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  1. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Transfer 6 dbg from DemezReturns >> LeonaHeidern
  2. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    ja transferiu animal
  3. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    I did not receive my dbgs, and I have not logged in for almost a week, and my dbgs are in the bank Plz, transf 76DBG xIc3 >> DemezReturns 7
  4. B> Chaos coin 50 // Foot ddm dex !

    B> Foot DDM dex // B> 50 chaos coin // PM in game DemezReturns
  5. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    76 dbg DemezReturns > DeBanjo
  6. Doubts about lcoins

    For personal reasons, I will stop playing temporarily. no return, and I have some lcoin left. Can I sell them for dollars? or are these lcoins lost? in case if it were possible with the presence of some GM. but somehow I would have to sell because it was a long time deposited in the game to get what I have, and what's left were just the lcoins
  7. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    DemezReturns >> DeBanjo 50dbg thx
  8. S> Bronken Toenails ! 650g ea

    Eu tenho 55 unhas dos pés bronzeados .. 650g ea! PM em GAME / Mailbox: DemezReturns
  9. Account Block

    Account name: asukaduka Character name: DemezReturns Date and Time: 12:20 AM Server Time Additional information: I got a selenic quest, I went to complete it, I took disconect and my character was blocked
  10. [New]Daily Giftbox Transfer

    Please transfer 15 DGB from DemezReturns -----> Loquaz
  11. Character Name(s) : rCkZinN Date : 04/12/2018 Approximate Server Time**: 1:30 AM / 3:30 AM Item Name(s)* & (Quantity): Cold shining Dark-Knight III (Chest ) DEX +15 Additional Comments : DDX was going, where the energy here in my residence suddenly came to an end, and when I went to log, my chest was gone, my chest was equipped. and at one time there were also some (Chaos Coins) disappeared from the bank. But what I'm worried about is my chest DKD. I'm posting this to a friend.
  12. Defamation Again !

    BANIR accounts purchased irregularly #BANACCOUNTSPURCHASEDIRRGULARLY My ip : My MAC : CF:66:56:4B:80:A1 if possible analyze my logs! and some people who were able to change states in less than 3 minutes, an account that goes from one country to another in minutes
  13. Defamation Again !

    Good Night, this shit is getting unbearable to play, with so many false accusations would it be for you to take any action? or is it better to make a certain amount of player stop playing? This is an image with the bulletin and without problem this in Portuguese, I send a brief translation if nothing is done, I'll come back here tomorrow, then and then and after, I have no problem with creating topics, sending messages and creating multiple accounts, until this problem is solved, it's not the first time I'm talking about it here my account is there the willingness to analyze all the logs, I just want them to solve this Sammael, Audaz, famous thief selling stolen dkd weapon This is already unbearable, and it's not the first time I've been talking about it here, and nothing happens if I need to, I leave my acc offline 7 days for you to analyze the logs, but I hope this situation is resolved. and it's not the first time I talk about it ... szKissme, iCrazzy, zGommy, FluBell, Vitanga, szKiwer157 . among oth
  14. Suggestion, about the game

    14 rebirths for those who have less than this and wants to create character, for those who want to fortify set halonic, selenic, would use to acquire dbg's Guild leaders acquired pot mana. And as we know, there is not only the quest of rebirths in the NPC itself, you did it yourself because it would be useful