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  1. Bug Report thread for 2.7 Client

    same error.... my log: Lunia Log [Important] Start Command Line Parse [Important] End Command Line Parse [Important] Opening resource: c:/users/carli/onedrive/Área de trabalho/teste/locales/english/localeconfig.xml [Important] Package : OpenSource =localeconfig.xml [Important] 2=locales/english/tool/errorreporter/message.xml [Important] Opening resource: c:/users/carli/onedrive/Área de trabalho/teste/locales/english/tool/errorreporter/message.xml [Important] Package : OpenSource =message.xml [Important] 2=locales/english/tool/errorreporter/objectlabel.xml [Important] Opening resource: c:/users/carli/onedrive/Área de trabalho/teste/locales/english/tool/errorreporter/objectlabel.xml [Important] Package : OpenSource =objectlabel.xml