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    being potato for dayz.
  1. Ever since the whole sever shut down recently, players in tw server have been experiencing poor gameplay quality due to the severe lag. Can GMs please check on the server to see if there's anything wrong or not?
  2. Trade Lunia Guardian Spirit Outfit (Foot) (VIT) (Bind dispel trial limit: 3) for Cool Wind Swimsuit (Foot) (VIT) or Cool Wind Swimsuit (Support) (VIT) Reply or mail in game. In game name: JessicaCornish
  3. I accidentally sold two items to Susan ( merchant at square). Is it possible to get them back? Here's the detail info: Character Name: Hoehoehoe Server Time: Around 05:45 AM February 13 2019 Sold items: Chaos Coin Piece 1 x1, Chaos Coin Piece 2 x1
  4. Rollback Issue

    Character Name(s) : Nine9ee Date : 1/6 Approximate Server Time**: 07:25 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Soul of Darkness (~50) and some pieces of Zugren Spirit's Additional Comments : I was farming Forest of Darkness(Myth4) during 06:30 AM~ 07: 20 AM. When I tried to return to the square, I got kicked out and my character was stuck in the lobby. After I reconnected to the square, items mentioned were gone. Please at least, give back those souls, I don't want my time wasted for nothing. Thanks.
  5. Help in login please

    To login the game, you should type both correct "Email" and password. Using "User name" only allows you to login the website. I think you might get confused and tried to login the game with your user name instead of your email. Just guessing though. And hope I help.