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  1. New Farming Zone

    Hey man, I'm starting to play Tia. She has sooo many skills - on previous characters I tend to max out all the RB abilities, passives that give damage+crit, and then just a handful of offensive AOEs. Do you recommend the same strategy here, and if so which abilities should I avoid? Thanks.
  2. Blocked account

    Same here
  3. Rebirth Tracker

    As far as I know we can only do 1 RB per month. I'm sure server-side you guys have a log of whenever a character RB's. Could you guys put that as part of our login page on the website? So if i log in I can see all my characters and "Last Rebirth On: " so I know when to try again I want to keep a bunch of characters leveling at once so it would be nice to keep track. I know I could do it myself but to be honest I forgot and now I have three characters where I'm just guessing what date Thanks!
  4. Stage bots

    NPC companions for hire would be fun!!
  5. Arien Induction?

    @Moki Yeah I'm using them
  6. Inventory Auto-Sort Button

    Hi I like that we get so much inventory space. I think it would be very useful to have an auto-sort by type/value/other button like you have in other games. Maybe this is too hard to implement? I'm not sure to what extent you guys can modify the engine. Thanks!
  7. Arien Induction?

    Hi - a lot of Arien abilities have this thing stating "Induction x%" with different %s on each skill. I can't find an explanation for it online, what's it mean?
  8. Hi, First time experiencing this. Do I just wait or must a GM disconnect/reconnect me? Acct name is KuboMD. Thank you <3