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  1. Cash Item and stats?

    Hello! welcome back!! any questions feel free to ask in game at Hoez. For myth you add Soul Fragment that can be acquire by finishing raids and raid quest, and it gives you a chance to get 125-625 with a chance of physical crit, magic crit, combact specialist, combat expert( the max value on these is 2 and minimum of 1). For stage you'd use Knight or Wizard scrolls which you get from DDZ boxes or from buying from other players, wiz ii are about 500g and knight ii 300. These also come with the value of either 1 or 2 rank, 2 being the best value and what you'd like to get. sorry if my explanation is sloppy but if anything feel free to reach out in pms or in game. Welcome back to lunia!!
  2. Spider Queen events?

    sadly right now you just cant
  3. PC - on lvl 75 skill pages

    Nopes no typos sadly. its dropped from DKD box any questions feel free to /w me on Hoez, its my main :]
  4. Spider Queen events?

    Hello, i believe this is a previous event not current on lunia
  5. PC - on lvl 75 skill pages

    1 2 4 range from 100g-1kg. page 3 about 130kg. page 5 about 3k
  6. account blocked

  7. account blocked

    Hello blocked, idk why IGN:Choke Time:6:38pm
  8. Brand New

    Hello, welcome to lunia. Hope you enjoy. My IGN is Choke, feel free to whisper me any time with any question you may have
  9. account blocked

    Hello @Crash. My ip/accounts are still blocked.
  10. account blocked

    Account name: xigormaia Character name: choke Date and Time: 11:11 PM Sunday, June 23, 2019 Additional information: sent mail and changed sq Account name: MaiaLoureto Character name: YakuZoku Date and Time: 12:07 AM Monday, June 24, 2019 Additional information: tried to load into bonus and banned
  11. Account blocked

    ahahhahaha bannnned!!!
  12. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hello, Please transfer 70 DGB from Choke to Gallade
  13. Worth playing?

    To be brutally honest, it isnt really worth it. Once you get all you need you hit a wall of nothing to do. And unless you are willing to be pay to win, it'll be nearly impossible for you to catch up to others. But i play. Been banned a few times, yet i still come back. Lunia is the best game ever.