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  1. S>DDM DEX

    I'm selling Chaos lunia Chest (DEX)
  2. Conta Presa

    Tem que postar em inglês mano. If he doesn't speaks english i'm going to try to help Login:rapha.schembash96@gmail.com Nick: IceSoldier (Yuki) Additional Info: Changed the e-mail to my casual one while i was logged in BR1 Square next to susan, i didn't knew this would give this trouble, i honestly ask for opologies.
  3. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Again please
  4. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please do it for me 3 DGB From: CrazyBlood -------> TO: PurpleHaze
  5. .

    You need to coment here: The next DGB transfer is scheduled for sunday.


    you need to wait
  8. US server

    BR servers have the same problem, but we are already familiarized with that
  9. Char stuck while changing mail

    I changed my e-mai and now I see the message saying i'm connected to the lobby and has no character stuck, i Just can't login, please Unstuck my account. email: raphael.castelo.branco@gmail.com username: whitecastlle3 Character: PassMeTheFire
  10. Maintenance 12/09/18

    Sorry, forget it, i am was drunk.
  11. Easter Wings

    I really don't know what is happening
  12. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Sorry, I don't want to transfer anymore, sorry for the trouble.
  13. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please i want my DGB
  14. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please transfer 1 DGB PurpleHaze --------> CrazyBlood
  15. Account Blocked

    WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? Account name: WhiteCastlle Character name: CrazyBlood, Karoru & PutaRuiva Date and Time: june 14 by the morning Additional information: I was at the square and sent 100 gold to GM_Market to see how it works, i got disconnected and cant login anymore, i created another account but it show that message "your account has been blocked" when I try to login for the first time and i can't play. Please someone help me. Thanks, WhiteCastlle.