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  1. How to do DZ slaves part.

    I should have watermarked it when I created it, oh well. Important thing is for it to be useful to someone
  2. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please transfer 70DGB Masyaff -> Zambrano 65DGB Masyaff -> Zambrano thank you!
  3. Unlimited RB Book Misleading

    The reason it is expensive is that, other than being very rare, you can do an extra rb if you're below 14rb. I personally think that they should be changed to not have the 14 rb- condition, that way some newer players could catch up with some older ones
  4. I actually think there should be an increased chance to upgrade the scrolls, the merge items are kinda expensive for new players to risk losing two IV to get a V. I think this is valid since magic scrolls are no longer that big of a deal to older players. Still cap the merge to scroll V though
  5. Quest - Coin Numbers

    tbh Selene did warn that she messed up the numbers and would change it back... but hopefully you can get your coins back ^^
  6. The old scrolls from the daily Myth Scroll Quest can come from scroll I to V, while the new ones can go up to VII, as well as some ability points (passive skills), so they give a chance for end game players to increase their status, that's why they should be obtainable through end game stages. New players still have to go through m1~m6 when they start, so they have their chance to grab the old scrolls. making it so you can obtain Soul Fragments on myth regular stages would make it so easy to farm for those who already have a high gear, but putting it on difficult ones would balance things out, as it is now.
  7. MOBS POWER (In party and solo)

    Yeah that's why I mentioned the box from 1L, it could be mostly soul fragments but a very low chance of getting gamble box, after all there are 9 raids, so theres already an increased chance for every 9-raid run to drop a good thing, so rates should be really low for gamble box(like Evil Spirit to crystal 7* ratio). I only think it would be cool to include the Gamble Box because some people are picky about it and won't risk trading them on the quest, so it's a nice bonus if they can get it in a different manner
  8. MOBS POWER (In party and solo)

    The best thing to do is to give more on party plays than to remove from solo play. For instance there could be a RNG vote like in DX or previous COD, where one person gets a box in which cointains either soul fragments (like 1x, 2x or 5x), or Gamble Box (on a lower chance), for example, something like the boxes you get on Legend 1, where you have a very low chance of getting 250 polamantium but you will be given some anyway. Kill solo play is just not a solution because not everybody has time to join friends and play in party, some people have a very small schedule for the game and at that time might not have people to play with.
  9. Client restart everytime i click in "startgame"

    Should the zipfile only contain the LuniaClient.exe? the patcher was already the old one but still doesn't work. EDIT: Restarted my PC and now it is working
  10. Client restart everytime i click in "startgame"

    Same thing happening to me, when I first opened the patch there was an 1 item download, then I clicked to start game the launcher just restarted, now whever I open it, it shows the old Lunia Z launcher, have no idea why
  11. .Net Framework Error

    Um dos servidores principais do jogo está com problema, os GM não têm como resolver isso, precisam esperar que os servidores sejam restaurados
  12. heartgear Impossible

    To be honest I think rebalance on Heartgear's hp will be a good thing. It's kinda crazy to have a boss with HP that go beyond their bars. I know that on a full party with strong people are enough to beat it using synchronized ults, but I don't think it should be the only feasible way (doing without ulting or not ulting at the same time might take enough time to make you tired to death). Other stages are fairly distributed and I'm still enjoying to play them (although I'm not sure if I'll go for full selenic because of the amount of runs needed), so I think next patch things will look pretty good! Also that 2 Chaos Coin reward change will be lovely as well
  13. error square

    Your connection is probably weak so when you go to market Square (from a different server from your country) you may experience more lag than usual, or in your case, lag enough to make you d/c before being able to do anything. Try going through different squares to see if this problem keeps happening (EU, US, BR, TW)
  14. Heartgear Difficulty

    Selene already mentioned a rebalance on raids, we should wait to see what's coming up and work again from that
  15. PVP Inactive

    The server probably went down while you were trying to play. When it happens, you can't go to stages nor play pvp.