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    Dear @Crash I would kindly ask for a re-evaluation of a new chance to play. I spent a lot of time outside, I could reflect a lot, I can guarantee that nothing irregular will happen again. Thank you.
  2. Blocked account

    Dear @Crash, Once again I apologize to you and your team, and also to the other players for lack of zeal, but be sure that I never intended to harm anyone, please believe this. Other games even allow this kind of action, I really should have consulted the warnings and forum, I messed up and would like a fresh chance to continue. Even playing much of the time alone, I received help from old acquaintances with items as well. Could you kindly evaluate this? As a moderator I'm sure it's a boring and difficult task, I promise that this action will not happen again, and I'm sure you believe in improving people. Thank you.
  3. Blocked account

    @Crash, xDragonHowlingx
  4. Blocked account

    Dear @Crash, I would like to ask you to evaluate the possibility of receiving a new chance to unlock my account, I come across this message to apologize and to inform you that at any time my intention was not to harm this server or any player, I am ashamed to be this way. I am not user of forúm, I did not consult the rules here and warnings, I come to put this message receiving the information that this would be the procedure to send a message on this subject. Certainly there will be no new faults, I'm sorry again for this inconvenience. account: fernando.oc94@hotmail.com