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  1. Seres Earrings vanished

  2. Character Name(s) : Zeleniel Date : 09/15/2019 Approximate Server Time**: 9:25 pm Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Seres Earrings x1
  3. rollback item bought by mistake

    Okay. Thanks. Another thing, I set the payment for monthly donation by mistake, np, but didn't get my coins yet (I was billed). Can you check it please? HereĀ“s a print of PayPal transaction: https://imgur.com/EHpfypj Thanks.
  4. Character Name(s) : Zeleniel Date : 10/09/2019 Item Name: Valkyrie Pet (INT) - Special 12 Additional Comments : Tried to gift a friend and bought for myself instead