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    Account name:hookchiu9900@mail.com Character name:SmileDDDD Date and Time:2019/7/23 about Lunia time 7AM~8AM. Additional information: Hello @Wendy, Already ban one weeks,but not unblock.
  2. I SELL 3 PAGE SKIL 75

    How much
  3. B>DDM(INT)Chest and Support Mail:SmileDDDD (Lunia)
  4. B>Spirit (INT)Support and foot Mail:SmileDDDD (Lunia)
  5. B>Follower of Light I(INT) Chest and leg Mail:SmileDDDD (Lunia)
  6. B> Cs+15 Service Support ID:SmileDDDD
  7. B>游泳波(INT)胸部和腳部,DDM腳(INT)! Mail:SmileDDDD (Lunia)