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  1. ddx first boss bug!!!

    hey @Crash, there's another BUG in the Chaos Raid Cave of Grimbathol (Chaos) the BUG consists of not being able to use a resurrection stone after all lives are lost Could you check it out? Thanks
  2. ddx first boss bug!!!

    Hmm I understood good that they are aware Thank you for your help
  3. ddx first boss bug!!!

    yes but a friend of mine Tooie is playing in trio and he came across the same giant Slime in the first boss and it happens the same BUG of the BOSS has a lot more HP than it should. even I who have 50k STR still yes it takes time to die. check HP of this mob maybe the numbers are wrong thank you <3
  4. ddx first boss bug!!!

    Giant Slime in ddx as first boss is bugged. has more HP than normal ... players with average strength of 30k may have trouble killing him
  5. Patch notes 14/07

    I think we have to agree that all chars are playable each of a different shape and function only Ralph and Kali who are inferior in comparison to others, but are fun. just need a little more attention to them
  6. Patch notes 14/07

    i'm loving it.
  7. Patch notes 14/07

    i liked it but still I and others really do think that the fact that chaos coin, halonic and selenic be marketed can be very bad for the server
  8. Patch notes 14/07

    I like the old way I think it was a lot better because it forces players to play and not just buy and buy out that. It's cool, the changes thanks
  9. Maintenance 14/07/18

    wowowowow, looking forward to seeing the patch note
  10. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please transfer 14 DGBs From Hiumi > Hyuun Thanks
  11. Character already connected to the lobby

    every day you create a new topic on this. polluting the forum stop with this please. if someone is logged in to your account it was because you passed login and password. I do not think it was without your permission nobody's guessing to find out the password of others ... a rule in the forum about sharing account. follows link:
  12. About server

    BR server was restarted? and today I'm getting disconnected in the square with a lot of delay
  13. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi, please transfer 5 DGBs From CSide >> MrsVanderwal Thanks
  14. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi, please transfer 5 DGBs From CSide >> MrsVanderwal
  15. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    https://imgur.com/a/pEnF3 Seriously they are not of the same account? What will that Arta there be?