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  1. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please transfer 10 dgb Yexzenica ---> Spice
  2. Game dead

    I know, I'm just making sure the gm's know.
  3. Game dead

    I assume you guys are already aware, but incase you're not, everything is down. Can't launch game or open website. Thanks in advance! @Wendy @Element @Crash
  4. "This user does not exist"

    Make sure your file wall isn't blocking it, if it's not then I'd re-download it.
  5. "This user does not exist"

    are you logging in with your email address or your user name? It needs to be your email address.
  6. You are already in the lobby

    did you try the character unstuck option on the website?
  7. US server

    US server seems to have just gone down, can't connect to stages, but can still connect to squares.
  8. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please transfers 1 dgb from Yexzenica --> Yexzenika
  9. Account Still Blocked

    Your account name is the name you use to log into the website. Did you try the character stuck option on the website and see if that works?
  10. I cant connect on stages .-.

    did you try a different server? maybe the one you're trying to connect to is having some issues.
  11. I am back

    Welcome back to the game! If you see me online feel free to ask me some questions, I'll answer what I can. I do afk fish a lot though, so if I don't reply right away I'm not ignoring you.
  12. Only Ralph finishing the Tower DD ToES Video

    I love Ralph, but I can't leave my Kali lol. Great job on tower and congrats!
  13. use of character prohibited.

    Thanks for being so fast!
  14. Account name: ajamieo Character name: Yexerica Date and Time: 2019/01/19, 4:34pm Additional information: was crafting unbinds and character dc, now says use is prohibited, but only on this character, i can still create and use other characters.
  15. not sent email

    did you forget to stamp it maybe?