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  1. Problems with Yahoo Mail.

  2. Problems with Yahoo Mail.

    uai, pq? kkk'
  3. Problems with Yahoo Mail.

    Hi again, i'm in trouble with my email from yahoo. I'm trying to change the email and the password of my account but it doesn't coming to the box. Why is this happening? I tried a lot of times to change it and nothing happened. Could you please, help me?
  4. Trying to change my email

    Hi there, I'm trying to change my e-mail but it doesn't appear anything yet from the site (the message to change the email) when I go to my email. I am checking everytime and nothing. Could any GM help me with that? Thanks.
  5. Updates

    The BR Server for me and for players who don't live in Sao Paulo continues suffering a lot of lag. I think it's a problem from Br's host, i don't know. Everyday I suffer with ping yellow, orange and sometimes red. If @Crash search about it to solve this, i will be so grateful.
  6. Lag in Br server

    I said that weeks ago and i'm not the only one, but it seems that they don't mind about it.
  7. B> Big Gold Stars

    whisper or mail me Nick: Rininha
  8. S>DKD weapon vit normal

    Riiiiich u.u leDan <3
  9. Selling dyes / CS+15

    I want to buy the ult+2 aura of miracles
  10. If u have, sell them to me. Nick: Rininha
  11. DKD Weapon Int

    Vc quer facada caralhentas? Bjo imunda :*
  12. I want only the chest and legs of them but, if someone has it fully, i'll buy it. Just mail for Rininha in game >w<
  13. S> Nightmare's Broken Toenails

    I will sell them for 700g+ only
  14. If u want to buy some nails, /w me or mail to Rininha.