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  1. Hey guys Gaon needs Eframes but the ones who need a buff are Asuka, Kali and Ralph. For sure.
  2. I'll be playing again

    basically after tons of COD runs (thanks to fairytails top/friendly members :')) Hope we can play again
  3. I'll be playing again

    Wow Ether you still playing, ill /w you in game to join original, thanks ^^
  4. I'll be playing again

    Thanks for the Info, i guess ill get that new gear ^^
  5. Hey guys, i'll be playing again this server once the problem is solved. My IGN: Fedez, a gaon. I was wondering if there's any US/latin guild active right now so I can join? Also, ┬┐may someone explain me what's new? Last thing i played was chaos raids for halonic gear but like two weeks because i liked COD for it.