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  1. Accidentaly extracted weapon

  2. New Player Advice!

    Play myth.
  3. Request for Guide

    Hey! I have reached 6k dex on Iris, any guide on how to use her? and combo guide? can't use windmill with her.
  4. Myth stage using Stage Items

    I know that most players reached the end of the game, that's why they left because there are nothing left to do. Here's an idea, how bout myth stages but no myth items - after 7-9H. So many possibilities/potentials.. like new stage items, bringing teamwork back..etc. I did Myth 4 with 1k STR, it was fun. HARD, but fun. This will also buy time until a new update is available.
  5. Kali Guide

    Kali is for PVP >> as s >> as s >> as s >> as s >> as s >> as s >> as s >> as s >> as s >> as s >> as s >> as s
  6. Dex Limitation

    I told you so...
  7. Dex Limitation

    less 90% of Total DEX
  8. New Farming Zone

    nah, i just one hit them with fog skill Took me a long time to get 40k str for tia...to one hit all myth
  9. New Farming Zone

    See my skill number shortcut??? Max 6, W, 0, 9, 8, R For skill cancel you need 4 points for skill # 4 1 point for t, e, x.. For combos, skills for 1, 2, 3, h and page up.
  10. New Farming Zone

    For those looking for new farming method, here is myth 6 giving 4 boxes 1 - Medusa 1-1st boss 1- buggy boss 1- nefron I don't kiss and tell .
  11. Against TIA Debuff

    They can only do it in Myth 1, 2, 3, and 4....Not myth 5 and 6.. But myth 1 and 2 is just a waste of money...
  12. Against TIA Debuff

    I thought you can detect bot users, or have monitoring logs to know players farming for 20 hours non stop. Hide only works in yeti, not all chaos raid. so thats 1 out of 9. Tia doesnt have spammable skill frames. Unlike other dex (arien, iris, asuka) do you know how many minutes it takes me to finish yeti with 20k str before?? 30 mins. (Thats with comboing, no cores, and laser sharp focus not getting hit once) I think we honest tia players have a thread before having many suggestions regarding this predicament. But i think the most effective is to monitor players and ban ban ban ban exploiters. Force disconnect users farming myth 4 ten times straight. Have them buy a key before entering boss. Etc etc etc.
  13. Against TIA Debuff

    They have already debuff TIA twice: 1. 80% MP consumption 2. Myth 4, DEX debuff.. Most people would think TIA is OP because of FOG skill one hitting mobs.. But take note, TIA can only one hit mobs at myth 4 reaching 20k str something. TIA can't do shit having lesser STR.. Unlike other characters, lime, dacy, eir, deir can EASILY complete Myth 4 at 1k STR. Tia needs more str, about 4k or 5k.. (there's a video of Scarlet finishing myth 4 at 1k STR, but shes a former GM, not all are gifted to play pro like her) TIA needs to grind 5 times than other char. For tia, we have to grind and get better equipment to be able to finish stages in myth. Even in Chaos mode.... a 20kSTR arien, lime, or dacy can finish coin 1 quest (without cores)..... NOT for tia. I know that the dex debuf for Myth 4 is intended for BOT, macro users. BUT PUNISHING BOTH BOT MACRO USERS AND NON MACRO USER for something macro users did, IS OUTRIGHT UNFAIR. Let's face it, no one would use tia if it aint for Myth 4. No one would even select her for Chaos Parties after that 80% mp consumption for Cooldown Reset skill. Tia will be extinct, just like kali and ralph. My sentiments has been addressed before and GMs have removed that dex debuff in Myth 4... But now, why is it back again. As someone who played TIA for like many years (10 years i think, from ijji till here), I can testify to the huge Gaps TIA has from other characters.. You need to do combo stuff just to kill mobs at earlier level. That FOG skill seems op, but in CHAOS mode??????????????? that's NOTHING.. a lime, dacy, sieg, krieg, arien, iris, eir, deir, having 30k STR, can do more DMG than a 40k STR tia.
  14. Raids title has disappeared

    maybe you're wearing it?