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  1. account blocked

    i'd love to be your best friend
  2. account blocked

    Lol thanks I guess
  3. account blocked

    Gonna do some runs later if you wanna come
  4. account blocked

    ty wendy so very much, sorry for troubling you so much. And i play with my sisters. different mac ips or w/e that other person said. same network
  5. account blocked

    1st: Use your main account, coward. 2nd:Go ahead, check the macs, the ips, whatever you want, sure i got access to some of those accounts in question but they ain't all mine baby. 3rd: I've never sold a fish i've caught.
  6. account blocked

    Account name: ARTA4LEO@GMAIL.COM Character name: Fatt Date and Time: 11:45 PM Monday, August 19, 2019 (EDT) Additional information: Came to sq, opened some fish boxes, tried to go to mk1 from us2 and banned.
  7. B>Page 3 of 75 skill

    /w me in game at Fatt or on here :]
  8. Less and less playable to the weak

    Honestly these types of changes force players to play iris and make her seem even more op... Now for a stage like this you really need to be an iris for endless, a dark eir for bloody, or a krieg for his face bloody. Its like this changes are being done without thinking. @Element @Crash @Selene the Queen @Wendy Now people will have even more to speak about how iris is godly op and deserves a big fat nerf.
  9. account blocked

    Hello, Sorry my account got blocked because i changed email while i was online, sorry i forgot. IGN: SenseRiley Account name: juniorkumagaia Email: poderdobane@gmail.com Please help!
  10. Dainn buff skills

    Damn wish my darks 60 skill rather the being 2 minute long was only 30 seconds
  11. Dainn buff skills

    It honestly seems like you're selectively picking one some characters and on others you're forgetting what they can do. Dainns 60 skill has like a 30 second CD. And its a long long op frame with massive dmg. And also when you use this short CD massive dmg skill you also get to activate it with b1 buff 100% of the time. Now you get to play with aeh that last 20s. Spam all your skills for that 20s and just wait 10 more secs or so, so you can use your 60 skill once more that again had a very short Cd. Personally I think dainn is perfect. Op. And nothing needs to changed. If anything he needs nerf cause of all those range skills wIth op dmg and aoe.
  12. account blocked

    Account name: mayuxuan0728 Character name: Flamminggo Date and Time: 8/7/2019 Additional information: Took some stuff from mail and switched sq and now everything is banned, i didnt mail anything only received
  13. Stage bots

    Lol, no. This is a big fat nono
  14. Maintenance 02/09/19

    Actually it didn't till last patch. Before it was fine and worked as intended. AEH doesnt say its after the buff has finished that it will buff again. Your accusing me of abusing an exploit, as if i am doing something wrong. I thought i was doing something right by reporting it to you. But if this is how you're gonna respond you can forget about me reporting anything in the future. Why do you treat everyone like this when they try to be helpful. You're so rude, learn some manners.
  15. Maintenance 02/09/19

    thank you!! also the manly buff now can be overwritten over and over, rather then having to wait for it to end to be casted again, now it can be used like AEH buff.