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  1. These skills are from the old game, I wanted to show them in the game today: / But thanks for letting me know that these are 75 official versions. I remember there was a project of a new 75, apparently abandoned. No problem, but they could add a 95 hahahahahahahahaha
  2. I would like to ask those who have skills 85 and 75 to send me a short video, I would like to see how it is in the game because I am confused about what it is and what it is. Thank you in advance. xoxox <3
  3. Sugestions and question

    So changing the DEX characters to VIT or INT would end up with the 0 delay and the macro problems, however I believe there are "problems" in relation to both the topic and the damage rate caused or the skills would adapt easily to that exchange? But I believe, that the characters DEX, would fit by part in the themes INT and VIT easily without any problem. The idea of PvP would be more to get diminishing the traffic of the game, on Sundays for example it is almost impossible to play, but I admit that PvP is dead (rest in peace).
  4. B> Treasure island maps

    whisper me belahexe
  5. Sugestions and question

    Hello, good night! In the first place I love you, despite the hacks, bug and other barriers, still yes, you keep trying. Secondly, I wanted to understand the problems in certain points of the game: -Debuff's idea: Was it a great solution for macros? Was. Lunia's "Stock Exchange" suffered? Hahahaha) Yes, but we should think about: why can't you increase the% of Dex, where the limit of the famous "0 delay " is in a much larger amount of Dex (eg: 50k dex = 0delay) -Vit is the New Black: With the fall of the macros, a new villain arises... characters Vit. Because a character has massive damage, if his idea is to be a body to body (?). Would that be necessary or would the stages be "disproportionate"? I particularly find the little offensive mobs therefore require less skill practise (who remembers the Lir curing life all 552727 times until you kill know what I'm talking about) -PVP and the castle: does the game mode work or does anyone play? A good solution would be to have missions daily PvP with rewards, this would reduce the traffic in the squares so to speak. (Thinking of all the servers you support I imagine so) -Why not commemorative events? Kiss, keep giving UEA better and doing the excellent work you are doing
  6. Which characters do you think need a buff?

    Eir- She can play solo and can give a lot damage and heal; Dont buff she, because she will lost her "priest essence" Sieg- A lot damage e buffs anti-magic. He already got himself balanced style. Dont change. Dainn- Like a mage, i understand he have a high cast time, but at the sametime very high damage, mana recovery, elemental skills, etc. I dont see a necessity of change. Tia- Already great, Lime- OP (overpower) Dacy- You can change her name to Wari, hahahahahhaa Arien- Nothing to say (just the bug of butterflies of heal, healing her elemental skills buffs) Krieg-OP Asuka- Pvp character, not to bad in stages, but, beter in pvp. Got a lot of imunity frame skills. Kali- This one is special, her damage are very low, and her essence of bard (buff party), its hard to go solo with her, dont let kali die!!! Yuki- OP Ryan- OP Arta- Lost her essence without her old 60 (we love giant robots) Iris- Her buffs got the same effect of eternal pot Gaon- Missing frame skills Issues: VIT are the new DEX
  7. Myth Secret Bosses

    Tia/Asuka : D4 (M4) Dark/Eir: D6 (M6) Yuki/Dainn/Gaon?: D5 (M5) Sieg/Arta: 7-9 H
  8. Dark Eir Bug - Butterflies

    Hi, good night, I noticed that the healing butterflies are removing the effect of the allied buffs (ex: elemental buff of the arien).
  9. Ancestral skills and 75?

    So, dkd drop this skill?
  10. DMG 5TH DEX

    Is there any chance of changing some DEX characters to INT and VIT? to avoid 0 delay and who knows how to transform the Dex of the character into something related to speed of movement? Another very annoying thing is that some characters cause as much critic magic as physical, ends up making them VIT / INT, and the other types of "hybrids" do not have this advantage. Would you like to have this debuff activated when the 85.75 ancient, are used?
  11. Ancestral skills and 75?

    Hello everyone, I have some doubts and questions: • Ancestral Skills-They still exist? How do I get them? • 75skill-You still plan to add in the future? Now suggestions on the questions: • The years ago, I read that you had no plans for the 75 skills because of the massive damage and broken them, but they still had plans to add it to the game. Then I thought: Could these skills are equal those of 75 overall, but remove your damage and transforms it into useful skills? (eir/dark 75 just buff invencible, kali 75 just buff status) • And other skills that do not fit in this regard (due the character) could be anti skills utilities (the old 75 of dain and gaon could kill a dark eir with active blood Fury) PS: you intend to launch new pets/characters? (If you are encountering problems in modeling of 3d games, sprites, and motion etc I enable me help the game to progress) PSS: about the background of a white-haired boss on initial paginal lunia spirit. It would be a new chapter? Thank you ❤ ️