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  1. acc blocked

    Account name: ismaeloliveira1 Character name: Tuany Date and Time: 14/08/19 04:10 AM Additional information:
  2. Account Blocked

    Account name: CrowleyXR Character name: XarienBelenix Date and Time: 14/08/19 04:10 AM Additional information: sent email and changer square
  3. Item accidentally discarded

    thank you
  4. HELLO! I accidentally sold an item item: hand chaos lunia (ddm - DEX) user: XarienBelenix (BR) square 1: june 23, 2019 - approximately 20 hours Can I get the item back?
  5. I accidentally discarded Hand chaos lunia DEX. Are there any ways to recover the item? My username is XarienBelenix (BR) square 1: 06.23.2019 approximately 20 hours Thank you ^^