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  1. Account stuck

    thx a lots wendy and sorry for write in wrong place
  2. Account stuck

  3. Account stuck

    Character Name(s) : zMizore account name : gmal088 Approximate Time[?] : 23:00 (GTM+8) 10 june Additional Comments : change e-mail while still in game plz help me fix it ,thank you
  4. @Crash sorry for bad english character rebalance Im Ralph lover but I am very sad about my DPS Every one told me not to play Ralph and go lime Now I’m 39K STR and my friend is 32K sieg he DPS more than me 50% up So plz do a character rebalance with Ralph and other not enough character like Kali and Asuka. Well, at least my 85 skill have buff. 39K with +0. Powerful than 32K +2 sieg but…….I don’t know when can I have a 85skill +1 or +2 dyes. Is look like the hole world only me is using Ralph. I know I know AlexandrexCix is one of Ralph player. That is. Here is his post about Ralph why need buff. just give me 20~50% skill damage buff is ok......thats enough About ddm damage The ddm air combo damage was nerf right? IDK is it game setting or bug, but let me say my flame witch deal 2million in each hit on ground ,but when it on air combo is nerf to 60k or 600k ,I forgot. i know air combo in this game deal mostly damage, but you don’t need to nerf that much right? Like 120% damage in ddm air combo. equipment unbind I wonder it have a item or service can add unbind time for my equipment Like chaos equipment. I can use 5chaos coin or some item I don’t know. To get a new one equipment with no cs+15 ,or add some limit IDK. Well I really want a character rebalance,did you guys know how hard to buy or Open a blue apple to get my Ralph 85skill, because no one is playing Ralph . 4.a community work translate with Chinese and other languages
  5. B> Ralph 85 dyes +2/+1

    yeah, i am still waiting for 85 dyes
  6. Buy Ralph 85 dyes +2/+1 gameID: XxHyperMiragexX mail is better
  7. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    4 DGB Kenway --> XxHyperMiragexX thx a lots
  8. Character stuck

    finally it solve , here is the step. first enter square which you can enter than finish one stage !!!go to the square which you're stuck!! done and now i can go back to tw square
  9. Character stuck

    it seem stage is ok
  10. Character stuck

    i have already check all server my character cant enter TW server only BR EU US KR is ok other character is normal my email:carsonchai123@gmail.com ID:kenwayCheng
  11. Character stuck

    my Character stuck while i'm in stage and then back to square other Character can enter square cant use website unstuck my character Character ID:KenwayCheng