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  1. Account blocked

    fixed now, thanks.
  2. Account blocked

    Account name: Ajamieo Character: Yexzartica Date and Time: 2019/11/11, 5:32pm Additional information: Crafting unbinds and lagged.
  3. Returning Player

  4. Acct Blocked.

    Account name: Ajamieo Date and Time: 2019/09/22, 4:26am Additional information: Sent mail, switched sqr too fast and blocked myself.
  5. How to multiboxing?

    I've been getting the same error today, so its probably not just you. Yesterday mine worked fine.
  6. Can't play

    I have the same issue, happened with official lunia too, you have to go into the exceptions under antivirus and exclude lunia folder from being scanned, also in the firewall settings give lunia.exe permission for in going and out going. Then you should have no problems. If you need more help message me and I can walk you through it.
  7. Account Blocked?

    Did you try the account stuck on the website already? It'll disconnect a stuck online account.
  8. Account already in Lobby

    Did you use the character stuck option on the website?
  9. Bug Report thread for 2.7 Client

    Kali ulti loses invincible frames when she's up in the air about to scream. You can die right then, but ulti will still follow through with you dead. You can also be xformed while up in the air, but utli does still complete. So basically invin frames start right when you use the skill, then disappear while your in the air until she screams, when she screams they come back, if you live lol.
  10. US down

    US stage server down. @Crash @Wendy @Element
  11. US down

    US down, thanks. @Crash @Wendy
  12. Hiii~

    Welcome to the server!
  13. US/BR/Market squares down

    As the title says US, BR and Market squares are down, thanks. @Crash @Wendy @Element
  14. US server died

    @Crash @Wendy
  15. US server died

    US stage server went down sometime yesterday, it's still down as of now. Thanks.