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  1. My account Blocked

    Maybe u can explain this spam on mkt square dude......if u didi wrong things like this u deserve to be ban. https://prntscr.com/ntlfrw
  2. Servidor (BR)

    Concordo,um GM Br n seria nada mal e tbm uma revisada do pq cai o server todo fim de semana.
  3. Yep but i have this costume to sell after i full all of my bags lmfao
  4. Character Name(s) : lJunketsu Date : 08th February, 2019 Approximate Server Time***: 03:46 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): 40 Box Of Zugren Spirit and 40 Box Of MontinusAdditional Comments : I was farming D4 with my Tia, and when I filled 4 bags of boxes Spirit of Zeugren and Box of Montinus,after i ended my farm I went to Market Square 1 and I took DC when I returned my character was stuck and went on the site Debug my character and when I logged on the square i see my farm had disappeared from my bags.... this without tallking in the souls and the cold shining stones that do not remember how many had disappeared:/ Please give me my farm back, it was 2 hours of sweaty effort.
  5. I cant connect on stages .-.

    pk sorry for dont see i posted on worng place i gonna post on right place
  6. I cant connect on stages .-.

    I cant connect on stages,byt i can log on square normally,how i can fix that???i restarted my router,closed and tryed to repair but nothing workrd.....and the message :Unable to connect server ispop and my character got stuck if i cclose the game. Character Name:lJunketsu 04/02/19 01:40 pm server bug