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  1. Ralph, Kali: EXTINCT Really, this is a very sad fact.
  2. BUFF RALPH, do not abandon the character...

    I have to agree with you on some words said, I do not see ralph in the game, I do not see kali in the game, nor asuka, some characters really need a little love for the next packages, I miss seeing these characters in the square and in stages, I'm sure it's for lack of damage. And yes some char are very abnormal, 0 delay, immune and healing buff is something surreal. I do not think I need to move the strong ones to make them weaker, but rather to touch the weak and make them paired with the stronger ones.
  3. About pg3 75 skill

    I need to agree and besides the fee being too small, you have to drop the DKD box to still be lucky enough to drop the page. I think they could put it in some stage mode, type in L3 along with the fingernail and with that move the normal stage too.
  4. I lost an item accidentally.

  5. Thoughts

    @Crash @Searwen @Selene the Queen @Element @Wendy I hope you read and think about it, thank you.
  6. Thoughts

    Hello, I was thinking here ... the staff should give more value to the normal stage, for example; when released L3 was very good, but then no one continued to go and this is very sad, normal stage should be more valued. the staff could, for example, have accessories of chaos in the future! why not put them on L3? the episode is big and difficult to spend alone, needs healer and etc, plays as a team and is not boring like the divine and its repetitions, and with this normal stage your items would have more values. I know it's difficult to build a new phase and fit it inside the lunia launcher, so the lunia has a lot to be used. you just have to have time and a few little ideas.
  7. troca de email da conta

    There's no way they can help with this if you do not have access to your email.
  8. troca de email da conta

    You have your old email, you can not change, sorry.
  9. Guild ranking

    When will you update the guild ranking?
  10. New sets Cash

  11. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hello! 2 DGBs from KoorPyz to MagoMeric Thanks.
  12. Misconception

    @Crash @Wendy @Selene the Queen @Element @Searwen Is any of you helping me? please
  13. Misconception

  14. Misconception

    It was very difficult to get the chaos coins, I hope they help me.