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  1. Banwave 30.09.2018

    Yup. I say permanent those sobs. They are addicts to the game. They will return.
  2. Account block

    Nah man. I've seen you do many stages with both characters. And both of them named the same too. Like you don't even care 🤥🤥
  3. Maintenance 12/09/18

    Dear management, how come it was decided to make chaos set its own things rather then a continue to Selenic? Was it to not discourage new players and make it look like its easier to be endgame? Getting Selenic was such a tedious process and Chaos is a breeze.
  4. Verification email never received

    Hello, this is a common issue with yahoo and iCloud emails. And recently even emails to Gmail take forever to get there. Try using maybe Hotmail or be patient with Gmail. Hope this helps, good luck!!
  5. Maintenance 12/09/18

    Let's do this beaches!!! Chama chama chamilion!!
  6. S>Arien Elven V

    Selling it or trading for gold.
  7. Dummy mistake.

    Thank you GM's for returning my item.
  8. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    1 dgb from Gates to Seenyster 81 DGB from AnnaKoldings to Alucar
  9. Dummy mistake.

    Character's name: Qute Date: 8/7/2018 Item name: :Tile of Vanquisher of Chaos Icanus Approximate server time:7:59 pm I sold it to npc by mistake. Sorry
  10. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    5 DGB from TheNewstEdwin to TheNewEdwin 1 DGB from Gates to Seenyster ty
  11. Issues with Yahoo

    Dear GM. Before i had no issues at all but now my accounts that have a @yahoo.com email arent able to change password or emails. No email is being sent ore received. I've checked the spam folder and every folder just in case. Please help me
  12. Level 99 Reward.

    I totally agree. Those rewards are good enough to go above and beyond yet wont break the game.
  13. Daily Giftbox transfer

    Hello, transfer 35 dgb from Capa to Fracasso
  14. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hello, transfer 35 dgb from Capa to RalphSchannell. 11 from Mimic to RalphSchannell. Thanks
  15. Not getting Soldin when doing Myth 6

    @RyanGod is very sassy.