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  1. Non-existent email.

  2. Non-existent email.

    Have you reached any conclusions?
  3. Non-existent email.

    Not really, I have an email that it has been deleted and my main account is registered on it ... so I can not change password, or anything! I wanted to change to the email that I have activated!
  4. Non-existent email.

    7 Gms, the email from my account, does not exist anymore. I can not change anything in my account, because the email that is registered, it has been deleted. I wanted to change my email. Inlcusive, I have another account, with the email I wanted to put in my account itself. It is possible?
  5. Thank you very much It will not happen again, it was anxiety! My first post, I did not know how I did it, well, thank you very much again!
  6. Character Name(s) : GruundIsBack Date : 06/11/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 08:00AM (tenta lembrar a hora do server. Que horas foi no seu relógio? Então, aumenta 5 horas do fuso horário que vc chega na hora do server) Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): 1x Chaos Lunia Weapon (INT) Additional Comments : I was going to put max add, however, i extract it by accident. Please give me back the item. S2 // Hello, how are you? yesterday, I finally drove my gun ddm1 int, and at the time of putting max add, I was on the wrong tab and extracted. Please, I would hold back, I've been trying to drop this item for so long, and in the hour of madness, I put it in the wrong place. Please!
  7. Reversão

    Nome (s) do personagem: GruundIsBack Encontro : Tempo Aproximado do Servidor **: Desdo Inicio Nome (s) do item * e (quantidade): 1 Arma DDM1 INT Comentários adicionais : Eu ia colocar add máx, porém ao inves disso, eu extrai. Estava a tanto tempo tentando dropar esse item, que dropei hoje. E fui querer fortificar, e acbaei na impolgação indo no local errado. Porfavor me devolva este item. sz
  8. Reversão

    olá, eu extrai uma arma ddm1 int, hoje, na impolgação, gostaria de como faço apra ter esse item denovo. Estava a tanto tmepo tentando dropa, e hoje consegui e cometi esse erro. Nick: GruundIsBack
  9. Careless extraction

    pleases, tell me how so much for delay
  10. Careless extraction

    Hello, how are you? Today I dropped an INT ddm1 weapon, and was so happy fortifying the item, and extracted it instead of putting it. I've been trying to drop this item for so long that when I got careless, could you please give me back that item?