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  1. Kali LVL 60 Skill

    come here to ask, that in a future update, the kali 60 skill recive a buff or be changed, is one of her most useless skill,followed by recitation of shadow. thanks :'(
  2. Nem ddx??? Please read this :'(

    I forgot another problem caused by this, the lack of items in the market, it is very difficult to find ddx phase items to buy, items that new players would buy: /
  3. Good morning my friends, I come to discuss a question that is troubling me, about the evolution of the players in the game, simplifying the process before the updates, would be to play the divine and then the ddx, but now after new updates the evolution of the players was more time consuming, causing them to spend more time in the divine to reach a certain amount of kfs and to continue, but the problem begins when the next phase of the divine that was the ddx loses the groups, causing the players to still farm more to get pts for the ddm phase, this may seem like a little thing to those who are strong in the game, but for those who are not strong and make money on the divine like d4 or d6 know the time that is farmar, and to reach 40kf the minimum status for ddm it takes a lot of time, this encourages the use of bots or leaving the game. My idea would be to make ddx easier, lowering bosses' lives and increasing the drop of dkd items, and not having to go ddz to open ddx, causing the new players to spend less time trading in the divine and could continue its evolution, I would be very grateful to see this happen since it is not today that I am not happy with the game economy.
  4. Lag in Br server 2.0

    this is my second post, I would like to have some response from the server administrators about the lag that several players are having in br server, and that it is not possible to play at all times of the day, I love the server and I really wish this would be solved.
  5. Lag in Br server

    Good morning for those who are reading, some time I have had problems with lag on the server, I am from Brazil and I see that I am not the only one to complain about having the red ping, if they can fix it or just reply I will be happy, only I wanted to make my d6, my ddx cool but life is like this is made of ups and downs.