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  1. GM please look at the map DDX

    This is needed. 50 runs + crystals should be enough to get the dkd box right now. Specially considering the low drop rate of box. The 3th page of 75 skill is even more rare now. I've seen people offering 200kg++ for this item and still can't buy, because no one have it. The 75th skill really should be this hard to get? I think that only about 20-25 players have it right now.
  2. Less and less playable to the weak

    Yes, i don't wan't it. Eterna/Endless is too easy. Maybe 3 ress limit is ok. (i could've killed the lions with more lifes and playing a bit more smart)
  3. Less and less playable to the weak

    Warlock is a god, its true, hahaha. But he could ress .
  4. Less and less playable to the weak

    The music was not intentional, hahaha, i was just listening to them. I did not edit the video too, its just to show how hard the stage is and nothing more. Well, my gameplay was not perfect, also its true that i made some mistakes and i was lagging a bit, maybe i'am a very bad Dainn player too, maybe i could've tried to fight them by high distance, but i have no idea how i could finish this stage by myself. And i played sometimes with party (2, 3 people) and we failed a lot of times too.
  5. Less and less playable to the weak

    Moki, the problem is that it is almost impossible for any other char than dark eir or iris solo heartgear right now. The henry at second wave is very hard and when the lions come at third wave you can't do nothing. Or you ult the lions and then ult the bosses too or you have to restart. I tried solo to get only one C2 coin and i had to try heartgear 4 times until i could finish the stage (with ults) - and i was 0 lives before boss. If he trans/kill me i would have to do the whole stage again. I know challenge stages are cool, but... this is not a challenge thing, the stage is simply broken. What was used to fix that was the ressurection stones. Second wave you have to run a lot to try buff them and then kill. Lose atleast 3 lifes doing that, because there are no space to run. On the other hand, if the cavalary comes its easy. This just make people restart the stage until get the easier enemies and shouldn't be like that. Then the lions come and you can't simply atack them. You use the skill that you can and then die. Ress and die again, ress and die again, until all your lifes end. I will make a video of one attempt and post here right now. Let me see if i can solo this time, haha
  6. About 0 delay Skill 85 and 75 character DEX

    I agree with you. All the DEX chars players that i know hates their own ults because of the low damage and no one wan't to get the 75th skill because its damage is very low and not worth it.
  7. New Farming Zone

    Oh my, its been a long time since the last time i've seen this bug, hahaha. Correct me if i'am wrong, but i think you can actually get 02 secret boxes too, just have to wait until the first Nefron appear to kill the bosses (I think you have to kill the normal bug boss first and then the nefron, i can't remember). The rocks will fall again and then the new nefron will appear. I remember fightining both nefrons together (and sometimes this was a pain hahaha, they get imune and have big range skills, haha)
  8. Sandboxie

    1 stage/fase. 2 Square/praça.
  9. Dainn buff skills

    Yes, he is not bad, but not even close to OP. In terms of DPS, he is a bit weaker than Arta. Strong as Dark Eir. Stronger than Eir/Kali, because they are supposed to be supporters. More AOE damage than Yuki, because she has a lot of crowndcontrol, concentrated damage and low cooldown/fast cast. All those INT chars have utility buffs and stuffs, but Dainn is pure damage (which ir not that higher than others) and thats all. Thats exactly what i'am talking about. Some kind of buff skill, even if only to give him more survivability or some kind of unflintch effect, would be good for his kit. The question is: why allm gave him those useless resist buffs? Take them all away. Even a flat +50 INT buff would be better. That is it. Those are all i could think, for now haha. Yes, . Kali, Asuka and Ralph demands a lot of attention right now, but maybe something can be done in the future!
  10. Dainn buff skills

    Sure, i'am picking the char i play and i know the strong and negative points. I don't have more than one full char like you, so i'am not here talking about them without knowing it. It does have 40 second CD with my full set (17.5k dex atm), its really not that high, but it is close range, can be canceled at start if get attacked, has a long cast and has a normal damage for a 60 skill. Arta and Dark Eir 60 are so much stronger than Dainn's, for example. I like Dainn too, thats why i gave a lot of non damage suggestions, like freeze, taunt, some kind of ignite, faster caster rate. However, he is not OP, not even close to that. Damage and AOE skills are his strong points as a wizard, but those skills have a long cooldown AND cast. I can't even count how many times i got my dragons or rain's canceled by mobs. Or how many times i died because they are not full eframes. Also, he is hard to combo air, much harder than Dark Eir, for example. Without those RB AOE skills he has no damage and you can see this just by looking at all his other skills that are not RB, 60th or heart/orb. They are weak, very weak. Damn, wish Dainn's ult had a long cooldown with all the damage 60th dark has, specially for big bosses and normal mobs that can be pushed. Also, wish i had a buff with full imune for 1 minute, a lot of easy air combo skills, much better imunes, very low cooldowns with high DPS skills and, oh, healings. I made this post because i think its fair that Dainn get some kind of buff, because all chars have it.
  11. Dainn buff skills

    Hello! There is any chance to give Dainn an usefull buff next patches? Could be damage buff like other chars, but don't have to be! A INT increase buff, a freeze effect for cold skills, taunt effect for earth skills, some kind of healing, maybe an imune with his elemental power, a DOT damage fire aura, some kind of ignite % enemy life for fire skills, faster caster buff... Or anything. Since he is an INT char, putting a High Cooldown will not make him OP, but would give him something to use occasionally, when needed, before boss, before hard monsters, before big group of monsters (depends on what kind of buff). Skills like buffs are fun and reward the good players who know how and when use them. I think no one ever use those resist fire/cold/earth or mana buffs because they are close to useless at myth and even at stage... I'am not saying Dainn is a weak character. He is avarage. Not OP like Lime or Iris and not weak like Ralph, Kali and Asuka. On the other hand, he has looong cast at most of his high damage skills. We all know that dragons, earthshakes and meteors are cool and amazing Wizard skills, but he could do a bit more! In comparison, all VIT chars have 50% damage buffs, almost all DEX chars have 50% damage buff + 60th Bonus 1 50% damage buff all time... Arien have the Ancient Magic 200% damage buff. Dark eir has contract, healings, sleep, imune. Eir has str buff, ress skill and imune. Kali has the 60th skill 50% buff, stats + speed buff, str buff. Arta has a damage buff (i don't remeber the %, It is 12%?), even if her damage is already high without it. INT chars already can't have 100% critical only with pet, making them to put a lot of points att critical strike passive, final strike magical and Dye critical strike passive... So i think this giving him a buff would be ok. Maybe this is a stupid idea too, but would be fun, for sure! Idk why ALLM gave him those buffs in the past Thank you!

    @bryankill tenta isso: A wendy postou um link com client novo no link aí. Mas está em formato AlZip pile. Se não conseguir eu falo com vc pelo whats hoje à noite.
  13. Stage bots

    Make Lir less hated! Bring Lir to the right side! HAHAHAUHAUHA. Would be fun if Lir play with us at DDW some part of the stage hihihih. Everyone hates her at DDM right now. She is OP. Oh oh oh, imagine if we could transform into Lir, lol. One player have to play with her for a while with the team, because she was in the past with the other heroes too. Would be fun ahahaha. Or she go there at boss and confront Foriel with the moon power from Lunia, ult like eir but don't deal damage, to show how powerful the boss is! Then we have to do something to break his invulnerability (and there is a chat log where she say something :D). But this animation can't be so long )
  14. Arien Induction?

    If i'am not wrong, they push the enemies. Higher % means higher pushing per hit
  15. In-Game Gold Sources

    No, this is not satire. The new players make Tia/Ninja to farm M4 and now they lost it. Also, i think almost all players have one full geared tia for M4 farming. Not only bots farm gold this way and thats why i made the post. I do not support macro farmers. Good, if you say the global gold is not decreasing, everything is alright. I made this post because i felt a high decrease at items selling and items prices this week and i thought it was because of the changes. Actually, would prevent because the quest would be daily (or maybe weekly). Also, the reward could be lower, not that much. But if you don't like that, no problem. As i said, these are just suggestions. The DDM drop is much lower than 7-3, it is much harder to get the item and much more expensive. I'am not asking. The values i put are high, true, but it don't have to be like that. I just put an estimative price. Anyway, no one would sell the weapon at NPC, nor chest or support. Maybe some gloves or heads only. If the intention is not puting gold at items, ok, we can try selling them to players after next patch. Great, this would be fun. - No need to put gold at chaos coins too, that was only an idea to transform it into gold source, because soon or later the raids will become useless. Ok, good. Thank you for attention! Since everything is clear, you can close this thread if you wan't to.