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  1. Against TIA Debuff

    Not only Tia,all other Dex characters (Bar Arien and Iris) needs a huge buff to be more viable.......... Why not put slave enigma like DDZ to breakup all macro?????(3 slaves are fine)better for who farm honestly and better for GMs dont waste time checking for logs......
  2. Suggestion for future content

    If Iris is too broken because imortality Nerf Dark Eir and Asuka too......Strongs Dark is much more broken than a Iris......specially on solo,1 60 and 75 gg izi......Asuka is not too strong because lack damage.
  3. Help people not to quit the game.

    Because of this account commerce,the normal market is bad......no one wants to buy ddm parts or other things because almost everyone wants to buy complete accounts....... this is why i not agree on DGB tranfer between accounts,if GM accept this only incentive more and more the account commerce and the normal market tend to be much more worse than now.
  4. Kali lvl 60 skill discussion

    Kali needs some love,she needs a rewok 9m 60. Asuka needs a urgent buff too.....very fun character but very bad here.....he needs more dmg to be more viable