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  1. Date : 22/05/2019 Approximate Server Time: about 11:10 PM in Taiwan Character Name:Rimiru Item Name:Forgotten Snow Girls (Head) INT Additional Comments :Inadvertently extracted
  2. I sent my foot to GM_Market and the result was not received. Name (s) of the Character: Rimiru Date: 01/23/2019 Approximate Server Time **: 4:00 Item Name (s) * & (Quantity): Chaos Lunia Shoes(VIT)/*1
  3. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Transfer 12 DGB - GIKER >>> Rimiru Thank you
  4. Transfer DGB

    Transfer 12 DGB - GIKER >>> Rimiru
  5. DDM transparent

    please help me :(
  6. DDM transparent