the intentions of the revamped myth raids; to create more endgame content. The new magic scrolls were brought in with intention to motivate people to participate in these endgame raids. This means that the non-revamped versions of the myth raids will not reward the new scrolls. This creates two things for us; [1] Easy Mode Myth Raids (normal HP, normal EXP, etc.) [2] Normal Mode Myth Raids (x100 HP, x10 EXP) << Requires (2) runs to obtain a new scroll. [3] Hard Mode Myth Raids (x200 HP, x20 EXP) << Requires (1) run to obtain a new scroll. My final notes/TL;DR [a.] Intentions weren't to destroy myth raids for non-end-game users. [b.] Myth raids will be "reverted" on EASY mode. (Will not reward the new scroll system.) [c.] Normal and Hard mode will become "revamped," and will reward the new scroll system.Post your feeling below.Special Note : The new scroll system is AN END GAME REWARD, and thus can only be rewarded on END GAME CONTENT. Easy mode myth raids are not end game content, and thus will not reward scrolls.
  8. Beta Signup [v29 Rev0]

    Posted on: September 28, 2016, 05:23:06 am ------------------------------------------------------------ Hi peeps.I am opening the requisition quite early, so that people will have more than a 2 week notice to sign up for this. (Please no : GM I DIDNT KNOW BETA WAS COMING.)We are looking for a small handful of users to aid in testing out our new Episode 3 Legend stages, as well as some new content systems we plan on deploying.The times for testing will be disclosed in the near future.In order to participate in the event, you must fulfill the following requirements. Be located in Europe. (USA/Canada or Asia is fine, but you may suffer great lagg as the dev server will be hosted in FRANCE). Be able to submit meaningful feedback. *Note : reward distribution will have a POINT system, to reward users who submit meaningful feedback. (Meaning if you report a known and verified issue, you will not receive compensation for that, and if you do not submit meaningful feedback, you will also not receive compensation for that.) (>More details will be disclosed about this system later in time.) Test EP3L content, as well as new deployed content systems. If you are interested, sign up below.*Note that only authorized Beta-Testers will be able to log into the developer server at the time of BETA.
  9. Posted on: December 22, 2016, 09:10:13 am ------------------------------------------------------------ Hello people!Thank goodness for exam week being over, and finally having a bit more free time in my schedule.I have come today to poll your opinions on a proposed solution.Earlier this year, I had stated that I would not be bringing Lv75 skills until I figured out a way to mitigate the damage (to the game, not the monsters!) that 0 cooldown will bring. And until recently, I have not been able to figure out an effective, and non-exploitable method in which I could implement safeguards from spamming the skill. (This is evident with some of the creative ways people have gone to avoid Arien's Lightning Arrow debuff, which also proves that the debuff method is not a way to be considered.)This being said, the following is a general idea I had, and is possible;I would like to propose the following below; DEX CLASSES will have 75 skills, at their original damages. However, the mana cost on DEX class Lv.75 skills will be around 75% to 90% of your mana. Unlike percentage requirements seen in Eir's Price of Sacrifice, this percentage will actually prevent you from using the skill unless you have enough mana. *This would act as a soft cooldown, as it would take a user quite some time to restore to 75%~90% mana. {*prompts for guild mana potion cd change? Maybe a revamp on mana regeneration with some of the myth sets/ceremonial?*} *this means that, classes who provide utility in the form of mana regeneration, such as Kali or Krieg, will prove to be extra useful, as they will increase how often a DEX class can use his/her Lv75 skill!In addition to this, I would also like to remove the reagent requirement on some DEX classes buffs, and replace it with this mana system instead. For example, remove the black pearls required on Tia's turn back time skill, and replace that requirement with maybe a 25%-40% mana cost. Etc.These are my ideas/suggestions, and I would love to hear yours as a reply!Please Quote
  10. Posted on: March 11, 2016, 01:17:49 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ New character: Hemingway!Any text in red is development/planning textFor as long as anyone can remember, Hemingway has spent his entire life fishing in the ocean, sharing his knowledge of fishing with adventurers, and listening to their stories. After a lengthy life of fishing, Hemingway has finally decided to step into the battlefield to aid his fellow adventurers...Class Type: VITDifficulty: EasyBattle tab Twirling Rod Prototype Preview!Hemingway ignites his fishing rod with fire, before wildly swinging it at enemies. Flying Fishbones AtkA2BBBTosses fishbones at enemies. Reel K3Skill05Reels in the target, pulling it closer to Hemingway. If the target cannot be pulled, pulls Hemingway closer to the target. Fishing Net K3Skill04_aTosses a net that ensnares enemies, restricting their movement. Fisherman's Cage K2Skill05Cages a single target, making it unable to move. Fisherman's Friend K2Skill04Dispels poison for yourself. There is a chance of failure.Harpoon-Tactics Swift Spear AtkA2BSend forth a powerful spear which pierces all enemies it encounters. Causes a bleed, making the enemy lose health every second until the wound heals. Volley AtkA1BSend forth three spears which apply deadly poison to the enemy, but do not pierce through enemies. Applies a minor poison debuff to the caster. Controlled Strike K1Skill04A slow, deliberate strike, which severely injures and maims the enemy while leaving them alive. Enemies who would be killed will instead survive with 1HP. Also reduces enemy movement speed. Harvest K2Skill03Capture an enemy whose HP is lower than 25%. Bodies will be stored in your collection bag. Maximum amount of bodies scales with level. Release SetbackRelease your captured enemies. Your captured enemies have become brainwashed, and will attack opponent mobs. Minions have the same HP as when they were captured. Ultimate Bait of the Lochness K3Skill05Sacrifice a teammate and use their bones to summon the Ultimate Lochness Monster. The Lochness Monster will frenzy on all monsters on the screen, in hunger of their bones.Cooking Brown Carp Roasting K2Skill07Roasts a Brown Carp, making it fit for consumption. Eating it temporarily grants increased defenses. As skill level increases, success rate increases. Green Carp Roasting K2Skill07Roasts a Green Carp, making it fit for consumption. Eating it temporarily grants increased STR. As skill level increases, success rate increases. Blue Carp Roasting K2Skill07Roasts a Blue Carp, making it fit for consumption. Eating it restores some MP. As skill level increases, success rate increases. Red Carp Roasting K2Skill07Roasts a Red Carp, making it fit for consumption. Eating it restores some HP. As skill level increases, success rate increases. Five-colored Carp Roasting K2Skill07Roasts a Five-colored Carp, making it fit for consumption. Eating it temporarily increases all stats. As skill level increases, success rate increases. Gold Carp Roasting K2Skill07Roasts a Gold Carp, making it fit for consumption. Eating it grants some EXP. A well cooked Gold Carp is a rare delicacy, and merchants will pay a high price for it. As skill level increases, success rate increases.Bless Trawler's Bait AtkS1StartCauses enemies to attack you.Reagent required: Lowest grade bait (1) Trawler's Tenacity K3Skill05The caster becomes immune to attacks with attributes such as knock back and knock down. Fisherman's Fury K3Skill05Increases all damage. Piscator's Patience K3Skill05Reduces movement speed and increases the chances of a deadly blow.AbilityHP Increase, MP Increase, MP regen, etc etc etc...Generic passives which everyone has. Rod SpecializationIncreases all damage on all fishing-rod skills. Spear Fishing SpecializationIncreases damage on all harpoon skills. Angler's AlacrityReduces the amount of time to catch a fish.
  11. Posted on: March 04, 2016, 03:47:51 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ Hello uglies.Whats new? All CS items have become tradable. All CS items now aquire bind-limitations. Pet training ticket removed from Blue Crystal Apple. Some dyes added back to Blue Crystal Apple.
  12. Sandbox Monitoring

    Posted on: January 15, 2016, 09:29:08 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ Quote from: Rules on November 06, 2015, 04:37:46 am Hi, as you all know, sandboxing is a pretty abused annoyance.When it was not allowed, people farmed stages with themselves to earn lots of rewards.When we relaxed the count for square mules, people decided to run over ten clients.And now we have restricted the count of sandboxes as well.The issue is that, however, every time we ban a user, they claim : GM, BUT IS MY BROTHER.GM, BUT IS MY SISTER.GM, BUT IS MY GIRLFRIEND.GM, BUT IS MY AUNT.GM, BUT IS MY FLYING SPACE SPAGHETTI MONSTER PET.And then they try to argue with us, even though we have always been actively monitoring sandbox use, and are actually able to tell when a user is using a sandbox and when they are not.Since the players trying to play a game of hearsay, I have decided to create an additional tool to the client. This tool is called a Sandbox Monitor. While we do not need this tool to see you sandboxing, we feel that it will hopefully open these users eyes, and show them that we are monitoring sandbox activity. This way, they cannot claim that their flying space spaghetti monster was playing on a different computer. This tool will automatically be patched into the client, and it can simply be disabled.The tool will give the user an option to display the sandbox monitor, however this will not change the fact that we still are able to monitor your Lunia.When you open Lunia for the first time, if the Sandbox Monitor is not already running, it will let you know that it is opening, and when it is actively monitoring. It will also create an icon in your system tray.When it notices that you have a Lunia open, it will automatically generate a tiny icon in the top left corner of your monitor's screen, which will always be on top. It will either be invisible [no clients], display a 1/2/3, or display a red warning sign!If you go over the maximum amount of clients(3), it will not close anything. It will simply display an alert, and begin to play a "nezi horn." This sound and display will remain until the client count drops to under 3. The purpose here is to simply alert you that you are in risk of receiving a ban, as you are now undoubtedly in violation of the sandbox rule, giving you a chance to close a client!If for some reason you do not wish to have this program monitoring things, then you always have the option to disable the monitoring. Perhaps you are not sandboxing anyways, and this tool does not even apply to you!*However, if you choose to close or stop the sandbox monitor, you will never be given the benefit of the doubt if you are banned for sandboxing. Sentences where a user has attempted to conceal their sandboxing will result in double-time penalties for sandboxing.When you disable the monitor, it will immediately stop, and notify you that the service has stopped.Happy Gaming!
  13. Warning: Gold sales

    Posted on: February 24, 2016, 01:04:41 am ------------------------------------------------------------ Hey there,Just a heads up...If you see someone selling large amounts of gold for real money (or lcoins for that matter), be aware that this gold is most likely duped.Finding duped gold is no issue to us, and when we find out that large amounts of it went to you, because you bought the gold off the duper, you will be banned as well.When you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to contact us (send a PM to Selene the Queen on the forums).
  14. [BANS] Bans on 2/5/16

    Posted on: February 05, 2016, 06:08:40 pm ------------------------------------------------------------ Quote from: Rules on November 06, 2015, 04:37:07 am Unfortunately, we have a few users who have performed the 'Rebirth Exploit' that we banned many users for, long ago.Anyone who performed such an exploit was banned. In addition to this, all other accounts that the user logged onto also received a ban. If you are on this list, it is not in error, and you have been permanently banned. Even if your friend had logged into your account, even though you were not the one to perform the exploit, you will still be banned, as you must face the consequences since you violated another rule. Quote from: Rules on November 06, 2015, 04:30:23 am ===================================IP - - mellurionniece, mellurion Code: [Select] lMellu Mellu 1Mellu1 Melluniece MELLURlON nhooon xMELLURlON MNiece ===================================IP - - Arienppk Code: [Select] PahPum HOVERDOSE Cafetao ChickBaby UniDuniTe XoXoTeiRo ZikaMeMu PerfectMusic EvilAndaLife VeryGood Stiksy SexyPirate PPK4 PamPa BadBoy Ratch IcePPK PPKa GoGoBoY Merillu PPKdoMAL MySexy 4ii20 BalinhaOP
  15. Posted on: January 21, 2016, 12:09:02 am ------------------------------------------------------------ What's new/changed? Fashionable Items No longer have stats, in order to allow players to choose their favorite cash set as all sets are now equal. All cash items [including purple crystal apple items] can utilize the new Ancestral Scroll System! Ancestral Scroll System Stage versions will now follow global Lunia's path. This means that secondary items [glove, shoe, accessories] will give lesser stats than the primary items. In addition to this, there will also be Knight/Wizard options to opt into your preferable stat. Numbers have been revised for stage to be identical to global Lunia. Myth versions will be able to be used on any item. Myth stats will remain as they are now. Ancestral Scroll System can be obtained via District of the Intelligence. Guild Items A new item has been added to all guild shops ranked #1-20, which will be used in a future ranked Guild Raid stage. Lime Rebalance Lime has received various changes to his passives, as well as transformations to give more damage and survive-ability. District of Intelligence Scroll box has been removed, and replaced with the new scroll system. Blue Crystal Apples Removed stat dyes. Removed time dyes. Removed pets. Removed resurrection stones. Added Diana's Pet Training Request (24 Hours). Added Great Box 9. Ancestral Skills Have been temoporarily locked to ensure nobody can level them yet, for the classes which have them visible in the skill tree.