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  1. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi plz transfer: 1 DGB Shedinja >>>To>>>Liligant https://prntscr.com/qobcya https://prntscr.com/qobczg
  2. Dex Limitation

    Why not put a slave puzzle like DDZ to break up all macros????better for everyone who play correctly and don't waste GM time checking logs
  3. Acc blocked

    Hi my acc got blocked without reason....i ended certak raid and when i gonna go to square i got banned .-. Acc name:PeppercatxD Character Name:RirikaMomobami Date and Time: 02:30 27/10/19
  4. Acc blocked

    Hi my acc got bloxked without reason....i ended certak raid and when i gonna go to square i got banned .-. Acc name:PeppercatxD Character Name:RirikaMomobami Date and Time: 02:30 27/10/19
  5. Lost Item

    Hi i lost by accident on 20/09/19,sorry for by mistake lost my item Item lost:Ancient Fire Dragon Head Int Date and time:20/09- 10:40 PM Acc name:PeppercatxD Character name:Senketsu
  6. Lost My B3C Head

    @Wendy @Selene the Queen anyone cna help meT-T i promise never do that again.(edit:i write wrongly the item name,the righ name is:AFD Int head .-.)
  7. Lost My B3C Head

    Hi i accidentally trashed out my head B3C INT by accident ;/,its possible to recover him with the same adds???? Account Name:PeppercatxD Character:Senketsu Time:10:40 PM
  8. Acc blocked

    Acc name:PeppercatxD Character Name:RirikaMomobami Date and Time:14/08/19 03:28 AM i send some golds to the site and i send back to my character bexause the item i wanted are sold on site,and when i try to change square my acc is got blocked .-. Edit:All of my accs got blocked o-O
  9. Dont get me wrong,im gratefull for those patchs but at last put the manly buff pre 2.7 patch when u can use the elven hero buff overwritten the manly buff,now with this patch u cant overwritten the manly buff even if you want,its suck when u are forced to wait 30 sec to activate the elven buff.
  10. In-Game Gold Sources

    I only farm sometimes M4 for fortification materials.......anyone can advice me other place to drop those materials????m6 dont drop too much
  11. Overall Sugestions to make this game better for everyone :D

    Well i dont know my sugestion are so easy to abuse fucking cheaters
  12. Hello everyone,after having played well after the patch and experiences with other characters,people and a lot of playing I'd like to give some suggestions: 1: After so much chatting with friends and seeing opinions for the next DDM set being untradable, I came to the conclusion that it would be better to do something like this: Put a intermediate set dropable and negotiable for those who want to buy with gold or who exchange a lot of characters. And the strongest endgear set that requires to be crafted using: the selenic set more chaos coins (or the chaos eye and please GMS don't make the raids insignificant) and that craftable set are untradable, who wants that have to conquer it not just buy it, who wants a set a little weaker and negotiable will also be free to farm or buy, that would balance the game greatly. (Example:new ddm drop Chaos Foriel 1(tradable but lweak in comparsion to crafted one),to craft the stromgest ddm 2 set u gonna need to use the chaos foriel1 and selenic gear and some other items to craft that powerfull set but that set is untradable) 2: Why not put some missions that give at least 1k gold a day??of course not a very easy one but not a hard one (more or less kill all bosses from M1 to M6 10 times maybe?)This would help new players who already have a high disadvantage compared to those who have been playing for a while and have full ddm or selenic, it would help people to play more as a team and would be a great option after m4 farm is dead. 3:Encourage more people to play parties because it doesn't make any sense for a raid boss to have a lot more hp than a Chaos Lunia with 5 people......it's frustrating that you going solo is much faster than a partie T-T. 4:We could have back the spider queen eggs items? it would be fun to have that stage back or another way to farm that items. 5:Please buff Asuka and other who need. Anyway, that's it for today
  13. My shop dissapeared

    Nooooo idk that T-T,probably guild items are not refundable. Well,if not refundable its fine and thanks for quick aswner
  14. My shop dissapeared

    Hi,idk what happened but my gamble box shop with 32 slots dissapeared from my bag.....Can i get refunded???this item is so hard to get NicK:RirikaMomobami Acc:PeppercatxD Time:8:40 AM rpobably
  15. B> 10K lcoin 1400 each 100

    B>10k lcoin 1400 g each 100 whisper or mail RirikaMomobami (=