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  1. Domination Guild

    Hi, If there is someone looking for guild still active on Lunia feel free to join Domination. Meet us at Market Square 1.
  2. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    10dgb from xShelby to Inara http://prnt.sc/qmr9eo
  3. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    20 DGB from Inara to xShelby
  4. Trashed or npc DDM box

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA really it was in ur inv? dumb af hahahaha
  5. Sieg is blocked

    thank you!
  6. Sieg is blocked

    my sieg got blocked crafting NS neck, nick: HARLOCK time: 15:43 Europe I really want to know why that happened. while i was crafting this message shows up: You dont have space on your inventory. Please free up and try again. Of courser my bad wasnt full.
  7. Domination Guild

    Hi, we are Domination Guild, we just came back to Lunia and we are 3 players so if anyone from US/EU wanna join just send us a message: To me HARLOCK (owner) or to IIKaworuII. its a english, spanish and Portuguese Guild, im from BR but im living in Spain.
  8. CoD

    About the server is staff, i heard so many comments about them, idk the truth but they could talk about it so they can work together again. But im agree with you, that was a several cause of the problem.
  9. CoD

    no way, im not agree with that. What content we had before? CoD(3-4 runs daily) and DX? We had so less content than now, we got 75 skill, new acc's, new map, new gears, etc etc. They have added more content but all that content didnt make any different over players. So people ist not leaving bcs we dont have content, my opinion ofc. My point is this is not a problem of the amount of content.. is a quality content problem and how you decide to add it on Lunia. CoD was just a example. Btw, wheres the Crasth post with that new ideas? i didnt see it.
  10. CoD

    Did u read the post? Its not impossible to start from lvl 0.
  11. CoD

    Hi everyone, Well im playing this Lunia since 03/07/2016 and i never seen this game so empty how it is before... its not a opinion, its a fact. Another fact is ALWAYS was hard to start from 0 and get good status to solo all these differents maps. Im just saying that bacause i saw many comments like "Lunia is P2W" or "Its impossible to start from lvl 0 and get stuff". Its not impossible but this a private server where you need money to keep it up and working. My point is: People started left this game since Cod dissapeared. So what about to BRING COD BACK? it force you to make a party bcs the rate drop get high on full party. You dont need to be farming as fuck. We would bring CoD back and put there DM set or the new one wich will come in the new patch. About DX... this is not the first time that i talk about how useless is DX atm, theres no reason to go there, it could get new drops or move something worthfull there like halonic, or Chaos coin. They told me about do some changes there would affect to the rate drop, but im sure that is not impossible to fix. Sd2, Sd1, Soldin, or even AS box should be remove. Well that is my suggestion, i really think bringing CoD back it will get better. Im complaning about nothing, but its sad log on and see almost no one playing. Even MKT1 is not full lol. About you guys(Players) if you got a better idea(not complain) post it. Lets make then read us and see if we can change anything to be able to have a fun on Lunia. Sorry Selene and Crash because you guys are problably done about my suggestions lol. <3 Link: CoD run!
  12. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi, 7 DIGIBI from HARLOCK -> Scofield
  13. I'll be playing again

    What about me?
  14. Maintenance 12/09/18

    Lets see how it works!
  15. S> Selenic Int Set

    S> Selenic Int Set Cs+15