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    be useless in life and die someday without any conquests.
  1. My Tia; Joelynn, got banned and i really don't know why. Bug rebirth? I never buyed any rebirth -14, and my character total rebirth is just 7, and i use the char just to farm (Tia just use 1 skill to do m4 stage) I need an explanation about my ban, and i believe the motivation is not just "bug exploit", i never used any exploit and any illegal programam (i never used sanboxie too) I'll be so much grateful with explanations, and i believe got account blocked cuz have mailed to my other char farmed gold. (But i don't remember the exactly time cuz i've got late to work and changed sq in Tia so much fast) If the block in my account is cuz i've changed sq too fast, i'm really sorry. If not, explain me to understand the occurred with me.
  2. Account Blocked

    Character Name(s) : lordendrio1Date : 28/6/2017Approximate Time[?] : 10:42 AMAdditional Comments : Account blocked after send e-mail to other char ( GeloFuncional ); i change to other square and got blocked.