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  1. Transer DGB

    Posta aqui amigo
  2. Account blocked/stuck

  3. Account blocked/stuck

    Fala no discord deles que é mais fácil, @Perrie
  4. Solo ddm for fun...

    Nooo, i don't wan't to expose myself, hahaha. I already sent the link for you at whatsapp, Moki . Its on youtube anyway, haha.
  5. Solo ddm for fun...

    Yo Sameh. Very nice o/ I did the same last week, but i was recording, haha. I can send you the link video if you wan't. Its fun to do solo, right? Some semi bosses are very hard to deal with, haha. Others are easier solo than full party. But still its a good way to train reflex and imune combos, learn about boss atacks and stuffs
  6. Item Store

    Oh no I never seen this happening Post at discord. Its easier to gm's help you there.
  7. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    I'am sorry Fatt, i'am your friend but i have to tell you this. This is a video we made and thats only it. I don't really know why you came here saying this was "a challenge" or anything like that. Also, i'am not seeing any kind of gibberish here. Domination is trying to recruit ElmaChips members at all cost and you know it. This intesified specially after august guild ranking result, because you guys expected to have first place but got second, while Elma was at first. (I still can't see the point of this guild ranking, but anyway). This month Harlock and Eats/Kaio was so pissed because guild ranked was not updated after TWO DAYS (even if it happens every month) and was acting like stupid and rude people at discord. All because they couldn't see ElmaChips at first place anymore. And now, you are the one who came here provoke. That being said, i would not say that Moki, Alexander, Green, Mizore or even me are the ones who are actling like aids in Lunia Community right now. And also, if people are mad at you guys, mocking you or giving a gross answer, i can only say that nothing happens without a reason. You get respect from the ones you respect, but can't expect to get respect from the ones you disrespect. Thats is how society works. Sorry for the hard words, hope you understand what i'am trying to say. Both guilds never had this rivality. Actually, none of them ever cared about guild rank. What changed then? Seems like someone is trying to make both enemies. And is doing a very good job. Reflects a bit about it. (And lets play ddm tonight because i need to farm gold to pay you xD).
  8. Item Store

    Seems like you are confusing the stores. There are two: The Lcoin store at F7. This one is working properly. And the Market (where players could put for sell in the past). The market is not working, it was replaced by website market. (you can buy items at market square too, haha) The items you wan't to buy can be found at F7 store, at "Free Items". You can access Lcoin store by pressing F7 key or by clicking at "Item Store (F7)", right below the "Select Stage (F1)" option, close to the map at the top/right side of screen at square. However, if you are having the messenge "An unknown error happened" or in Brazilian Portuguese "um erro desconhecido aconteceu", relog your account and try again.
  9. Noob question about RB's

    Oh Moki, you can use this as you wish! Hahaha
  10. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Great video. I'am glad to be there o/ I loved this party, it was so fast that we even recorded, lol. Sadly we don't get one single ddm box at those runs
  11. Account Blocked

    @wlbl003 Its because system autoban if you send mail and change square too fast or go to character selection too fast. You have to wait a bit...
  12. Hey , im back :)

    Hello! Nice to meet you and welcome back. Join discord server too https://discord.gg/m76n7S3
  13. Hello! I got this good grade for VIT chars at this selenic earring (max str + max vit + 76 str). https://imgur.com/a/OBRCmNP (will become 2 binds for trade) I'am Dainn, so i would like to exchange this earring for other earring with add double max INT or STR or exchange for other selenic earring with normal grade or max/sub grade + gold. Send mail to ArchmageDainn, because maybe i'am AFK at market square . Thank you!
  14. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    I don't get it. Obviously DEX don't have burst damage. They have 0 cooldown. If you give burst damage too then they will become godlike characters. INT and VIT does have burst, but with cooldown and usually long cast. It doesn't even make sense to compare they. DEX have one type of gameplay, INT and VIT other. Anyway, Iris and Arien OutDPS any INT and VIT (except LIME) char of this game with the same stats. Sure Asuka, Ryan and Tia are weaker, but as i said, its because some chars are more nerfed than others. Its not a class thing and not only DEX chars have this problem. Look at Dacy, Kali, Ralph, Sieg and even Yuki DPS at DDM or raids (not saying they are weak, because sieg, dacy and yuki are not)! Also, all DEX chars (yeah, even the nerfed asuka) have a great, a big, a giant advantage at RAIDS because of the imunes and spamable skills. If you don't like this, maybe you should not be playing with DEX chars. DEX ults are really weak , but once again, ultimate skill is not free to use, its limited, and still DEX can spam they (making TOES easily, for example). Because of that, the lower damage is not even a issue. And yeah, Iris is not only "decent", she is OP. Not only between DEX chars, but ALL classes and ALL characters of the game. An Iris with 54kstr (full DDM with normal simple adds, not even max/sub, and DKD accessories) and raid title deal the same DPS of any other char INT/VIT with 50/30 (full DDM max/sub adds and halonic accessories) with raid title and still have all those imunes, endless buff, damage buffs, burst with meteors and other stuffs. The imunes are part of Iris identity, but this high damage is just too much.