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  1. Raids title has disappeared

    maybe you're wearing it?
  2. Dacy's Wari

    Can someone tell me where dependent wari's attack dmg is? Vit, int, or Str?
  3. S>DDM DEX

    how much?
  4. PVP

    I'm somewhat bored staging. I need pvper friends in TW server who usually plays at night and not super pros....
  5. newbie need some help and suggestion

    Buy Ancient Spirit.
  6. Lunia to steam?

    yes please!
  7. I came back, but I have no guild D:

    what server?
  8. lol should have sold it every after stage ended
  9. BUFF RALPH, do not abandon the character...

    How many cores does that asuka have?
  10. Soul Fragment

    change? exchange?
  11. [HELP] Arien's best skills to level up

    True heavenly justice.
  12. Skill Motion Cancel

    use keyboard. If skills belong to the same category, you can't simultaneously use them. go to youtube, search Lunia Asuka combos..
  13. Skill Motion Cancel

    show video please
  14. New Armor Idea

    As you all know, Philippines won the title of Miss Universe 2018.... And I can honestly say that it is mostly because of her outfit, the LAVA inspired outfit I was wondering if you guys can incorporate this design to an armor. haha Random post.
  15. TIA vs WIZ

    If i can hear it correctly, his flying fang hits twice.