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  1. US down

    US down, thanks. @Crash @Wendy
  2. Hiii~

    Welcome to the server!
  3. US/BR/Market squares down

    As the title says US, BR and Market squares are down, thanks. @Crash @Wendy @Element
  4. US server died

    @Crash @Wendy
  5. US server died

    US stage server went down sometime yesterday, it's still down as of now. Thanks.
  6. My account Blocked

    Make sure you fix you account name, it's not your email address, it'll be whatever user name you use to log into the website.
  7. Acct Blocked.

    Account name: Yexzenica Date and Time: 2019/05/22, 12:20am Additional information: Sent mail, switched sqr too fast and blocked myself.
  8. Dragon Pet

    Get a valkyrie pet, that's the best choice for any character.
  9. Donated

    You get lcoins, they should show up on the website, you can either sell them for gold or purchase things from the cash shop in game. F7 will open cash shop in game.
  10. Server Failure

    It's up again, I'm not sure when it came back, but I was able to log on a couple hours ago.
  11. Character "already connected to lobby"

    If you log into the website and click character stuck on the right hand side you can disconnect yourself.
  12. nevermind lol

    seems to have fixed it's self.
  13. B> D.Eir Rough Sea Pirate

    Buying Dark Eir rough sea pirate head, chest, weap and glove. Message Yexzenica or Spice if you have, will unbind if needed, thanks!
  14. L coins not Received

    send them a private message with your info.
  15. Character use prohibited

    Account name: ajamieo Character name: Yexzartica Date and Time: 2019/01/19, 5:23am Additional information: was crafting unbinds and character dc, now says use is prohibited, but only on this character, i can still create and use other characters.