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  1. KR Square is down

    Restore pls~!
  2. Buy this stuff

    Fire dragon weapon(VIT) Swimsuit weapon(VIT, Pink) Cash foot(VIT, Anything) Soul fragment(35g each) Easter rebirth (10k each) Lime ultim. Skill +2 dye 9th Night spirit earing & ring Replie or Mail plz ☞ GodKiss
  3. Title of Legendary Hero Quest!

    me sorry but the title was not sent by mail, Can you check again please?
  4. Title of Legendary Hero Quest!

    Good day! Character Name: GodKiss Day Started: 18/06/2019 Day Completed: 20/06/2019 Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/hA5raTz
  5. Account blocked

    After patch, account block Account name: genookiss@daum.net Character name: GodKiss Date and Time: 2018. 09. 12. 08:49 pm Additional information: suddenly banned
  6. Buy Dacy & Jini Pet!!!

    Comments or mail or /w → Gom7
  7. Kanhel's Ice column

    I clear 30 times already Now i have efleet shit Thank you
  8. Kanhel's Ice column

    My str is more than 2000, But it's difficult to pound it
  9. Kanhel's Ice column

    Yes. they need patch something
  10. Kanhel's Ice column

    The 1st and 2nd Ice can pass by using a pet. But how can i break the ice in the boss room? Using the Ultm. Skill is the only way?
  11. Account blocked

    Account name: genookiss@daum.net Character name: GodKiss Date and Time: 6/26 06:07 AM Additional information: mail to GM_Market and banned.