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  1. Ancestral skills and 75?

    no there is pages for that skill. but there is no skill made, and one of that pages are in dkd box and thats rly anoying wen u getting page for non existing skill
  2. S>DKD weap VIT

    sold long time ago^^
  3. Myth 4 and 3 DEX problems

    ya and that chaos invisibility unfair af
  4. Myth 4 and 3 DEX problems

    there is alot ways to make gold in game not only raiding m3/4 with tias. ofc that was fastest way, but if u not using macro tia and u can hit ko at m6, u can make more/faster gold
  5. Myth 4 and 3 DEX problems

    I totaly agree with this change. every day clicking f4> myth all what u see 5-10 players at m4 all tias any time of the day connecting and seeing same names doing m4 w/o brake using macros it was really unfair bc alot ppl dont like tias and farming gold with theyr chars like (eir.dainn.deir and etc) whos dont have 0cd also so now i think its totaly fair with this debuf and maybe ppl will start doing more other stage to make gold by theyr selfs not macro bot
  6. bug on d5

    thats wery old but, global server had same problem
  7. Ancestral skills and 75?

    if there is issue with 75 then could be page for that skill be removed from like dkd box? bcs its rly anoying wen to get page from dkd box wen its kinda low rate to get box
  8. Possible to solo play every contents?

    yes it is. even raids u can solo
  9. banned

    yep auto unban ty
  10. banned

    Account name:Hadira Character name:HadiraLime Date and Time:2018/03/26 9.20 Additional information: take quest for 10k in slime race sq and got dc after that could not log in
  11. Keep dcing after trying to go into a stage

    try another server its might be server down if u going from US try br or eu
  12. Already connectes to the Lobby

    go to spirit-gaming.net --->Character stuck? and unstuck your char and u will be able to connect
  13. S>DKD weap VIT

    S>DKD wep vit ing /w or mail HadiraDainn also sell selenic ring or Trade for dkd int wep
  14. scamming ppl

    Hello GM'S i want tell that Player IGN"Firemoon" trying to scam other players with making shop with mysterious boxes price of each 450g and making 1 box 45000(45k) and i see that often from this player i warned him few times with sending him PM but i see hes doing this again and again here the SS i took for you https://imgur.com/a/tSzVH Ppl please be cereful and cheak prices of all Items you buying Thanks
  15. Mail

    ok posible chars are (Xenoex. Xiax , XxKataraxX)