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  1. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Hi Wendy, Please transfer 4 DGB FROM "Balkan" TO -> Immuunn https://ibb.co/7kLFRmb https://ibb.co/Tkp8xQP Thanks in advance!
  2. Daily Gift Boxes

    Thank you Archmage Dainn!
  3. Daily Gift Boxes

    Hi Guys, Recently a friend of mine and me started playing Lunia again, I fell in love again! To make a long story short, my question is if I could transfer my Daily gift boxes from one of my characters to another. I remember this could be done back in the days. I'm curious if this is still possible. I can also proof that it is the same account without a problem. It would be 4 Daily gift boxes from the character named "Balkan" to my Iris called "Immuunn" Kind regards, Immuun