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  1. Hi everyone. The name's Dae Judging from the last post in December 2019, either the game and forums are dead, or it's all happening on discord. I will learn in due time. - So, I was hardcore into Lunia Online when it first released, back when only Eir, Dainn and Sieg was around. Oh! Lime JUST got released last I played, and everyone's minds imploded when they figured out how to unlock it. While I'm curious about all the new characters, and gameplay mechanics, I've been wondering for the past 15 + years if id ever get to spam moonlight piece ever again, so for sure, I'm playing Eir, and no one else until I'm comfortable again with the controls. I had no idea people kept the game alive, and I'm really glad they did, I can't wait to jump back in. Not sure if anyone will ever read this, or if people are as friendly as the site says so, but either ways, nice to meet you. Don't be a stranger if you see me wandering around aimlessly. Throw a quick tip or two my way, I have tons of catching up to do! Cheers.