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  1. Maintenance 12/09/18

    Lets see how it works!
  2. S> Selenic Int Set

    S> Selenic Int Set Cs+15
  3. Web Bank very slow

    clean it up!
  4. Level 99 Reward.

    what about +10% speed?
  5. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    HI. 17DGB from HARLOCK ---> Undefined
  6. Patch notes 14/07

    I liked all changes except halonic and selenic ones. Make chaos coin tradeable should be enough but anyways its fine do some changes to keep us playing, lets see how it works! Thanks Sele!
  7. Fortification Stones

    Hi all. Well as we can see at server the fortificationes stone bacame so rare cause of myth nerf over dex chars who was the ones farming there. There is no fortification to buy even at web market. So my suggestion is if there is any chance to increase these ones at m1-m2 or just add a new skill on Arta wich make stones like the green ones to fort acc. There is no point to even farm fort to sell cs+15 service or fortficate alt's stuff. Another option would be a new quest to exchange DX crystals for cold/shining/brightly/ jewels and all stuff that u need to fortificate. If anyone has a better option just reply the post!
  8. I was thinking about something.

    Well, i got your point about gamble box but it can be edited. About add halo only with full party i think isnt that op, or we can just remove halo box and put something like myth quests but with halo crystals. Anyways get a full party nowdays is so hard, especially a op one to farm easy. The fact is some stages are dying so fast, the first one was dx, getting slow prices and finnaly the players just stopped playing... now this "feeling" is moving on to DZ, like u know dz boxes used to worth 1k then 700g --> 600G--->450G--->300g and now it worth 250g and the stage still being hard to farm if u dont have a good stage gear. With M4 fucked up cause those marcro's, there is no G circulating on sever, im sure there is toons of kg stacked at inv of old players who doesnt want anything cause they full. Its me for example, i dont need to buy anything so i dont farm or buy nothing.. there is some players like me. I just want to keep people moving and farming, if u put halo gear at dx for example, i would like to farm dx as fuck to get halo for my alts or just farm to get money. And by last, i think this server got bad cause 2 reasons 1: Selenic came up too much fast, we couldnt even get full halo with CoD and then Selenic came up making ppl just skipp halo gear. I have hated CoD so far cause i did it for months and didnt get full but with CoD, ppl was loging and farming, halonic was a rare and op gear so that made ppl move on and do CoD all time and getting log on at right time to do it. 2: The new CS gear was so unnecessary, i mean with Ceremonial it already was hard to get full and weap used to worth 30kg and THERE WAS 1 BOX wich made cere rare and worthfull, but when u add +4 new boxes, are u increasing the rate to get new one, it made that gear worthless in a few weeks. I hope u guys can find a good way to make this game funny again, anyways im just trying to help giving my ideas.
  9. Youtube Channel

    Certak in solo with my Sieg.
  10. I was thinking about something.

    Not really cause dx box has box or crystal and u can do 2389567 runs there and get only sd1 box so it only depends of what % rate u put it on.
  11. Hi! I was thinking about some changes would be nice on Lunia. First of all, i was too much time speding time to think about this so i just wanna know what do u guys think, if u dislike it give us ur idea. NO HATERS PLACE. So as we all know, too much people left this Lunia after new update cause they got bored of raids, dx stuff/rate drop etc etc. So what about move some stuff to another stage to make us split up and dont do same stage all day? I really think there is no reason to keep SD1 stuff on DZ box. I though about a NPC on dz stage with that Selene's quest to exchange SD2->SD2 but i still dont know what to do with them. 1º First Change: take out Sd1, KI and WI stuff from dz and put halonics crafts and some fragments inside it. 2º DX: This would be the most important tchange i think. Put Halonic relic box at 8th boss. Halonic crystal: It works like Divine one but u only can use it to exchage for Halonic relic box. ---> 50 runs+70 Halonic Crystal+Gold(i cant find a fair amount yet cause 10kg for dkd box is too much nowdays. Halonic Relic box: Hand/head/foot/support/chest/leg/weap/ and change 75skill page for 5th page. If you didnt notice i take out Evil from there cause i think DKD weap would be alreardy the craft one so no dkd craft box -> halonic craft weapon quest. There is some change that i didnt metioned anyways i just made this to see what do u guys think what good Ideas u have. so thats is it! I think i forgot something but meh lol. I thought about many ideas but is so hard to balance it so i tried my best in 24h. DONT HATE JUST LETS HAVE A DISCUSSION ABOUT SOME WHICH CHANGES WOULD BE GOOD TO KEEP US PLAYING LUNIA. PD: Sorry for my english
  12. Domination Guild

    Hi! Im master of Domination Guild and im just want to u guys knwo that we are recruiting new members. We are a US/EU active, if u still looking for a guild on one of this servers come with us. I do a event every month with good awards like DGB, DKD Box, CS +15 and max grade service. Im trying to change/increase the awards every month too so if u like it just come and join our Guild. Send me a message for more info.
  13. How to do DZ slaves part.

    There here is all combinations to do DZ slaves part. Todos os codigo para passar a parte dos esclavos no DDZ.