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  1. Can't connect to BR stages, AGAIN.

    It's working again, thank you Crash
  2. Can't enter BR stages

    It's back online again!
  3. Hi, If you join any BR square and try to join any stage, you'll get the message "Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later." This error started by tomorrow morning. For the other squares we can join the stages just fine, could the support staff please take a look into this? Thank you
  4. I cant connect on stages .-.

    Are you trying to connect to the stages from a BR server? Because it's bugged now.
  5. Hello, Well, tomorrow we had another problem on the Brazilian server, we now can connect just fine to BR squares but for some reason we are having trouble connecting to BR stages, any stage. We try to connect and it sends us back to character selection screen. I can post a screenshot or video if needed. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm looking for any of these items, preferably CS+15, but we can negociate if it is a naked one. Currently I only need HANDS or HEAD. HAND CS+15 ADD MAX DEX: 3KG HEAD CS+15 ADD MAX DEX: 4KG NAKED HAND: 1KG NAKED HEAD: 2KG If you want you can mail or whisper me ingame: Fandangox Thank you!
  7. [BUG] Unable to connect to [BR] Squares

    BR Servers are ONLINE again! Thank you very much for the support!
  8. [BUG] Unable to connect to [BR] Squares

    Any GMs working on this? When can we expect the servers to go back online? We are a big part of the community and we deserve at least a response on this.
  9. Hello, Since yesterday the Brazilian servers ( squares ) are bugged, they wont load and after a minute they show this message: "Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later." https://imgur.com/Y78du9Z -> Link for the full image.
  10. [HELP] Arien's best skills to level up

    Hmm I guess I'm not using the buffs then, going to try it now, thank you.
  11. Hello guys, I'm new to this server, I used to play as Arien on allm version which you could pretty much spam your Lightining Arrow on every mob wave and kill everything, but now on this server I can't seem to do any damage while waiting for the Lightining Arrow debuff cooldown... So I'm thinking if I am leveling my skills right, because I have 10k str and 5.6k dex but I take so much time to solo Myth 5 and I take some time to Myth 4 also ... Can someone help me by letting me know which skills should I focus on leveling first? I have 2 rebirths right now, going for the 3rd one.