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  1. Myth 4 Debuff solution

    Hi, I just had an idea of how the situation with m4/m3 can be solved. So basically, the players who use macro are the problem here. i agree about that and it should be punished 100%, but..... as a new player who just wants to farm some gold with my Tia (i made one especially for m4 before i've found out about the debuff....) it' a bit unfair. My idea and solution to that might be as follows: Make this debuff work only in the first part of m4. After we enter the first door debuff will be over. In this case genuine players will have a chance to play Tia and get some gold without using bots and macro. In m4 it's still complicated to use macro because you must do certain random things to summon the secret boss so macro players still never gonna get extra box. Debuff in the first part of m4 ONLY will kill macro completely or will make it completely useless because of the time spent on it. That is my suggestion and solution for that problem. I would like to know what GMs think about it. Trust me, that would make a LOT people super happy (especially new players who are completely stuck) and it wouldn't harm the economy at all as people will have to work for that gold by grinding m4 without bots.
  2. Broken toenails drop rate

    Ok i see now. Thanks for reply. Is there any chance that the drop rate in 7-9h would be some kind higher at some point? I'm quite new to this server so 3-10L is out of my reach probably forever since it's a miracle to get into any kind of party nowadays. Not complaining or anything, i really like this server but at this point as from my point of view ( completely new player) it's super hard to get any stronger and i'm hitting a hard wall both in myth and stage.
  3. Broken toenails drop rate

    Hi there, I'm trying to farm 7-9 with my Sieg for several days, i'm not playing all day long but i did probably around 120 runs so far. My luck with broken toenails is....0 pieces. I just want to know if i'm simply unlucky or am i doing something wrong because i really kind of don't know what's going on.....
  4. Buy INT dkd weapon

    bought already, delete this topic please