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  1. Account Blocked [Solved]
  2. • Solved
  3. Sandboxie

    My bad, sorry! I mean, is it allowed to play with two accounts at the same time, but on different missions? Can I keep all other accounts fishing?
  4. Sandboxie

    Good. I thought I was banned yesterday for using it, but it looks like it was just a bug. Danke ♫ Is it allowed to play on different missions at the same time?
  5. Sandboxie

    Hello and good morning (It's day here) I was asked to use the sandboxie to play on up to 3 clients (was it advised that above is banned), does this information proceed? I want to know this program can be used normally without risks .. Thank you
  6. Account Blocked

    After one of my accounts was blocked, I tried to log in with another and everyone accused the same error. Nick: Yinan Nick: Buuyo Nick: Fortifield One char peer account. Sorry my english, im brazillian. (Google Translator)
  7. Account Blocked???

    I got scared now .. I'll wait, thanks!
  8. Account Blocked???

    Can someone explain to me what's going on? I went to change server and I could not. I closed and opened the game again, when I logged in, I came across this image.