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  1. Title of Legendary Hero Quest!

    sorry i dont know how to add more pictures to that other link. https://imgur.com/a/Aq4ASYU
  2. Title of Legendary Hero Quest!

    Character Name: FattDay Started: 11/8/2019Day Completed: 11/8/2019Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/itPJmDD pleaseee and ty
  3. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Acting like aids in lunia community 😍😍❤️❤️❤️
  4. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Just reading the gibberish you guys are saying is making me lose brain cells
  5. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Are u lacking attention?
  6. DDM PT Guild ElmaChips

    Challenge accepted.
  7. Guild MP Pots Glitched?

    Hello, this happens because you purchased all 250 at once. In order for them to stack the correct way you must purchase them 1 by 1, or by holding down F3. GL
  8. Trashed or npc DDM box

    Nevermind. sorry guys i found it
  9. Character Name(s) : Fatt Date : 9/18/2019 Approximate Server Time**: sadly i dont recall the time but i finished doing episode 1 legend probably after 1-10L Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Additional Comments : I was trashing all the boxes from episode 1 legend and i trashed a ddm box as well. I had forgotten it was there
  10. Sense lime cant be seen in any stage chest could it be possible to make it that some of the myths chest would also work in stage? Like the swim suit chest, follower of light, spirit ruler, lunia guardian? Its really tough to play lime in stage mode and not be able to see its body @Crash @Wendy @Element
  11. sweet. ty for acknowledging this
  12. Is it possible to reset ranking? Like to make it all go back to 0 so in order for new rankings to show the person would need to play again. I suggest this because i would like to see just the activate players on there and also so we dont see the same character that has been named change on there 3-4 times. Please consider this if possible. @Wendy @Element @Crash