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  1. dainn guide

    step 1 : play char till 15 rb( you will have enough points by 13 rbs to get all myth/raids skill build) step 2 : spend 2m gold and 1kusd worth of l coins over the years step 3: get end game gear and acc step 4: be 50/30+.. (if ur lucky on regrades after spending over a mill only on soul fragging and regrading) step 5: enjoy solo everything step 6 : ???
  2. buff dainn
  3. Solo ddm for fun...

    Thank you ! ill try !
  4. Solo ddm for fun...

    yes its fun ! .. and yeah most of raid bosses is easier to deal with when you are soloing !
  5. Solo ddm for fun...

    https://ibb.co/0FvYCVC <--
  6. Solo ddm for fun...

    was bored so decided to do this.. nothing big, just having fun ! no box in the end ..lol
  7. you can find me on market 1 or at raids mail me anyways
  8. mail me in game , sometimes my chat is bugged and you cant whisper me thanks
  9. ill see you in game !

    Looking to buy DDM INT support for a friend of mine Please whisper MirakoKumatsu in game if you have the item Mail/Whisper , willing to offer to a good price
  11. buying ddm weapon INT

    Mail me in game if you got the item IGN: Sameh (dont be a lowlife and ask for 200k)
  12. Buying DDM Weapon INT

    Mail me in game for price, my chat is bugged Name : Sameh (Dainn)
  13. buying ddm wep int Also trading Halo wep cs15 int 2unblind double str 1 int for sele acc