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  1. Forbidden Character

    My character has been released, thank you. Here is the message I got from GM Selene: But the title was not rescued.
  2. Forbidden Character

    Sorry for my english I'm using google translate. Thanks.
  3. Forbidden Character

    Hi Wendy and Crash, when I accessed my character I received a letter from GM Selene, I do not know what it was, but when I clicked, my character was disconnected. I was directed to the persongens selection screen, but I could no longer connect my dark eir. The following message appeared: But I was able to access all the other characters on the list. I would like to know what can be done, today I will not be able to play with my character because it is forbidden. I believe it's the cards I sent to the character with other people who were in the same account and others I have. In short, I think it's GM Selene's message, thinking it was the Raids title returned or the letters I sent. Could you help me solve this situation? Details: There is the possibility that it is the title, but I gave RB (Rebirth), so I missed the completed missions and may have given data conflict. I was reborn because I did not believe I would get the title so early, so I would do it again.Here is the post about the title: Account: neuzinha Approximate time the event occurred: Waiting for answers. Thank you.
  4. Raids title has disappeared

    GM what can be done? Will I have to start all over again? I expect an answer, thank you.
  5. Raids title has disappeared

    I checked, I'm not using it. I looked at all the bags and the bank, I do not know what I did, I did not find it.
  6. Gm, I need help, I'm doing Raid title, but when I completed CERTAK I could not receive the same, my previous title disappeared. I do not remember if I sold it, threw it away, or even some bug, I do not know. I'm sad about it, I would be able to recover it. I do not have data like time, but I'm playing for a week. Account name: neuzinha Character's Name: MAISHA01 What can be done? Please help me, I spent hours playing, a lot of work.