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  1. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Space > space
  2. account blocked

    First I'm not defending anyone, I don't even know him and I don't even know where he is from. As far as I know wrong is kill and steal, or bug abuse, I don't see anyone doing it here. Just GM forbid solving sandboxie, very simple! stop crying with fake account on the forum, get well.
  3. account blocked

    I know very well who you are, I know which char you bought with 25 rebirths + want more details? And I say more, you use multi-clients at certain stages to increase sales profit, I saved the impression of your stages, do you want it
  4. account blocked

    Dude, don't you get tired? Looks like you only have lunia in your life, will suck a vagina or a penis just stay on the forum with a fake account talking shit, let the guy fish there with his 10,000 chares, can't see he wants to put the guild on top !
  5. CoD

    OK! We look forward to news. Thank you
  6. CoD

    Does the team think about bringing back the citadel? It was a good and fun time, as a reward for future chaos accessories there. @Crash @Element @Wendy
  7. Account Blocked

    No need to create two topics, put both accounts on just one topic. Try to report what happened to make it easier for you to unlock your account. I know what this situation is like, despair, anguish and so on. But they should solve your problem soon. @Element @Crash @Wendy @Searwen
  8. Report potential myth scripters

    You're a little mistaken, Alexander is my friend, yes. But there will never be a chance of him getting access to my character, I've already been banned, which is not the case now, and I would not be stupid to commit something illegal and be banned again. I myself ask that the @Batida verify your accusation and that you stop to envy the guild or the characters that are there. And I ask you to stop mentioning my character and my guild in your posts, or accuse without proof, I do not have time to stay here giving explanations whenever they say something! I have a personal life outside the game, too, something that you should have.
  9. Guild ranking

    The ranking of the guild is with some problem, reset again and was totally wrong my guild went from 2 placed to 1198.
  10. friend knows if the server is off?
    friend knows if the server is off?
    1. xMizore


      is running normal

  11. Blocked account

    oh guys ... I've already sent a message in the inbox to @Crash and @Element, I'm waiting for some response from them. But thanks for the messages.
  12. I cant connect on stages .-.

    Usually this happens due to its internet same ... But I saw that more than two people had this problem so do not tell you about. But regarding the stuck character, just go to the site of spirit lunia and look for character stuck , there is an option to unlock the character.
  13. I can not connect

    that strange, here it has always normalized of the forms that I quoted, generally this error is always the internet.