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  1. Account Blocked

  2. Account Blocked

    Account name: johnnybendezug@outlook.com Character name: KrippyKush/BNDZ Date and Time: 2019/9/26 the time is around 22:30 P.M. Additional information: I'm sorry if entered incorrect account name (i don't remember it). I just sent sd2 armour back on KrippyKush by mail, and then it happened when i switched character. Please unblock, thank you!
  3. Account blocked

  4. Account blocked

    Account name: liilboyzCharacter name: MrpzDate and Time: 11:20 PM ~Additional information: Playing on 2 different accounts with my wife at same time, i changed square and got disconnected. please unblock.
  5. DGB IV

    Hello, newbie here just want to know if Daily Gift box (DGB IV, the one form the item store 500Lcoin each or 5000Lcoin for 11) last 30 days? I'm talking more specifically about the DGB item itself and not the daily items you get from it (ex: not talking about the ultimate restoration stone, but the box itself) Thank you.
  6. Already Connected to the lobby

    resolved thanks.
  7. Already Connected to the lobby

    Hello, may a GM unlock my account because i get the «You are already connected to the lobby». Please, i'm super active. Ingame name: KrippyKush Thank you