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  1. Oh yeah, The First Ralph Level 99 Server

  2. Guild ranking

    The ranking of the guild is with some problem, reset again and was totally wrong my guild went from 2 placed to 1198.
  3. friend knows if the server is off?
    friend knows if the server is off?
    1. xMizore


      is running normal

  4. Blocked account

    oh guys ... I've already sent a message in the inbox to @Crash and @Element, I'm waiting for some response from them. But thanks for the messages.
  5. I cant connect on stages .-.

    Usually this happens due to its internet same ... But I saw that more than two people had this problem so do not tell you about. But regarding the stuck character, just go to the site of spirit lunia and look for character stuck , there is an option to unlock the character.
  6. I can not connect

    that strange, here it has always normalized of the forms that I quoted, generally this error is always the internet.
  7. I can not connect

    Here it happens a few times, and I just reboot the provider, but try another option. Try a repair option at the start of the launcher.
  8. I can not connect

    Restart your internet provider.
  9. Selling accounts for GOLD is prohibited?

    What else you have on the server is the sale of accounts for money and sales of gold for money, but the team never knows.
  10. Remove ban

    This guy is a jerk, does not know what he's talking about, and is he still going through GM? And I who am wrong. Please, can you block my post? or delete it? I'm tired of spam @Crash @Element @Wendy
  11. Remove ban

    I sent you a message in the inbox, please read. I do not want to have to keep posting anymore. @Crash @Element No need to respond, just read. I'm tired of being posting about the same thing, tired of seeing people speaking what they do not know against me. I ask you to lock my post on this, and just read the inbox. Please!
  12. Remove ban

    These items are not in Mizore, you can check and remove them then, please! I do not see any problem in that. If you want you can delete the aunt of nick iLoveMozao, I do not see any problem in that either, you can remove the mentioned items, I just ask you to remove the punishment from my zMizore and iKaliuu account. @Crash @Element
  13. Remove ban

    did not know that you were blind, and covered, if you do not know how to read ai says 2019-01-23 20:48:17 1440 SquareBR trademone and iLoveMozao 0 0 0 0 zMizore Besides, you're not GM, it's just someone who wants to cause more intrigue and spam other people's posts, learns first to speak English, shitty BR, and lets the GM solve it, not you.
  14. Remove ban

    the issue is that at the head of the @Crash my slime zMizore is to blame, and he can even check in the IP historian that there was no type of trading. Not to mention the fact that I asked to prove that they are two people, and a lot of people are talking about playing with the two brothers and so on. You will not say anything about that @Element?