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  1. Best vit,dex, and int

    Iris, krieg, dark eir
  2. Why does the server stay like this? #BUG #FAULT

    A present reality that makes the gameplay impossible, because, as was said by our friend, we play a good part of the time at the end of the week. We expect answers, why does this happen? And will something be done? I wish it were possible to play on weekends with active BR server.
  3. Maintenance 12/09/18

    Well more than the time mentioned. Please correct. 2017/2019
  4. Thanking

    I would like to thank the game, very good. I play Lunia and always have fun, especially when playing in a group. I would like to thank the Gms for their actions and I am grateful for what is yet to come. New challenges, even more people playing, possible achievements .... Let's go.
  5. Nick Prohibiited

    I want to play, please help me.
  6. Nick Prohibiited

    My character was banned because that happened? I was buying revenue, I took DC by building many, then the message appeared. Your character has been banned. Help me please. Account Name: roger Character: xxTsukixx Hours: 1h40m PM - 2h Pm .
  7. Bulk shipping option.

    GM could be implemented a faster way to send items, for example if we could group everything, to send by letter or still negotiate. Sending from five to five takes a long time when we need to do a big negotiation.
  8. Gold

    Forgive me for any mistake I'm using google translator.
  9. Gold

    I was cheated, please help me GMs.
  10. Gold

    I made a wrong buy, bought 1 lcoins per 45kg, it was a mistake, it was not by wanting, could restore my gold. The player who had put the lcoins was divinegame. Had bought also another coin of 100 lcoins for 5200 gold, could restore. I was deceived. It has changed the name so we can not find it easily. What can I do in this situation? I still have the conversation here. I saved the pictures.
  11. Arta, Ralph, Lime, Aunt and Krieg - In all the set ddm when used complete cancels my buff, without saying that Ralph and lime is slow, because his speed buff does not work because it is constantly canceled. I think pssoal is using hibrid in almost all chars because of the cancellation of other character buff, so it's not compensating to use the full set. I'm sad about this, it should be fixed, not canceling the character's buff of nature. Another issue is the characters, I think you do not need to nerf anyone but improve the other characters. It would be good to warn players in advance about future updates, I think super important this, warn 10 days more in advance. Thank you and sorry for any ignorance when speaking.
  12. Maintenance 12/09/18

  13. Maintenance 12/09/18

    Where are you, GM? Help us with Llimme Transformations