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  1. connected account

    please disconnect my account has been connected for months and i can't play anymore i lost 3 rebirths bill > willymaia961 char Knoviska
  2. stuck account

    up help !
  3. stuck account

    my account is online for days please disconnect it account: willymaia961 char: smallKnoviska
  4. DDX

    I was here thinking something changed in ddx before full dkd people could mounts pt and go good: D now full ddm overall takes it? I come with 3 questions 1st for newbies this makes a difference right? Why do you increase the boss's life by launching a better set? 2nd as ddx this desert only people go there sporatically to get 3rd page of skil 75 nothing else! So I wonder if it is not appropriate to release the question of crystals without financial cost (G) where farm D4 no longer gives because of the dbuff? 3rd about the accs DDM: D if they exist could do in DDY or even citadel: D sin that make a play with a lot of mobs where be INVIABLE to play solo to have more team in the game: D I spoke 3 questions but comes one more ne: D kkkkk about chaos raids these floors are phases of solo play because the more difficult the player is then helping someone out there is right? Is it possible to see the possibility of setting a life in all with 1 to 5 play the same life of mobs? With that the beginners will have more time because some managed to carry quiet: D thank you guys guys: D sorry for language errors
  5. Ingame Rule — Multiclienting

    @Wendy thank you very much : D
  6. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Olá, Por favor, 12 DGB de xMizoree → KlLUA Obrigado! https://prntscr.com/p1vc0x https://prntscr.com/p1vbyu
  7. Ingame Rule — Multiclienting

    #WENDY my friend know many do it for wealth just like I only have a few exact accounts 13 rarely open two because #crash was banning me for having multiple computers now every weekend me and my cousin #sucubus play in my house until he stops again yes all weekends where will be really internet ip just different machines because char dex (iris) game and he comint (yuki) I know there are a lot of people trying to get along well with the mult clients but I don't use it so much that I only play hard on the weekends so I don't ban myself <3 if I need any proof whatsoever you start doing #lives with my cousin of several games including lunia so if it happens to appear 2 on the same internet look carefully because after I was called attention I went right and I intend not to throw 6 years of lunia out of bullshit
  8. multi client

    #Wendy so no matter two machines connected on the same internet playing together right? It was a doubt because when I time ban ban played with my ex bride and crash I make it clear that it did not matter and that would be ban the same because it was just looking at the post but if I play as a team and the other correct? thank you very much
  9. multi client

    I'll start from the story. in may last year I was banned for a few days by having multiple accounts on at one time to be exact 8 accounts being 1 computer with 3 and 5 computers at the same time This morning I saw a message from #Wendy talking about every weekend my cousin is coming home #Sucubus was a #Orchid duo I managed to make him back now my doubt and the following he and I played yesterday we shared the same navigation ip but separate machines Based on this information I would like to know if there is anything that could harm me in the future thank you already
  10. error for complete quest

    error for complete quest (BONUS JOUNEY) and the high elf's light when you mouse over to select the client box hangs

    sorry for insist I lost access to my email edu3marias@hotmail.com Account name : edu3m main character Arielen please help me reset email to 7556122022@gmail.com ip matches all my other accounts with ip I'm here in the forum thanks I can take all doubts about the account all access
  12. Account Blocked

    Account Email: eloaeviny2@gmail.com Account Name: wendrellll Character Name: S2LimeS2 Date and Time: 16:00 08/09/2019 Additional Information: Got stuck in the lobby
  13. Maintenance 02/09/19

    fixing ghost bug after more than year he rolling ... fixing a bug depriving players of uses ress? Is this correct? or easier exit to avoid labor as barrier there that only comes out with the best wash ne! with various outputs seek the easiest harming asism the playes? Note: It is not just a critical outburst could activate eternal portion as it is not allowed to use res to alleviate the trauma of the playes because who used the bug for wealth was not punished nor will it be! Now the playos are starting to pay off to make title raids do you get res? It does so take away everything! of all! res is only for stage and divine and chaos only allowed to use eternal portion I say this because we were about 1 year with ddm no att. when it came it was a simple att for players and hard for programmers 1 week after I hit this play We have seen that the number of plays is no longer the same had a not significant drop for the team but for players where pt raids is harder to assemble or enter everyone focused on DDM Please kindly take a look at this design and support us and equality for all types of char to be able to do it without using 5TH. thank you very much for your attention and team work: D
  14. GM please look at the map DDX

    looking at the saying on the pole I stopped and thought DDX = set DKD evolution from dkd to SELENIC launched DDM (where devalues the set dkd and its evolution) I have in my view advantages for the server and pros playes where the box drop increase is the quest exemption which could be 50 7 * crystals and 50 run With this we must open eyes to the future where it would be accessible to everyone the chance to get skin 75 because many fight in the game without having income to invest and can not achieve much others already have everything without having fought thank you
  15. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please transfer 1DGB from lllllZEUSlllll -----> to kilua https://imgur.com/UcRm4L