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  1. Account Blocked

    Account name: tlounuy@gmail.com Character name: PrinceBony Date and Time: 3/1/20 @1:40 PM Additional information: Tried connecting to square from a stage and got kicked from the game. Tried relogging and it said my account was blocked. I do not know why this is the case as I did not violate any of the rules.
  2. Looking for active guild

    New player here! Looking for an active guild to play with!
  3. New Player Advice!

    Hey everyone! I just got into the game and think I've hit a brick wall. I've beaten all the history stages in the game and rebirthed once from the book in the cash shop. But now what do I do? I ran through all the history stages again and am back at lv 73. I can't beat the legend stages and have been fishing for the past week in hopes of getting enough gold to buy stronger equipment. Should I buy these "Coin for Holy Manual of Rebirth"? to rebirth a few times or should i save gold for equipment?