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  1. Buying this stuff

    Yes in game name is EfstathiosNA. Lets meet up.
  2. Lcoin issue

    I donated 8/4/19 at around 1:03pm. I still have not received the Lcoin. can someone help?
  3. account stuck

    Account name: Efstathios Character name: EfstathiosNA Date and Time: 7/28/19, about 6:00pm est Additional information: I was just in the lobby looking at some open shops. I saw someone selling a Easter rebirth book. so I decided to move to the Easter lobby to see if there is a quest for that item. as soon as I tried to switch lobbies it gave me a error and closed the game. now whenever I try to log on it says im already in the game. it wont let me log on.
  4. lost CS items

    yes, I know this now. I deleted the boxes. this is $50 usd. can someone pls help me.
  5. lost CS items

    Hello , I just bought a 10+1 daily gift box from the cash shop. after opening them they stayed in my inventory. thinking this was a glitch since I am playing on a private server I deleted them. my friend told me this is not what I was supposed to do. I am suppose to keep the boxes and right click them everyday. is it possible to have theses boxes restored? I am very sad and feel stupid. please help me. My in game char name is EfstathiosNA.