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  1. B> 10K lcoin 1400 each 100

    B>10k lcoin 1400 g each 100 whisper or mail RirikaMomobami (=
  2. CoD

    Impossible to start from 0????dude i started few months ago and im close to 60kf and dont spent 1 penny......All with hard work and pain.
  3. Selling DDM Dex Weapon

  4. Novidades

    U are right,better wait than buggy update . if the problem is DGB on spider eggs,simply remove them or put the exclusive cash on the store for anyone who want this. Yes gms said they gonna remove the hp buffs on future sets and probably we gonna got a crazy damage buffs lol.
  5. Novidades

    Wait,exists a wing with the legendary chaos raid slayer????idk that lol,this month i gonna get this title. Anyway,on the next patch is gonna be good put a cash scroll with the bonus of cash sets like ruler,swimsuit etc....this gonna be fun to play the cash set u want like old Lunias xD. I see some cash items that need a spider egg,why not put those event again on the server??????new players like me gonna love farm the exclusive sets(i want the eye patch for Iris lol).

    I agree with u,on the last 15 days the market square is a hell....i ever dc or crash withou reason and i see a lot of this @ s pam.... To worse,u are forced to stay on the market square to sell a lot items tha not possible to put on web market like DDM parts or Selenic for example,idk why its not possible to put those items on web market,i tired to dc/crash tryng to sell my stuff ¬¬.
  7. Manly set questions

    Thanks for reply me,well i think i gonna buy the rare boxes i see than try my luck on gamble boxes lol
  8. Manly set questions

    Hello, I would like to know where that drop the Manly set that comes in the rare boxes 8 and 9...... I heard that there is a raid that Drop it, and I do not know what raid is. If is so hard to drop,how much 2 parts of this set worth if i gonna buy this??? This is all for today and sorry if my english is bad
  9. Account Stuck/Blocked

    I changed the email of this account for this email yesterday,anyway thanks for the help.
  10. Account Stuck/Blocked

    Hello,today my account is stucked and even the site cant unstuck this this occour after i try to change my character. They say my acc still logged on the lobby,plz unblock my acc.