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  1. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    I don't get it. Obviously DEX don't have burst damage. They have 0 cooldown. If you give burst damage too then they will become godlike characters. INT and VIT does have burst, but with cooldown and usually long cast. It doesn't even make sense to compare they. DEX have one type of gameplay, INT and VIT other. Anyway, Iris and Arien OutDPS any INT and VIT (except LIME) char of this game with the same stats. Sure Asuka, Ryan and Tia are weaker, but as i said, its because some chars are more nerfed than others. Its not a class thing and not only DEX chars have this problem. Look at Dacy, Kali, Ralph, Sieg and even Yuki DPS at DDM or raids (not saying they are weak, because sieg, dacy and yuki are not)! Also, all DEX chars (yeah, even the nerfed asuka) have a great, a big, a giant advantage at RAIDS because of the imunes and spamable skills. If you don't like this, maybe you should not be playing with DEX chars. DEX ults are really weak , but once again, ultimate skill is not free to use, its limited, and still DEX can spam they (making TOES easily, for example). Because of that, the lower damage is not even a issue. And yeah, Iris is not only "decent", she is OP. Not only between DEX chars, but ALL classes and ALL characters of the game. An Iris with 54kstr (full DDM with normal simple adds, not even max/sub, and DKD accessories) and raid title deal the same DPS of any other char INT/VIT with 50/30 (full DDM max/sub adds and halonic accessories) with raid title and still have all those imunes, endless buff, damage buffs, burst with meteors and other stuffs. The imunes are part of Iris identity, but this high damage is just too much.
  2. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    You can make this title at easter square. There is a fairy NPC at fountain (like Jini, but i don't remeber his name now) with the quests for title. There are 7 titles. You have to do one after other. Only the last title (800 stats) gives the critical increase. Dex get 250% critical. Int and vit get 70%.
  3. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    Its true that DEX scales pretty badly. However, GM's already made a solution for this problem: The DDX title and the Valkyrie pet critical increase. With those items, DEX chars can get 600% critical rate. And 600% critical is not low to DEX simply because DEX items gives more STR than INT/VIT and they can spam all day. The INT/VIT gives more base stats and less str. Because of that, a 54kstr DEX char is equal to a 40kstr/30kbase INT/VIT char. Its a 40kstr x 30.000% damage vs a 54k str x 6.000%. And believe me, this 14k str difference is very very expressive (i can't even say who can deal more damage). (if you are comparing DEX chars with same str INT/VIT chars you are doing it wrong). Also, there is Raid Title too, which is amazing for DEX chars, much better than it is for INT/VIT chars. because it increase more 50% critical - goes atleast to 650% critical (this is more 8% of DEX chars with only one item - while INT/VIT increase about 2% damage). DEX chars can put full combat specialist too, not like INT who need final strike magical to get 100% critical. Obviousily DEX chars per hit damage is not that high, but the total damage, the DPS, is high, because they can spam any skill everytime. Also, DEX chars can use the AEH (Bonus 1 items) BUFF all the time (50% damage). And usually they have damage buffs with 0 delay too (+50% damage too). I don't know if you are a old player in this server or if your chars are already full items, but look at DDM and Raid parties. I can't see any Iris or Arien having damage problems. Also, i played with one strong ryan (full ddm and weapon selenic) at DDM one time and he dealt a lot of damage too. Only was far at DPS from players with better items. Also, i played duo with one ryan (60kstr) at raids and he destroyed everything. Dealt much more damage than my dainn, and our stats is not that different. Sure Asuka and TIA are two weak DEX char, but they are not weak because of being DEX. They are weak because some chars are more nerfed than others. Look at Kali damage (INT char). Look at Ralph (VIT char). They are very weak too!
  4. Daily Gift Boxes

    If both chars are in the same account, you just have to make a post at this link: You have to put a screenshot of your chars and wait until wendy transfer. The account must be offline, so you have to becareful. Wendy transf dgb at dawn sunday, saturday or monday (at server time)
  5. HELP!

    You can get +15, cold shining and add max by paying service. Do not equip a good item (like ddm hand, sardes II weapon) before that. But be careful. Only do service with players you know or from your guild. If anyone scam you, report at forum and maybe GM's ban the account. Fell free to ask anything
  6. HELP!

    First of all you should finish 7RB (using Blessed or Holy - lvl up 1 to 70 each time too). It cost about 150g each at website store or market square stores. You can make gold to buy them by selling the items you got lvling and the encarnate lunia items from quest each RB at NPC (you get about 130g each time). After that: - Ask someone to take you tower of Ordeals to open all the myth stages (with the key from tower quest). - Join a guild to go with party and ask the questions you have. - Try join party doing Daily Quest and do they (at NPC Selene in myth square - kill Lunia 5x, Foriel 5x and etc) - you can sell each Soul Fragment (quest reward) for 40g each or use at your cash items later. (you can easily farm 10 soul frag each day - myth 1 to 5. 400g everyday :D). - Sell the gods Souls you get (moon, wind, fire, darkness and others - not the soul fragment) at NPC. - Sell cold shining stones at market square (one pack with 250 cost about 400-500g right now). - Make friend with new player too, to play together at same myth stages. This makes game more fun and motivate you to keep playing. - Get Incarnate items at NPC's in myth square (now they come fort +15 and cold shining). - Buy sardes II items (they are good enough for the beginning and very very cheap right now). - Go at DDX party with strong players and get some crystals - you can sell them at market store, exchange they with item boxes at easter square or save them to get your title (explain about title later). - Keep farming gold solo or with party at M3 or M4 when you don't have a party. - Go at periodical events (lime invasion, troll elfic invasion) and try geting cash items at Golden Star Quest. - Use some Soul Fragments (from daily quest i mentioned) at those items to get some stats, making farming easier. - Look with your guild friends if they have old items to sell or give you. After being strong enough to farm gold faster, you have to buy/make those items: 1. Valkyrie Pet (looks like you are sieg. You need the pet to get 100% critical chance). (you can buy it at market square or buy it at square F7 with Lcoins. To get Lcoins you can dotade or buy at website market with gold you farm). 2. Title of Conqueror of District (you can get it with DDX stones at Easter Square - first quests of a fairy NPC in the fountain). Cost 7kg + ddx stones. (you can make it slowly) 3. Hand Chaos Lunia/DDM - Devildoom Moon (strongest set right now.) fort +15 cold shining add max (its a cheap item that gives you a good amount of stats). 4. Weapon Sardes II (and fort +15 cold shining + add max). 5. Chest sardes II fort +15 cold shining add max (this is good enough until you get a better one). 6. After this all, start buying set cash with the set bonus (only a few sets have those stats). This bonus is added with a blue card you can buy at store F7. Foot gives 20% speed, chest gives lifesteal, hand gives physical damage, head gives magical damage, weapon gives 12% damage... Hand is cheap and gives 8% physical damage (good for sieg). For start those are the tips i recomend you to grow up. Good luck!
  7. use of this character is prohibited

    Like this @ukan Account name: Character name: Date and Time: Additional information:

    After sending Mail you have to wait a bit before changing squares! Otherwise you will get blocked. Be carefull. Após mandar Mail você precisa esperar um pouco antes de mudar de praça! Caso contrário você vai tomar block. Cuidado.
  9. GM please look at the map DDX

    This is needed. 50 runs + crystals should be enough to get the dkd box right now. Specially considering the low drop rate of box. The 3th page of 75 skill is even more rare now. I've seen people offering 200kg++ for this item and still can't buy, because no one have it. The 75th skill really should be this hard to get? I think that only about 20-25 players have it right now.
  10. Less and less playable to the weak

    Yes, i don't wan't it. Eterna/Endless is too easy. Maybe 3 ress limit is ok. (i could've killed the lions with more lifes and playing a bit more smart)
  11. Less and less playable to the weak

    Warlock is a god, its true, hahaha. But he could ress .
  12. Less and less playable to the weak

    The music was not intentional, hahaha, i was just listening to them. I did not edit the video too, its just to show how hard the stage is and nothing more. Well, my gameplay was not perfect, also its true that i made some mistakes and i was lagging a bit, maybe i'am a very bad Dainn player too, maybe i could've tried to fight them by high distance, but i have no idea how i could finish this stage by myself. And i played sometimes with party (2, 3 people) and we failed a lot of times too.
  13. Less and less playable to the weak

    Moki, the problem is that it is almost impossible for any other char than dark eir or iris solo heartgear right now. The henry at second wave is very hard and when the lions come at third wave you can't do nothing. Or you ult the lions and then ult the bosses too or you have to restart. I tried solo to get only one C2 coin and i had to try heartgear 4 times until i could finish the stage (with ults) - and i was 0 lives before boss. If he trans/kill me i would have to do the whole stage again. I know challenge stages are cool, but... this is not a challenge thing, the stage is simply broken. What was used to fix that was the ressurection stones. Second wave you have to run a lot to try buff them and then kill. Lose atleast 3 lifes doing that, because there are no space to run. On the other hand, if the cavalary comes its easy. This just make people restart the stage until get the easier enemies and shouldn't be like that. Then the lions come and you can't simply atack them. You use the skill that you can and then die. Ress and die again, ress and die again, until all your lifes end. I will make a video of one attempt and post here right now. Let me see if i can solo this time, haha
  14. About 0 delay Skill 85 and 75 character DEX

    I agree with you. All the DEX chars players that i know hates their own ults because of the low damage and no one wan't to get the 75th skill because its damage is very low and not worth it.
  15. New Farming Zone

    Oh my, its been a long time since the last time i've seen this bug, hahaha. Correct me if i'am wrong, but i think you can actually get 02 secret boxes too, just have to wait until the first Nefron appear to kill the bosses (I think you have to kill the normal bug boss first and then the nefron, i can't remember). The rocks will fall again and then the new nefron will appear. I remember fightining both nefrons together (and sometimes this was a pain hahaha, they get imune and have big range skills, haha)