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  1. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Besides inviting players from our guild to yours now you want to come to our videos if you think it's good hahaha? Play your game in good, is for fun and not stressed, I do not know why your concern, who seems to have come to attention here was you in our post.
  2. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    @Crash Any news about the iris nerf and the buff of other, much weaker, characters? This full immune has to be removed, hp buff from scratch too, the character soles anything, even if they take damage from her she is a super broken char.
  3. The Two Issue I've noticed with GameDesign

    Good friend, iris is the most broken character in the game, she has absurd damage, soles anything pr is completely immune, tanca anything, I think she is past time to take a nerf, or remove the immune, for that it is pathetic for a DEX character to have full immune + 0delay and still be able to get hp from scratch, or should decrease her damage, but even lessening the damage would still be a broken character, since she would still be soloing anything because her immune + hp recovery allow it, asuka for example, no damage, no one plays with her because she has little damage, but she soles anything for being full immune, had to remove the 0delay 5th skill that leaves characters completely immune, remove the Immune Skills 0 delay and remove buff from hitting DEX character, something must be done about that, and I agree on the point that your DEX base should influence damage as it is very frustrating vit and int characters always haveless strength than DEX, no matter how hard you try to get more status, DEX will always be ahead of you in rank because your divine set always gives the most strength to compensate for the base that doesn't damage, that's more something that breaks competition in the game and discourages many players.
  4. Less and less playable to the weak

    He did when he still had resurrection gay hahaha, and no lion came in his turn, mad nevertheless, when coming lion will not be easy, but the case is not for ever, but back as it was before, wizard is slow to dodge attacks from these machines.
  5. Less and less playable to the weak

    We do not want to change anything in any char, we just wish we could use resucitation, after all many spend a lot of lcoins on their DGB just for this item.
  6. Less and less playable to the weak

    Not only iris and dark eir, an asuka that has no damage can be full immune and will have the advantage, a krieg also with its dark eir-like buff, but now it's a lime where any slap on the trans chip that does ? Of course, if you have a lot of status you can do it more easily, but as ajax has shown, not everyone has a chance and should be resetting the phase over and over.
  7. Less and less playable to the weak

    It makes no sense to have daily to have resurrection stone and eternal, instead of taking the res and the eternal from a weaker phase like the coin 1, they go and take the coin 2 that is the hardest, thus leaving vatagem for those who have full immune char like iris and other dex, and other characters with immune buff pass much more peacefully, I don't know what the point is, again unbalancing the game for some and favoring for others...
  8. I don't know why we will continue to shop DGB on that same server, nor can we use it in heatgear anymore now, nor to add the eternal as it is in bigtalk, those mob kill you in 1 hit, making the player very strong or 5th to pass the part that animals give the aura, or the lion... so the game goes from bad to worse just losing players...
  9. Stage bots

    Wtf, i need Lir for help me in toes.