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  1. Divine Cores

    Usually, you'd be able to get them from Clear box (at the end of the stage, you should get a box which could give you either Soul of Light or Core of Light). Idk how it works here, as Myth raid content is heavily modified due to Chaos Raids.
  2. Kali Guide

    y e s
  3. Kali Guide

    A n c i e n t E l v e n H e r o Please, change into other class. Kali falls behind in terms of damage & support.
  4. Imagine being able to wear your fav. item design without having to actually wear said gear What if you Love Seres Spirit gear's design but won't wear because stats are shit low compared to end-game content? Please, allow us to exchange items into CS just for the looks. I need Kirin eir ;- ;
  5. After Charlotte Xforms my Kali, tower dies and I am stuck until I unlock her through Control Panel. This has happened to me two out of two times in the same conditions, good enough to think it happens 100% of the time. PLEASE FIX THIS?
  6. Korean voice pack?

    help I remember you were able to swap hamburger voices with Korean ones back in the day. Are you still able to do it? How can you do it? Does anyone have the voice pack that could share with me? xoxo
  7. Lunia Android App

    did this die?
  8. donation

    LCoins should enter automatically if you used Paypal. Source: either this Monday or Tuesday (idk can't remember) I donated $50, got my 5000LC in less than 5 minutes.
  9. Bug Report thread for 2.7 Client

    There was this glitch at ToO's Charlotte floor. I got xformed, a few seconds later the stage crashed (time out for a few minutes then I couldn't log in back for some time).
  10. Bug Report thread for 2.7 Client

    This is still a thing. If you hover your mouse over the boxes, the game freezes for a few seconds. Press Esc and you get a Fatal Error. Pls fix this (its not game-breaking and it does not interfere with muh mythzzzz meta so nobody seems to care but please
  11. pls buff kali ;- ;
  12. Returning Potato

    moved to Eir now, as Kali is honestly super bad for an INT char here.
  13. henlo Former ijji's Lunia player known as M2Ux (KirisameMarisa prior to that, Eir spamming Kirin all day) back in the day, main Kali and pretty much active until DD hit Official Server (dedicated that time to college). Former member from MMOKami, one of the most friendly night clubs I've been part of. I miss a lot of people but cannot remember all of them. I also remember other Kalis from that era (brian first, then Yexzesomething starting as one of us but surpassed many Kalis real fast). Having said that, hope to see you guys from time to time. Full casual mode nowadays, as I grew into a somewhat-decent adult & have to do this living-on-my-own game. xoxo ps: LFG> Active hardcore potato who knows a lot about the game but have little time to grind. Also LFG CS+15 service, if it is still a thing. Got recruited tyvm.
  14. Maintenance 12/09/18

    Did you play original Lunia? It was like that from the very beginning. Oh, how I missed this 'frames-or-die' content.